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Yesterday was our 5th Snow Day in the last 9 days! I love working from home, but have strayed a “few” times down the rabbit hole of online shopping. I can only go so long without retail therapy I suppose. I thought I’d share some of the great online finds I’ve got sitting in virtual Shopping Carts (or on the way, oops)

I recently added these jewel-toned seat cushions in Ink Blue to my dining room chairs (in attempt to break up the brown-Buick effect I’ve got going). I’m trying to complete Babygirl’s Room before moving on, but when you find great things, you have to jump on them!

World Market Zen Chair Pads

I’m considering this Table Runner. It coordinates well with the chair pads, and pulls great colors from my adjoining Living Room (the ultimate goal is to unite these two rooms better since they share an open floor plan).

World Market Tree of Life Runner

And while I’m not technically working on this room yet, I did just order a slew of fabric samples from LS Fabrics after seeing this shot on Kirsten’s blog, 6th Street Design School, the other day.

I’m itching to add vibrant drapes, but am struggling to find the right fabric that coordinates well with the large floral print of the Living Room rug. I love the pink, tomato and aqua….those are the colors I want to pull.

If you read my Textiles Thursday post on Danielle Oakey Interiors last week, then you know this is a whole new group of samples (none from that first batch were winners).
Picnik collage
Do you have a favorite?

And bouncing back to Babygirl’s Room, I had some great comments on the Pelmet post. Originally, I wanted to have a white pelmet with pink ribbon accent, but couldn’t find the right shade of pinky/red ribbon to match her Radish bed. My savvy friend Emily, Name 5 Things, linked me to The Ribbon Retreat, a mecca of ribbon (don’t click the link unless you have an extra hour, just sayin’). I ordered a sample of almost every possible red and pink ribbon (only 40 cents each!).

I also found the perfect pink fabric, so now I’ll have the options in front of me to hopefully make the decision easier. (Right, because indecisiveness is my best quality.)

And while I love the double mirrors currently living above my Living Room fireplace:

Picnik collage

I’m not sure they pack the graphic, modern punch I’m looking for to balance the traditional pieces in the room. Daniela posted this amazing $500 Horchow Knot mirror replica that would certainly do the trick! (For $80, whaaaa??!!)

Kirkland Knot Mirror 40″ diameter

 This 32″ diameter one is pretty amazeballs too. (You like that, Chassity?!)

Kirkland Knot Mirror

I’m also digging:

Pier 1 Suzani Plates

Pier 1 Zebra Plate on clearance!

World Market Zebra Dining Chair on clearance for $99!

Just a few things I’ve got my eye on…but fickle runs deep in my veins, so who knows if any of this will actually come home with me. Do you have any fun, favorite finds right now?

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  1. I LOVE your fabric choices!! I'm doing aqua,coral, and grey in my living room! Who made that Ikat fabric! Love!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  2. Hahahaha. 😉 I thought it was amazeballs. I also really lurve your post title. I'll be borrowing it in the near future.

    xoxo, Chassity

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  3. I think you should totally go for one of the knot mirrors above your fireplace – it would look awesome! 🙂

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  4. Michelle wrote:

    Love the colors!!!!! : ) And that tree of life WM runner is the same fabric as my dining room cushions! We are meant to be friends, I mean really.

    Can't wait to see it all come together!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  5. These decisions are never easy…doesn't that sound like it's something life changing??? (c: But hello, they ARE! hehehe. LOVE all the fabrics and I'm a *big* proponent for color…

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  6. Oh I LOVE those pillows and fabric…I have a serious obsession with ikat right now. And that Kirkland mirror is gorgeous…definitely bookmarking now! 🙂

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  7. Well, I definitely think you had a successful day of virtual window shopping (buying) :). Loving the chair pads and table runner (so springy) for the dining room!

    Beautiful fabric samples for the living room draperies…my fav is the bottom left.

    Want the mirror…now I have to make a trip to Kirklands! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all of these fun finds! 🙂

    I work from home on most days. It's super hard to stay focused. I'm always on fb, checking out blogs, or virtual window shopping.

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  8. I love all of the color, I think I must be ready for Spring! Looks like you are having a little cabin fever also 🙂

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  9. Great ideas! I love the fabric's you chose!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  10. Natalie wrote:

    Great post! I virtual shop all the time and leave things sitting in my shopping cart for days! One time my husband saw a "virtual cart" that was totaling $1000+ and I had to assure him nothing was ordered I was just thinking about the pieces! I need that knot mirror- its insane!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  11. I can't believe how many snow days you're getting! Crazy! OK fabric… love that first red/pink one. Second choice is the criss-crossy blue. Also… Can you believe the stuff at Pier 1 this season??? Pleasantly surprised!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  12. Love, love the table runner. I also like the bottom left fabric for your drapes. The red above would look nice too. And thanks alot…I am going to have to make a run to Pier 1 for a couple of those plates for a plate collage I am doing in my kitchen.

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  13. i love the blue ikat, you sure have been busy 🙂

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  14. Oh boy, I'd be in trouble too, 5 snow days and I'd have the whole place re-done! Just out of shear boredome! Hang in there!

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  15. I love the green ikat. I would also look at a large horizontal stripe for your curtains…..but deep down, I sorta hate you for introducing me to the ribbon store! Damn you 🙂

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  16. Michaela wrote:

    Online shopping is dangerous, isn't it?! I think curtains would be great to frame your huge window in your living room. I also love both patterns on the far right!

    I can't wait to see the perfect pink fabric you found for your girlies room! (:

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  17. Jenni wrote:

    We are neighbors (kind of) so I was wondering if you were stuck at home again too. Glad you made it through safe. I just hope your wallet did too 🙂 I love your fabric choices and the table runner from World Market.

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  18. Great mirror and the chairs are fab – totally agree re: the mirror choice ! xo

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  19. So much to say! I have a crazy amount of things in my online cart. Not at all healthy. LOVE the first Ikat fabric. I am trying to pick a bold one for the living room and struggling. LOVE the mirror. Almost bought the zebra chair caitlin posted about, but they sold out. Lucky for hubby. Smooth move introducing me to the ribbon site. I have a love of ribbon. That should only suck 2-3 hours out of the day.

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  20. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Girl you just don't stop! LOL Love the fabric choices, not sure I have a favorite. I too am so trying to brighten things up a bit. Can ya say, "ready for spring!!"

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  21. i just bought a $348 4×6 rug at anthropologie for, get this…. $49.95!! i just put it up on my blog.

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  22. ooo, add to cart, indeed! You're a bad online shopping influence 😉

    Posted 2.10.11 Reply
  23. I've always loved that runner from World Market, so pretty!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  24. Courtana wrote:

    Love, love the table runner, I picked up new living room curtains from WorldMarket and love, love them!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  25. Great finds! Those Pier 1 plates almost made it home with me the other day 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  26. Cfycup wrote:

    Hey Cassie,

    I really like all of the fabrics you are thinking about for the drapes but my choice is the sample on the bottom right hand corner. It's my favorite because the blue and white alone is simple but bold and dramatic, very vibrant. It almost (not quite, but almost) looks like the weave of a cane-backed chair and I like a pretty cane-backed chair 🙂

    Anywayz………buy the mirror, it's beautiful and let us know how everything looks when it's done!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  27. TamStyles wrote:

    I cant take all that in one post…the goodness is just to good. I want that blue pillow..the chevron one please.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  28. Love your picks!! The table runner is great!!!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  29. Rene wrote:

    So much greatness in this post Cassie! I love all the colors you have going in your living room. I'm still loving the double mirrors too, but yowza what a deal on the Kirkland mirror!

    Happy weekend!


    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  30. Had to work from home again this week as well. I emailed my friend and let her know that I could not be responsible for how the snow day would affect my checkbook. I feel your pain! Love what you found though!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  31. Moddy Bee wrote:

    i got the runner fabirc in chair cushions I only put them on my end chairs, not all my chairs. i love that fabric! I also LOVE the zebra chair! Where should i put it?!?!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  32. emily wrote:

    That knot mirror is amazeballs! I just bought napkins in that tree of life fabric from World Market. I love it! So pretty.

    I can't wait to see all of your new fabric samples (and the 1,000 samples of ribbon too!). I like the blue ikat one. What about a chevron pattern? I like the idea of a graphic print to go with the floral rug.

    Posted 2.12.11 Reply
  33. C wrote:

    Totally bought that Kirkland's mirror last week (before the snow storm and your post). Wow, I'm good! Actually, it had the tiniest little nick in it, so I got it for $69– score, right? My hubby doesn't care for it, but it's not a democracy in the home decorating department around here , so he'll just have to learn to love it. 🙂

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply