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Hey friends, happy Tuesday! First up, wowza… y’all are some serious Target fans! I’m thrilled you loved my Target Haul yesterday, with fun picks for both fashion and home.

Today we’re talking beauty, and one of my favorite pastimes of the last year… self-care! You know I love a good sheet mask, and I start every week with a dermaplaning session (see my tips for this game-changer HERE). But about once a month or so, I love to spend an evening doing a full-blown at-home facial. Not only does it feel so good, but my skin reaps the benefits… and without the price tag of a trip to the spa!

If you’ve followed me for longer than a minute, then you know Colleen Rothschild is my go-to product line for all things skincare, and my bathroom is chock-full of just about everything she offers. So I reached out to the skincare guru herself for advice on how to best recreate a spa-level facial at home, and oh my word it’s so good!

And even better, it’s all 25% off thanks to the huge Friends & Family Sale this week!


Sidenote: All of Colleen’s high-performance products are a perfect blend of plant-based botanicals and advanced scientific ingredients, and free of sulfates, Parabens, and all that other icky stuff. Bottom line, it’s clean, safe, and gentle!

Radiant Cleansing Balm (Jumbo Size HERE) | Intense Hydrating Mask | Face Oil No. 9 | Balancing Gel Cleanser | Clarifying Detox Mask | Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub | Gua Sha Beauty Tool

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Step One // Cleanse

The first step in any sort of facial or mask is to cleanse in order to prep the skin and start with a clean palette. First start with the Radiant Cleansing Balm to melt away makeup and remove impurities. The gentle, hydrating formula leaves skin soft and supple, and restores flexibility over time.

Place balm in clean, dry hands then rub together to warm the product. Apply to dry skin and massage all over face. Wet the included muslin cloth with warm water and wring damp. Place over skin for a mini steam bath, then use to wipe off balm and makeup.

Follow with the Balancing Gel Cleanser for a gentle double-cleanse, concentrating on areas of oil and congestion, massaging into the nooks and crannies of your face. Splash clean with warm water.

Sugarplum Tip: Don’t forget the neck… and take your facial one step further by including the chest and décolleté. 

Radiant Cleansing BalmBalancing Gel Cleanser

If you have a facial steamer, use it in tandem with the Radiant Cleansing Balm step for added hydration!

Radiant Cleansing Balm


Step Two // Exfoliate

After cleansing, it’s time to exfoliate in order to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells and excess oils for deeper product penetration and to get the most out of the next steps.

The Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub uses ultra-fine crystals to refine texture, reduce clogged pores, and brighten dull complexions. Apply to wet skin and gently scrub in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Let the micro-mineral crystals do the work, without pressing or scrubbing too hard. Rinse with tepid water.

Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub

Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub


Step Three // Mask

Now that your skin is fully cleansed and prepped for product, choose a skin mask based on whatever issues your skin is facing. The Clarifying Detox Mask is a long-time favorite of mine, for detoxing pores, clearing up breakouts, and overall brightening.

Apply a layer to face and neck, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 10 or more minutes, allowing mask to fully dry. You may even see debris on the surface (it’s like a giant Biore strip for your face)! Rinse with tepid water then gently pat dry.

Sugarplum Tip: The Clarifying Detox Mask is also great for spot treatment on breakouts between facials. It dries out the blemish for speedier recovery.

Clarifying Detox Mask

Clarifying Detox Mask

Clarifying Detox Mask


Step Four // Peel

Step four is where we get serious with the facial and focus on anti-aging with one of my very favorite Colleen Rothschild products. The Glycolic Acid Peel Pads are absolute magic!

These spa-strength treatment pads are formulated with a 10% blend of Glycolic and Lactic Acids, targeting fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and imperfections to reveal a fresher, brighter, more even complexion. The innovative fusion of products also helps soothe and calm, while hydrating and protecting your skin’s moisture barrier.

Gently wipe pad over dry face, neck and décolleté while avoiding the sensitive eye and lip areas. Do not rinse, but allow the product to fully absorb like a serum.

Sidenote: If you’re younger or have super sensitive skin, you may want to either skip this step, or do it in place of the mask. 

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads


Step Five // Moisturize

The best and final step… it’s now time to layer on your favorite serums and moisturizers, with the primary focus being hydration. I’m obsessive about hydration, so I layer on a few!

You always want to start with the thinnest product (oils and serums), and end with the thickest (creams and gels) for the most absorption and sealing. Start first with Face Oil No. 9, the absolute ultimate in skin luxury. It combines nine transformative oils that provide an intense moisture boost to deeply nourish thirsty skin and leave your complexion radiant after the first application with no greasy residue.

Even Mr. SP, who is skincare-phobic, uses the Face Oil No. 9 daily!

Finish your at-home spa facial with my hands-down favorite nighttime moisturizer, the Intense Hydrating Mask. This ultra-hydrating treatment provides a boost of highly concentrated hydration and helps strengthen elasticity, leaving skin with a youthful suppleness and radiance.

You could tissue it off after 15-30 minutes, but I prefer to sleep in it for even more long-lasting moisture and hydration.

Intense Hydrating Mask | Face Oil No. 9 | Gua Sha Beauty Tool

Intense Hydrating MaskGua Sha Beauty Tool

As an added treat, give yourself a facial massage to boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The Gua Sha Beauty Tool helps sculpt, lift, and firm the skin by releasing muscle tension, detoxifying the lymphatic system and relieving stress.

Use it in tandem with Face Oil No. 9 to help glide effortlessly across the skin. (Check out the ‘How to Use’ tab HERE for a great tutorial!)

Face Oil No. 9 | Gua Sha Beauty Tool

Radiant Cleansing Balm | Intense Hydrating Mask | Face Oil No. 9 | Balancing Gel Cleanser | Clarifying Detox Mask | Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Scrub | Gua Sha Beauty Tool

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Obviously you don’t have to do all five steps, but it’s definitely a treat for you and your skin once a month. And don’t forget ambiance with your at-home facial… a bubble bath, candles, music… go all out and make it an event, because you’re worth it!

You could substitute your favorite skincare product in each category, but I can’t recommend Colleen Rothschild enough! I started using her products over five years ago, and each new product made such a difference in my skin that I continued adding new ones until she dominated almost my entire skincare routine.

I’ve even got Mama Sugarplum and my mother-in-law hooked, and they insist their skin hasn’t looked this good in over a decade! Actually, my entire family now uses at least one Colleen Rothschild product as part of their everyday skincare regime!

Now is a great time to try them for yourself (or like me, stock up on faves!) with her huge Friends & Family Sale! The entire site is 25% off with code FAM25, with free shipping on orders over $49!

So tell me… do you love a good at-home facial as much as me?! Or maybe you’ll try one out this weekend! Are you a longtime fan of Colleen Rothschild, or are you trying her for the first time today? What products are your must-haves?


P.S. Find my Morning Skincare Routine HERE and Evening Routine HERE (and even Mama SP’s full regimen HERE).


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  1. Sarah M wrote:

    This sounds amazing! My 9yo is starting to need some skincare – from humid sweaty soccer practice to jumping in the pool her skin is put through the ringer. I want to start her super simple – probably just teach her how to use the cleansing balm (no soap in the eyes!) and a moisturizer… Any tips?

    Posted 5.11.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Sounds like you’ve got it, mama! Both my kids use the CR Balancing Gel Cleanser over the balm, it’s really gentle. And love the Sheer Renewal Cream if you want her to use CR for moisturizer! xo, C

      Posted 5.11.21 Reply
  2. Heather Fleming wrote:

    I switched to Colleen Rothschild products based on your recommendation and have not looked back! I love all her products and even have my teen boys using the gel cleanser. Thanks for these great posts and helping us 40+ girls look more like we are 30 🤣.

    Posted 5.11.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Aren’t her products amazing?!? I’ve got both Sugarplum Kiddos using the cleanser, too! xo, C

      Posted 5.12.21 Reply