{Valentine} Paper Heart Garlands

Thanks so much for your support yesterday when I fell off the Craft Wagon…and a special thanks to the readers who felt my Cabin Fever pain and shared their medication. I kid, it’s not that bad if I stay drunk.

This project is pretty crafty, and for Valentine’s Day no less (not really a holiday that warrants much decor in my book), but I think it’s pretty darn cute. Maybe only because I’ve been breathing recycled air since Monday. (I’m afraid to open my door! Don’t judge me and my wussy-cold-weather-reactions….you come hang with me this August when it’s 105-degrees for 20 straight days and we’ll see who’s the wuss!!)

Fortunately, I’d stocked up on Valentiney (yes, that’s a word) scrapbook paper during a 6 for $1 sale at JoAnn Fabric, so I had all the supplies we needed on hand.

scrapbook paper
hole punch

Picnik collage

1. Using a template (so all your hearts have the same shape), cut hearts out of your scrapbook paper. I goofed a few, so I decided to have two different sized hearts. Then arrange them in the order you like.

2. Punch a hole about an inch in from the middle fold.

3. Measure the space you want to hang your garland and cut a strip of ribbon that length (allow extra length to tie each end). Then thread your hearts on the ribbon, sliding them carefully (thin papers may tear) to the spacing you like.

4. I folded some hearts forward, and some back, so my ribbon placement is a little different on some. Then just open the hearts and adjust the spacing and placement.

I hung my garland in the breakfast room, where my Valentines will see it most often.

(yes, I know my chairs and pads don’t match…I’ll get to that)

The Command hook (left over from the Magnolia Wreath), helped to give the garland a little swagger.

Picnik collage

I think the garland, combined with the DIY Burlap Placemats, is a nice combination of sweet, without being pure saccharine. What do you think?

Picnik collage

And since I’m cheap bored, I used the scraps of leftover paper to make mini-garlands. This time I used a heart-shaped punch and cotton twine. I hung one in the Kid’s Bathroom:

Picnik collage

And the other in the Guest Bath Mr. Sugarplum tends to use (something about personal space?!?):

Picnik collage

I think this may be the first time I’ve shown this bathroom on the blog, yes? It’s a small, full-bath that leads out back to the pool….so it’s perfect in the summer with kids traipsing in and out. I painted it navy blue with turquoise ceiling, which makes it soothing on the eyes when coming inside on a sunny day. I have some ideas to polish it up a bit and will get to it if I ever finish Babygirl’s Room later. You can read how I gave the standard builder backdoor some character here.


And totally off-topic, but my dear friend, Courtney, featured one of my projects as his Weekend DIY last week on his blog, Living Life Out Loud. Thank you for the kind words, Courtney {heart}! Go check him out, he’s chock full of great design and easy project ideas, not to mention funny and talented.

He’s currently using this Ikea fabric as inexpensive art in a client’s Nursery!

Cute, right? What’s on the agenda for your weekend? Paper heart garlands by chance? Whatever it is, have a great one! We’ll hopefully be joining the land of the living again as things thaw out just in time for the Big Game.

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  1. Those are too sweet. I'm hosting a dinner party next weekend and I may just have to borrow this idea and hang a few from my chandelier! Love it. M.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  2. love those! i planned to make one this week, and i even have a silhouette so it would have been so easy, but i ran out of time! maybe next week… maybe after valentine's day! 😉
    oh, and LOVE that use of fabric as art! i may steal that!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  3. Laura wrote:

    This garland is too cute! I love that you can incorporate so many different patterns and hues and use it nearly anywhere! And I bet if you use a sturdy cardstock you could reuse this garland year after year! Great project, I'll have to get to it and start decorating my own house with these!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  4. Morgan wrote:

    Love this! I'm going to try this today!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  5. Garlands are so fun! And the Ikea fabric as art is such a creative way to get a gallery wall.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  6. Very cute. Valentine's garlands are always adorable… I love all Valentine's Day decorations, though! 🙂

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  7. Love the swagger you gave the garland! I am heart garlanding over here today as well! That and home made play do to keep the kiddos busy. Smart to stock up on paper. I need to do that. Stay warm my lil valentine.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  8. Oh my gosh, those garlands are stinkin' cute!!! It's kinda making me wish we were snowed in so I could do some projects! (c: Um, on second thought…
    I think this is definitely the first time seeing that bathroom, I would have remembered that totally rad navy blue…Have a great weekend!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  9. Those turned out super cute! I tried something similar, but it didn't turn out nearly that cute.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  10. Could not be any cuter!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  11. I'm usually not much of a Valentines decorator but these garlands I keep seeing are sucking me in! Ok, ok, ok, it's on the to-do list today. 🙂 Cute!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  12. I'm usually not much of a Valentines decorator but these garlands I keep seeing are sucking me in! Ok, ok, ok, it's on the to-do list today. 🙂 Cute!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  13. WobiSobi wrote:

    They all look beautiful I can't wait to do some heart garland..

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  14. Jenna wrote:

    When I saw your blue bathroom, I instantly thought "Hey! She's never showed us this one before!" We were def missing out because it's fab! Love those silver mirrors and the dark blue walls.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  15. A sweet garland! Love it!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  16. emily wrote:

    Those turned out great. Love them!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  17. Super cute and "valentiney". I love the turquoise ceiling! I'd love to paint our ceilings like that, if only we didn't have all that popcorn crap all over them.

    Happy weekend to ya 🙂

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  18. Thease are so cute!!
    However i have to say I love you because we are painting our study navy blue and its quite a small space, anyway everyone keeps saying – ooh why are you painting it that dark a colour! Grr! Your bathroom has convinced me i am sooo right!
    Happy Weekend Lovely!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  19. Allison wrote:

    Love the heart garlands! I'm off to Jo Anns today to search for the fabric I asked you about yesterday and adding on to my list scrapbook paper for hearts. Thanks for making my shopping a one stop trip! Have a warm and cozy weekend!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  20. coolkids wrote:

    super cute!!!!! love love the garlands. thecoolkidsblog.com You must stop by today!;)

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  21. Michaela wrote:

    How cute! This is just the perfect simple thing to decorate for V-day. And the white, red and pink roses of course (: I like how you put them in Mr. Sugarplum's bathroom…I bet he enjoys that (:

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  22. Simply LKJ wrote:

    The garland is adorable! And, I am loving your guest bathroom colors!! Hope you are able to get some fresh air this weekend. It is rainy and cold here.

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  23. Lovin' the heart garland! Super cute, easy, and affordable! 🙂

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  24. That's such a cute craft! I love it!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  25. Lauren wrote:

    I think my kids & I are going to have to do this. We're all going a little stir crazy and need a good distraction!

    Posted 2.4.11 Reply
  26. Cute cute cute!! Love the heart garland – you're so festive! 🙂

    Posted 2.5.11 Reply
  27. Susan wrote:

    Thanks for having a heart Cassie and giving us some things to do besides with our hands besides baking and eating.

    Posted 2.5.11 Reply
  28. katie jean wrote:

    I love the heart garland! I think it is a great way to keep my girl busy on a weekend. And that blue bathroom is gorgeous! plus a turq ceiling, my favorite color!
    l o v e i t 🙂

    Posted 2.5.11 Reply
  29. This is so cute. I hope when I have kids I make time for fun projects like this! It's so much more fun when they can help.

    Posted 2.6.11 Reply
  30. I love the garland! Brooke and I are going to get to work on these tomorrow!! Great idea!

    Posted 2.7.11 Reply
  31. I can't even show my children the cuteness, they would love you more than me.
    Oh, and when you decide on a pelmet box, I have a few windows that would benefit as well. All the designs are fabulous, I couldn't choose a favorite…
    and you better believe I consider you a friend… can you imagine if two people just randomly talked to each other like this..awful 😉 ( I adore you you know 🙂 xoxo

    Posted 2.8.11 Reply
  32. Lorri wrote:

    I love this! It is simply adorable! I came across your blog tonight and I love it!

    Posted 2.9.11 Reply