{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Russet Street Reno

 Russet Street Reno was one of the very first blogs I read. I just loved Sara’s style and wit, and she and her hubby are doing an amazing job renovating their home. And this is hard-core reno, not just paint and drapes. Check out her Kitchen, Art Room and Dressing Room. Yeah, I said Dressing Room. Closets are for chumps.
Cassie sent a call out to some bloggers asking if they would like to participate in a fun little round of one of my favorite games – rating men!  I couldn’t resist.  As far as who I would choose to Marry, Make Out or Muzzle, that was pretty easy for me….
Marry – Totally, hands-down, Jason Bateman.  He is so cute, seems like a romantic, his personality is awesome and he’s been married in real life for over a decade, so he must be good at it!  Plus he’s an actor and probably has lots of money!! 
Make Out – I really couldn’t decide between the two Ryans.  Yes, I’m aware my choices are not unique, but it would be stupid to pick anyone other than Gosling and Reynolds.  They are equally delicious in their own ways and I would love to get either one in a closet for 7 minutes!  Or more, I can’t lie….
Muzzle – Adam Sandler.  Ugh, I hate all of his movies after Big Daddy, and I really hate that movie execs keep trying to sell him as a hot leading man.  A valid love interest for Kate Beckinsale?  Jennifer Aniston?  Salma Hayak?  Leslie Mann?  Are you freakin kidding me?  He is unattractive and decidedly not funny.  Muzzle, please. 
Thanks for the opportunity, Cassie!

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    Lol! So hilarious, and such great picks!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  2. Larissa wrote:

    I sincerely agree with your Marry and Makeout!!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  3. Too funny about Adam Sandler!!!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  4. Thanks for the post, Cassie! I loved creating this 🙂

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  5. YESSSS!! I too contemplated Ryan Reynolds! Not only is he hawt but the dude is effin' hilarious! What is it about the Ryans?! It's like the recipe for happiness: add equal parts Reynolds & Gosling–let marinate, enjoy. =]

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  6. Megan wrote:

    Good choices! I don't know why they keep trying to sell Adam Sandler as a hot leading actor. He's too old but not old enough to be the hot older guy like in some movies and they are always awkward.

    I'd have to go with Reynolds. He's just a little hotter but… I wouldn't kick either one out of bed if I had the choice!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  7. Emily wrote:

    Oooooooooo….GREAT muzzle! lol I agree 100% with everything you said about him!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  8. Tiffany wrote:

    Adam Sandler's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Muzzle immediately!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  9. Mmmm… Ryan Reynolds would totally be on my make out list!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  10. Alexa wrote:

    Oh your choices are perfect. Agree about Adam Sandler. Think I would choose to make-out (or more..sigh) with Clive Owen. The accent.kills.me. Oh and his rugged good looks! Ha.

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  11. Ha! Agree w/the Adam Sandler thing, but have you seen Bedtime Stories? I hate to admit this, but it was a cute kids' movie (my boys are 11 & 9).
    Oooh! If I was hogtied & forced to pick a Ryan, I would have to go with Gosling.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    Great choices – how in the world could you improve on Jason Bateman???

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply