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It’s day four of both kids being away at camp, and while I’m enjoying a quiet house, I’m also dreading the impending end of Summer Break. I just love the casual schedule and increased family time. Plus, without the demands of school, both kids are so much more relaxed and fun to be around! (High school challenges are no joke!)

But around here, fewer outside responsibilities mean more chores at home! I mean, I’m all for kids having unscheduled downtime, but we also believe living in our home is a privilege and everyone pitches in…and even more so in the Summer.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Let’s Chat post, and I thought this would be a fun topic! I love hearing how other people run their households, and learning new tips for parenting…so let’s chat about kid’s chores!

kids chores take out the trash
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As each kid has gotten older, their list of responsibilities has grown and evolved, but they’ve been required to help around the house from an early age. Of course I want them to learn responsibility and the importance of contributing, but my main goal has always been to teach them how to be functioning adults, who can live and thrive on their own.

For my son, I want him to be an equal partner to his wife and their home someday. It seems funny to think about now, but I know coddling him wouldn’t be doing his future wife, or their marriage, any favors! And I want my daughter to be fully self-sufficient as well, so she looks for equality in her own relationships.

Their chores aren’t divided by gender, but rather by age and physical abilities. And these are just a starting point, both are expected to help out anytime there’s an opportunity or a larger project.

kids chores laundry
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Teenage Chore List

  • Take out trash & recycling bins, carry to the curb on Pick Up Day
  • Wash, dry & put away own laundry. Fold any laundry found in dryer. (None of that dumping it in a basket business!)
  • Dip the pool & empty skimmer baskets
  • Keep room & bathroom clean
  • Maintain car (gas, oil changes, keep clean)
  • Run any errands requested by me, including driving his sister places (this is part of the privilege of having a car)
  • Vacuum the stairway and upstairs

kids chores pool skim clean
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kids chores dyson stick vacuum stairs

kids chores dyson stick vacuum stairs

And can we chat vacuums, too?! We have a robot-vac we use daily and adore. (Yes, I adore a vacuum, read all about which model we have and why we love it here). But while it’s perfect for daily foot-traffic and pet hair, we still needed a hand-held vacuum for spills, stairs, furniture, and more. After hearing y’all rave about the Dyson stick vacuums, I went with the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless…and hello, life-changing!

I’ve had the same corded vacuum for over 20 years, and had no idea how freeing a lightweight, cordless vacuum could be. I can literally use it in every nook and cranny, without getting tangled up in cords or having to move the plug from room-to-room. It’s ridiculously powerful, and comes with several attachments that snap on-and-off easily. Plus, it holds a battery charge for 20 minutes! That’s more than enough time to do my entire house, stairs, and sofa.

And the coolest part is I scored it for almost 70% off at the Dyson Outlet on eBay! I had such great luck buying a refurbished Dyson Hairdryer (see my full review for that here), that I had no qualms about choosing a Dyson refurbished vacuum. In fact, the refurbished products go through a much stricter testing process than new! Some may have a scratch or blemish, but most are perfect condition in original packaging.

dyson stick vacuum on carpet
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We found the perfect charging spot for it in the Laundry Room, and my son easily attached it on the wall with the mounting hardware included. All the attachments are stored in the little bin. And dirt and debris is sucked into the canister which easily opens for disposal. No bags!! (Seriously, vacuums have come a looooong way in 20 years!)

dyson stick vacuum on wall

dyson stick vacuum hung up on laundry room wall

This model is super-powerful, but also light enough to lift overhead for ceilings, corners, and window coverings. It also converts to a small hand-held vacuum that’s perfect for all the messes hiding behind sofa cushions. It’s honestly fun to see everything it picks up! No one complains about vacuum duty with this one!

dyson stick vacuum
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dyson stick vacuum

dyson stick vacuum

dyson stick vacuum
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Pre-Teen Chore List

  • Feed the dogs
  • Empty & load dishwasher
  • Bring laundry hamper down when full & put away clean laundry
  • Keep room & bathroom clean
  • Vacuum high-traffic areas & messes from meals or projects

kids chores feed the dogs

kids chores empty unload dishwasher
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kids chores put away laundry
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kids chores make bed
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kids chores dyson stick vacuum
Table | Chairs | Rug | Drapes

Additional Shared Responsibilities

  • Walk the dogs
  • Pooper-scooper the backyard
  • Clean up after themselves or friends in any area of the house
  • Help with mealtimes and cleanup

corgi mix rescue dog

We make a conscious effort to have them do things for themselves whenever possible, which is obviously easier now that they’re older. And with our son leaving for college in one short year, I know I’ll feel better about him being on his own if he knows how to do things for himself.

So let’s chat chores…what responsibilities do you give your kids? And those of you with older kids, what additional chores are helpful for transitioning to life on their own? And of course vacuums, I know y’all are passionate…tell me if you’re a Dyson fan, too!

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