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Hey, hey, hey…I hope you all had a great weekend! We actually saw the sun for the first time in ages, and it was glorious. I think the entire Dallas metroplex rushed outside to enjoy it. I didn’t realize how much of my mood and attitude were tied to the weather, but those gray days were bringing me down! Obviously I won’t be moving to the Pacific Northwest anytime soon.

Our weather can literally change 30-degrees in a single day, so layers are key for staying comfortable. Plus, they have a way of making an outfit infinitely more stylish.

Today I’m excited to share some easy Fall styles, along with my tips for layering without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! (Although, these costumes are pretty darn cute!)

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Camo Crewneck Sweater | White Oxford Shirt | Jeans | Sneakers (20% off!) | Aviators

Here’s how the outfit comes together by layer…you can see how it just gets cuter with each piece. Puffer vests are my go-to layering piece, especially in transitional weather, and these quilted vests are my favorites. They’re the perfect weight and don’t add bulk.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing XS in everything.

White Oxford Shirt | JeansCamo Crewneck Sweater | Quilted Puffer JacketAviators

Tips for Layering

  1. Use sleeveless shirts and vests to limit the number of long sleeves when layering on top. This will keep your arms from getting too bulky, and allows you to actually put move around normally!
  2. Alternate collars, mixing a crewneck with a collared shirt or turtleneck.
  3. Use a collared shirt to add a pop of color or pattern, and let it peek out at the neck, cuffs, and even around the waist.
  4. Either pop both collars, or fold the collars down together to keep it from being too messy around your neck.
  5. Use solid colors to break up the patterns. I typically alternate pattern and solid, but I don’t shy away from pattern-on-pattern. I just throw a solid in the mix to break it up some.
  6. Wear the largest piece on top, usually a vest or jacket
  7. I will usually pull my hair back if there are a lot of layers around my neck…this allows the clothes to shine, and keeps me from looking overwhelmed by clothes and hair.
  8. Leave the top layer open to allow the colors and patterns to show, and keep your midsection from looking too bulky.

In this outfit, I popped both collars, alternated solid and pattern, and cuffed the sleeves for an added layer at the wrist.

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Camo Crewneck Sweater | White Oxford Shirt | Jeans | Aviators

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Camo Crewneck Sweater | White Oxford Shirt | Jeans | Sneakers (20% off!) | Aviators

Okay, here’s another fun combo…this time, combining a tee, jacket, and of course, another vest!

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Jean Jacket | Striped Tee | White Jeans | Similar BeltAviators | Booties

I added the leopard belt for a little more pattern punch…when in doubt, stick with two patterns. Just vary the scales to keep it from being too busy. Both collars are popped, and I rolled the jacket sleeve a bit to allow the stripe to show through at the arm.

Since this jacket is so fitted, I could button it all the way and wear it like a shirt, too. This is seriously the perfect jean jacket!! I’m crazy about the wash, and the stretchy fit is perfect for year-round layering. And of course, it comes with amazing Prime shipping and service!

I started with the most fitted shirt, and layered up as the pieces got looser.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing XS in everything.

Striped Tee | White Jeans | Similar BeltAviatorsJean JacketQuilted Puffer Jacket

I own quite a few of these quilted puffer vests, but somehow didn’t have this great olive hue!? It’s the same color as a standard military jacket, and goes with virtually everything! It looks so cute with plaids, too.

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Jean Jacket | Striped Tee | White Jeans | Similar BeltAviators | Booties

Quilted Puffer Jacket | Jean Jacket | Striped Tee | White Jeans | Similar BeltAviators

Tips on How to Layer

I could build so many outfits using just these pieces…that’s the great thing about layering! Individually the pieces are fairly basic, but when worn together they make fun, stylish outfits. Pairing new and different combinations is a great way to stretch your wardrobe, as well!

Can you believe I found everything on Amazon?! I’m still giddy that J.Crew is available on Prime, and can’t wait for the new arrivals! See more of my outfit combinations with these great pieces here. And you can find all my J.Crew Mercantile finds in my Amazon shop for fast, easy shopping!

See more of my Amazon finds here, here & here. As for my tried-and-true Amazon faves, here are my top finds.


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*Photos by the darling and talented Mary Summers. This post created in collaboration with Amazon Fashion and J.Crew, but all styles, tips, and Prime obsessions are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*


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  1. You are the QUEEN OF LAYERING, so I was thrilled to read your tips! The camo with the white collared shirt underneath and vest on top is DARLING!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  2. Sandy wrote:

    The Stay Puft Marshmallow man, HA, HA. You forgot the Michelin Man!
    These tips work well for guys too. You should have thrown the hubby in the pics!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh yes!! I knew there was another one I was thinking of!!!

      Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  3. Carol wrote:

    Boo hoo….the key pice of your first combo ..the cam sweatshirt is no longer available …nor is the puffer jacket.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  4. Pam wrote:

    I live in vests during the fall and winter. And I love layering. I never thought about wearing a jean jacket then a vest. Genius! Can’t wait to try this. Love it.

    Thanks for sharing all your tips.


    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      yay! I’m thrilled you were inspired with something new today!!

      Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  5. Joanna wrote:

    Cute! Cute! Cute! Pinned for future reference.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  6. Sevahn wrote:

    My favorite combo is the green puffer vest, striped shirt and jean jacket photo which brings out your blue eyes. Cute!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  7. Lisa wrote:

    Late question on a post. I cannot find anywhere the lotion you mentioned. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion. Where do you get yours from? Thanks so much!!!!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  8. Lisa wrote:

    Not sure this went through b/c I do not have a Website? Late, I cannot find anywhere the lotion you spoke of. Live in Dallas metroplex also……it is Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion. Help! ;0) Thank you sooo much!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh yes…that stuff is hard to find sometimes! It’s a grocery/drugstore find! I just look for any body lotion that has some sort of oil in it, that gives a nice glow and good hydration!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  9. Sharon wrote:

    Your tips on layering are so good. I don’t ever wear vests, I just can’t pull it off but now you got me thinking I should try again.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      These quilted ones are a lot easier to wear bc they don’t add any puff or bulk!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  10. Angela wrote:

    I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of putting stripes and leopard print together let alone adding a pop of color with them. Until I saw you put it together – wow, nailed it! Still not sure I’m brave enough but I’ll think about it 🙂

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you!! I love the combo….go for it!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  11. Mary wrote:

    The weather in the GREAT Pacific Northwest is beautiful…sunny and days in the 70’s. The trees are amazingly lovely in their fall splendor. But don’t tell anyone, it is our secret!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  12. Kristie W. wrote:

    Great tips on layering! I love both outfits!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  13. ErinH wrote:

    “Leave the top layer open to allow the colors and patterns to show, and keep your midsection from looking too bulky.”
    …….unless you’re wearing layers because it’s actually quite cold outside!!
    These seem like warm weather layering tips…..

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Ha, yes…if it’s freezing out, all bets are off! But you can certainly open things up and shed the winter jacket once inside!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  14. Katie wrote:

    I would love to have a styling session with you! I think your next give away should including helping someone figure out how to style what is already in their closet. Love your classic looks!

    Posted 10.23.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh my gosh, that would be so fun!! I love playing dress-up in closets!!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  15. Kim wrote:

    Such great ideas! Please do another post like this! I’m so uncreative. When I see your ideas, so simple to put together with the clothes I have in my closet. Just need some inspiration!😍

    Posted 10.23.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Yay! I’m thrilled it inspired you to create a new outfit!

      Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  16. Angie wrote:

    I LOVE your layered looks! And I have tried…and tried…and TRIED…and I can’t seem to pull it off! I look like a bag of busted BISCUITS!!!

    But I sure do love it on you!!!!

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  17. Patricia wrote:

    Just saw this outfit on re-run and decided to repack my gym bag. I’ll look much more stylish than the sweater and jeans look I’d planned. Thanks for keeping me chic!

    Posted 9.16.19 Reply