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Happy Friday, friends, and cheers to the weekend! A long weekend, at that! We don’t have a single plan, and I could not be more excited about it! I’ve got a stack of books with my name on them, and nothing but cozy wear for the next few days. What about you?

With the New Year comes renewed energy to be more active, and nothing is more motivating than cute new styles! Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty much living in athleisure these days anyway!

I’m often asked which pieces I actually keep for myself from Amazon Hauls and Dressing Room Diaries, so for today’s post, I raided my own closet for the workout and athleisure styles I reach for most often. These are pieces I’ve kept over the years for my own wear, and I’m confident you’ll love them, too.

To be helpful, I’ve arranged the post by fit and compression, starting with the styles with the least support to the greatest. And before we get started, THESE are the no-show undies I wear under all my leggings (truly seamless and the most comfortable style I’ve tried!), and THESE are my go-to no-show athletic socks!

Sugarplum Sizing: I’m 5’4″, 125-ish pounds with a pear shape. My usual size is 26/XS.

Leggings //

Let’s start with the staple piece of athleisure outfits this time of year… leggings. As my body has changed over the years, so has my preference for legging style. These Butterluxe Leggings are as soft and comfy as they come (truly as close to lulu’s Align Leggings as you can get!). They come in a slew of colors and sizes, plus a range of lengths, and are the style I reach for when just lounging around the house and for sweaty workouts.

They’re lightweight with minimal compression, so while I love them for sweatier workouts and yoga, I don’t feel as confident wearing them around town.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing size XS leggings, size Small top, and size Medium pullover.

Lounge Tank | Butterluxe Leggings in ‘Petrol Blue’ | Running Shoes in ‘Blanc de Blanc’ | Pullover in ‘Grey’


These leggings are actually a recent find, and I was so instantly impressed, I’ve worn them pretty much on the daily! Not to mention, ordered them in two additional colors! They are high rise with a super soft, peachy finish, and have the right amount of compression and support to help me feel smooth and locked in… but not so much that I’m uncomfortable. Truly the Goldilocks of athletic leggings!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS legging, size Small top, and size Small vest.

Seamless Workout Shirt | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Carbon Dust’ | Puffer Vest | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


When it comes to full support, these leggings are the gold standard! I love the airbrush finish and high-rise that not only smooths the tummy, but stays put. They’re the thickest of the group, so great for colder weather, too. Plus, they have a side pocket perfect for your phone or key.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS legging, size Small top, and size Small vest.

Quarter-Zip Shirt in ‘Magenta’ | Compression Pocket Leggings | Sneakers in ‘Black/Bleach Blue’ | Cropped Puffer Vest


Joggers //

I wish I had a range of joggers to share, but truly the only style I wear are these Performance Joggers! I’ve tried a slew over the years (trust me, I wish I could find a more budget-friendly pair!), but nothing holds a candle to these! (There’s a reason why they’ve made the Sugarplum Favorite Things List two years in a row!)

They are made of the dreamiest knit, with a flattering fit that allows more room in the butt and thighs. They work for everything from neighborhood walks to errands to Netflix-binging. They’re pretty much all I wear for travel days anymore, too!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small jogger, and size Small tank, tee, and denim jacket.

Plyo Tank (sale colors HERE) | Performance Jogger (sale colors HERE) |  Sneakers in ‘Black/Bleach Blue’ | Pocket Tee | Denim Jacket in ‘Jeanie’


Shorts & Skirts //

I don’t wear shorts for workouts often, unless I’m doing something outside. But when I do, pretty much all I reach for are these lined running shorts. I love the slightly longer inseam, and the way they fit the bum without hugging the thighs. Nothing worse than shorts that pull across the thighs, am I right?!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size 4 short and size Small top.

Seamless Workout Shirt | Low-Rise Lined Shorts in 4″ | Sneakers in ‘Black/Bleach Blue’ 


These are a similar style for less, but a little thicker and without an elastic waist. Little Miss has quite a few of these, as well.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small short and size XS tank.

Seamless Workout Tank | Mid-Rise Lined Shorts in 4-inch | Sneakers in ‘Black/Bleach Blue’ 


I found this darling tennis skirt last year, and loved it as a shorts-alternative for Summer workouts (and not just for tennis!). In fact, most days I kept it on all day for a cute around-town style. It’s a high-rise with built-in shorts that don’t ride up, with the cutest pleated back that gives it a flirty shape. If you’re more of a tennis dress fan, I love this one.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS skirt and size Small tank.

Elevation Tank | Pleated Tennis Skirt with ShortsRunning Shoes in ‘Blanc de Blanc’


Tops & Tanks //

Moving on to tops… we’ll start with the loungiest top with the least support… and one I reach for most often for yoga and laying around the house. It’s a super-soft dream knit, with built-in shelf bra and pads, in a slightly cropped length. It’s so comfy, I often wear it under sweatshirts or pajama tops for a little added support.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small top and joggers.

Lounge Tank | Performance Jogger (sale colors HERE) | Sneakers in ‘Pink Haze/Moon Shadow’ (Also HERE)


A long-time workout fave, this racerback tank has medium support for walking and weight training. It has a flattering shape and longer length I love… plus comes in a ton of colors and is a great price.

The leggings are fleece-lined for extra softness and warmth for cooler months.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS tank and leggings.

Seamless Workout Tank | Thermal Fleece-Lined LeggingsSneakers in ‘Pink Haze/Moon Shadow’ (also HERE)


I reach for this longline bra/tank for more intensive exercising likes runs and hikes. It’s peachy soft with good stretch, but keeps everything firmly in place! I love anytime I skip a sports-bra and just wear a single top!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small top and size XS leggings. 

Plyo Tank (sale colors HERE) | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Sage Grey’Running Shoes in ‘Blanc de Blanc’


Similar support to the last longline bra, this one has a lower neckline in the front and back… and is super budget-friendly! I have it in both black and white, and wear it alone or under this workout shirt.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small top and size XS leggings.

Longline Sports Bra/Tank | Compression Pocket Leggings | Running Shoes in ‘Blanc de Blanc’


For outdoor workouts and walks, I reach for this long sleeve workout top every time! It’s super stretchy and fitted, keeping heat locked in, and is a great price. I have the white, as well, and it’s not sheer at all. The only downside is it doesn’t include built-in bra support, so I just layer my usual bra for daytime wear, or this longline tank for workouts.

The sleeves are extra long (with thumbholes), so I just cuff them once for my preferred length.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small top and vest, and size XS leggings. 

Seamless Workout Shirt | Cropped Puffer Vest | Mid-Weight Leggings | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


This long sleeve top is a lighter weight with less compression and a quarter-zip. It’s a little more cropped, as well, and doesn’t include bra support.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small top and vest, and size XS leggings.

Quarter-Zip Shirt in ‘Magenta’ | Mid-Weight Leggings | Puffer Vest | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


Sweatshirts & Pullovers //

Finally, let’s talk about the cozy pieces… the top layers! I live for a good pullover, with everything from joggers and leggings to jeans and pajama pants, and these are all so good!

Starting with this oversized crewneck, with a longer boxy fit… it’s thick and warm, and so incredibly high quality!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS sweatshirt and leggings.

Oversized Crew Sweatshirt | Butterluxe Leggings in ‘Petrol Blue’ | Sneakers in ‘Pink Haze/Moon Shadow’ (Also HERE)


This classic crewneck sweatshirt is a lighter weight, but still fleece-lined and super soft. I have it in a range of colors and sizes, depending on how I want to wear it. It’s a great weight for tying around your waist… not to mention, the price is incredible!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Medium for an oversized fit. 

Crewneck Sweatshirt | Butterluxe Leggings in ‘Petrol Blue’ | Sneakers in ‘Pink Haze/Moon Shadow’ (Also HERE)


If you’re a full-zip girl, this cropped hoodie is perfect for throwing on after a workout. It has a high neck when zipped, with a hood that isn’t bulky.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small hoodie and tank, and size XS leggings. 

Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt | Longline Sports Bra/Tank | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Carbon Dust’ | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


Quarter-zips are my favorite, and this is probably my most-worn style! It’s as chic as it is comfy, and I wear it with both leggings and jeans, zipped and open.

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size XS, but would love the fit of a size up, too.

Quarter Zip Large Collar Sweatshirt | Mid-Weight Leggings | Sneakers in ‘Black/Bleach Blue’


You’d swear this was a $100+ pullover… the softness and quality is on par with any top brand! It has a relaxed fit, tall neckline, and cozy hood. Plus, it comes in a slew of colors and is crazy comfy!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small pullover and size XS leggings.

Hooded Quarter Zip Pullover | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Carbon Dust’ | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


This pullover is very similar in style and quality, but just a little slimmer through the body and a touch more cropped. I love the taller neck when zipped!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small pullover and size XS leggings. 

Cropped Hooded Pullover in ‘Khaki’ | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Sage Grey’ | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


And finally, you’ve seen a lot of this cutie-pie vest this season… I love the style it easily adds to basic leggings outfits. I have it in both black and khaki and wear them both non-stop. They arrive compressed, but a few good shakes puff them right up!

Sugarplum Fit Tip: I’m wearing a size Small vest and shirt, and size XS leggings.

Cropped Puffer Vest | Seamless Workout Shirt  | Mid-Weight Leggings in ‘Carbon Dust’ | Sneakers (Similar HERE)


I’m currently sitting in this last outfit right now… it’s one of my favorite combos, regardless if I worked out or not, ha! In fact, many of these are not only my weekend uniforms, but what I reach for everyday. It’s hard to deny the comfiness of athleisure, but especially when they’re so stylish and high-quality!

Most of my go-tos come from Amazon and Vuori, but I also love several styles from Athleta and lululemon. Where do you find your favorites? Are you living in athletic wear this time of year, too? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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    Love this! I wore that seamless long-sleeved top last night for HH and dressed it up with cropped flare jeans and an oversized shawl. It’s a great staple.

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      Well Lisa… how cute are you!!!!! I need you to come do my job, ha! xo, C

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    I love all the details in this post, what a great reference for all the workout gear I need!

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    Thank you, thank you so much Cassie. This was such a wonderful and helpful post. So detailed with the weights of the fabrics and the fits. Love all the options and price points. Everything ALWAYS looks so amazing on you.

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      Thank you so much, Beth! Don’t let my mirror selfies fool you… I’ve just perfected the art! xoxo C

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