Black Jeans | Stripes & Plaid

Well friends, we’re on the backside of this week…we’re almost there! I’m thrilled you guys have enjoyed this week’s Five Ways series, because goodness knows I have fun putting it together! Honestly, I could assemble outfits all day. I wish I could come play mix-and-match in each of your closets!

Today’s casual combo with the black jeans is one of my favorites…mostly because it’s truly an outfit I reach for regularly in my real-life (as opposed to this clean hair blog life!). Soft t-shirt, easy jean jacket, and comfortable flat boots = daily uniform.

Striped Shirt | Jean Jacket | Best Black Jeans | Cognac BootsSimilar Hat | Sunglasses | Hoop Earrings | Pendant Necklace | Deer Print Bag | Lipstick in ‘Punch’

To be real, I don’t wear a hat very often, but they are perfect for windy or cool days, and concealing three-day hair! Don’t act like that’s not you, too! Well, except my Mom. She washes her hair every. single. day. No matter what she’s doing, or where she’s going!?! #why She also puts her shoes on even if she’s not leaving the house, there’s another oddity. (Just kidding, Mom, you know I love you!)

Striped Shirt | Jean Jacket | Best Black Jeans | Similar Hat | Sunglasses | Hoop Earrings | Pendant Necklace | Lipstick in ‘Punch’ | Watch | Bracelet 

I’m a big fan of pairing black and brown, but the key is to keep the tones different. For instance, I wouldn’t wear chocolate brown boots with black jeans…there’s not enough contrast. That’s one of the reasons I carry this monogrammed deer print bag so often, the browns work so well with dark and light colors. This print is such a great neutral, too, and I wear it with literally every pattern except leopard. (Use code SUGARPLUM10 for 10% off your order!)

Same is true for mixing denims…just keep the tones highly contrasting.

You could also add a pop of plaid to the stripes…one of my favorite pattern combinations! I love this infinity scarf because it’s soft and lightweight, and doesn’t completely overwhelm your frame like a blanket scarf. It’s also under $25, so there’s that!

Plaid Infinity Scarf | Striped Shirt | Jean Jacket | Best Black Jeans | Cognac BootsSimilar Hat | Sunglasses | Hoop Earrings | Deer Print Bag | Lipstick in ‘Punch’ | Watch | Bracelet 

I grabbed these block-heel boots at the Anniversary Sale, and have loved the addition of rich cognac to my shoe collection. It’s so classic with both black and regular denim. Plus, the leather is sturdy, so I think they’ll just get better in time. I can’t wait for them to weather a bit more.

Jean Jacket | Best Black Jeans | Cognac BootsHoop Earrings

Where do you stand with mixing brown and black? What about wearing three patterns at once?! See you tomorrow for the final look in this series!

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*Photos by the darling & talented Mary Summers*


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  1. Never thought of pairing stripes and plaid. It works well!
    The booties are cute! ❤

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  2. HECK YES to mixing brown and black. AND to mixing plaid with stripes.
    HECK. YES.

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  3. michelle wrote:

    I have loved reading this series before I head out the door in the morning!! Continue the “five ways”…have pinned them all for future outfits. Of course the bag is on my Christmas list!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  4. Sandy wrote:

    Never thought about the versatility of black jeans before all this! What a completely different look. Packing them for a trip is a must. The denim jean jacket, a timeless American look, along with boots (cowboy too!). So very Texas. Luv it! Thank you!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  5. Celine wrote:

    Please come to my house and play mix & match in my closet!!! I love your style & look forward to reading your blog every day–thanks for all the outfit ideas. P.S. I bought the tassel necklace & it is a huge hit when I wear it… I bought 2 more for gifts!!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  6. GAIL wrote:

    I think this is my favorite look so far. The denim jacket, black jeans and hat are perfection!!

    I used to be a ‘wash hair everyday’ gal, but with a big, thick mop it worked against it. Now it’s every five days. Some folks cringe when I say this, but my hair actually looks its best on day three & four!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  7. Love this outfit. I just need to pick up another striped shirt (I have the reverse colors). I am all for mixing.

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  8. Kelsey wrote:

    You’re blog is the best! Plus the idea of you coming to style outfits from my closet makes me giddy— yes please!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply
  9. Joanna wrote:

    I love the five way series. It helps me stretch my wardrobe. I love the way you mix patterns – like no other. You’re welcome to come to my place and put outfits together for me. I know I would be more stylish with your help. I’ll get some wine and the makings of tacos. Tempted?
    I wash my hair every day but Sunday. My hair needs to rest on that day. Hee!hee!

    Posted 11.16.17 Reply