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Amy is a fellow Dallas blogger I recently discovered, and have loved getting to know her through her blog, Fresh & Fancy. She’s a gorgeous newlywed, buying a home and starting a new business! Whew, I’m tired just typing that sentence! She has great style and I can’t wait to follow along with her journey of decorating their first home.
Hello Sugarplum peeps!  I’m Amy from Fresh & Fancy, and I am so excited to be here for the day!  Cassie was so sweet to ask me to play along in her series, “Marry, Make Out, & Muzzle” while she’s away enjoying some R&R with her hubby!  I thought it would be fun to add a little twist to the series and let YOU decide! AND…to make it even more fun, this is a MOVIE EDITION…which character would you choose?!?  No need for an introduction…I’m certain you know exactly who these men are!
{1}, {2}
Now, it’s your turn to play along…out of these 4 dudes…who would you choose to Marry, Make Out, or Muzzle???
Have fun & Muzzle Tov 🙂

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  1. Simply LKJ wrote:

    This is such a fun series! So glad to see Amy over here. Hmmm…all good looking, but I'd probably have to defer this one to my new college graduate. A little too young for me (yes, I just admitted that)

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  2. I know everyone really has varied opinions on this stuff, but I'm always going to be Team Edward all the way…Taylor is gorgeous, but the brooding, deep, and oh-so-handsome Rob is my thang (for both the make-out and marry (c:) Cute twist, sister!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  3. Tiffany wrote:

    I'm going with marrying either Edward or Peeta (even though Peeta is way short), making out with Gale, and putting a muzzle on (and hopefully putting a stop to more horrible acting) Jacob.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  4. Amber wrote:

    That's easy! Marry Peeta, make out with Edward and Jacob, and muzzle Gale. 🙂

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  5. I'd muzzle Edward. I'd rather stick a hot poker in my ear than to listen to him and that Twilight drivel anymore.
    No making out or marrying anyone since I've already found my prince charming.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  6. I can have them all right? that's an option?

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  7. Fun twist! That's easy! I'd marry Edward, make-out with Gale, and Muzzle Jacob! He is a dog, right?


    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  8. Melissa wrote:

    Marry: Edward
    Makeout: Gale
    Muzzle: Jacob

    Sorry Peeta but your too short to contend ;0)

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  9. Thanks so much for including me Cassie! Happy to have a Dallas blogger friend!!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  10. Marry: Peeta {team Peeta all the way!}
    Makeout: Jacob {feels creepu saying that seeing as how I'm not even sure he's out of his teens yet}
    Muzzle: Edward {gag me}

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply