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It still feels like the North Pole here, and school is closed for a third day Lord help me! And since we can’t go to Hobby Lobby anywhere, we’ve started some Valentine projects using only supplies we have on hand. Desperate times people!

It’s not much warmer where she is, but today I’m hanging at Danielle Oakey Interiors, as part of her inspiring series, Textile Thursdays. I have really enjoyed getting to know Danielle, and she is one talented designer! I love having friends with mad skills! Hopefully she’s got a hot tottie chocolate waiting…so come over and check out fabrics in my home.

Oh, and I know some of you are probably wondering about the fate of my pumpkins (newbies can catch up here, here and here).

Picnik collage
Well, fear not, three have made it this far, and are now showing their love!

Picnik collage
I figured I’ve fallen this far off the Crazy Craft Wagon, I might as well ride the train all the way to Kooktown! Now I consider these pumpkins a challenge and will see them through as many holidays as they manage to survive.
Cabin Fever? Perhaps, but I’ve got a belly full of s’mores and a front porch with pink pumpkins….whatchugot?!
Don’t worry, I should be back to my “normal” self tomorrow, and have a cute Valentine project to show you. Until then, come say ‘Hi’ at Danielle Oakey Interiors!
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