Home Goals 2013: How’d We Do?

This time last year, in hopes of being more focused and organized with the home projects, I created a list of Home Goals. I am constantly thinking of new projects I want to tackle, and sometimes get so overwhelmed with where to start that I just give up. I’m not alone in that, am I? Today I’m revisiting that list, and grading our progress.

The Kids Bath (which also doubles as the main Powder Room), received a makeover a few years ago, but there was always one place it was lacking.

after 7

The white ceiling clashes with the stripes, and just feels unfinished…so I planned to finally paint it.

Status: The ceiling is still white.
Grade: F But no one looks up at it but me, so we’ll change that to a C. (It’s my grade book, my rules!)


The small Entrance Hall has slowly evolved, and while I love the black doors, they’ve always felt a little flat and cold to me. I planned to paint them a warmer shade, and add a shot of color somewhere, too.


Status: We put in a new, bright rug, and a larger plant, but the doors remain the same black.
Grade: C

Hi Sugarplum | Rug Updates

In 2012, I started four room makeovers. There’s never a real rush or deadline since it’s my own home, but it drives me nuts to have rooms half done. I know crossing projects off their To-Do Lists won’t mean the rooms are ‘complete,’ but it makes me feel better!

Starting with the Dining Room…here’s how it looked at the beginning of 2013…

Dining Room greek key rug

And by the end of the year…

Hi Sugarplum | Pink Walls & Red Ceiling Dining Room

Status: Not just done, but well done! I’ve still got to show you my How To on the drapes, and tweak a few things…which I’d better do quickly before I start itching to change it up again!
Grade: A-

Dining Room List

(click on each link to see the project)
What to do with the Piano?
Replace Lampshade on Piano
Wall Art?

Next is the Family Room….here she is in 2012

Target Gold Magazine Rack

And now…

Hi Sugarplum | Matchstick Blinds

Status: Yeah, about that…it seems all we did was add matchsticks and finish out the desk nook. But in my defense, we’d already come so far! The good news is I have two seriously big projects almost done!
Grade: C+ The plus is for my good intentions. (My rules, remember?)


Paint Mantle
Find Desk Chair
Paint/Stain/Replace Sofa Legs
Re-Hang Art Over Chair
Decide Fate of Rugs
New Light Fixture
Decide Fate of Matching Tables

I need a confidence boost after that, so let’s look at the Breakfast Room…in 2012..

may2 042

And now…..BAM!

Hi Sugarplum | Breakfast Room West Elm drapes

Status: I’ve decided to add some colorful art, but that will just happen when I find something. Other than that…oh yeah, and showing how we made the drum pendant…this room is D.O.N.E!
Grade: A to the +, baby!


The Befores & Evolution

* Do something to the Fig basket so it’s not so matchy with the bar chairs
(moved it to a new room)

* Consider amping up the drum shade
(oops, did this, forgot to blog about it)

The Living Room has come a loooooong way, but all I see when I sit in the room are the things left unfinished.

PB Teen Monogrammed Pillows

Especially this secretary, which was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift, and I’m fortunate to now own. It’s not in terrible condition, but I know she can shine after a good sanding and new stain. I’ve never tackled anything like this, so that uncertainty kept me from it last year.


Status: Only a few projects remain, and I really think once the room is painted, it will feel practically done to me. Who wants to help me make a paint color decision?!
Grade: B I didn’t do much, but that re-vamped Nook is enough to keep me from getting a C!

Paint room
Paint Backdoor?
Add Nailhead to Wingchair
Sand & Stain Secretary
Gold Leaf Back of Secretary

The final thing on my 2013 Home Goals list was to ‘take back our home.’ And by that, I meant our busy life had led to a jumbled mess in almost every cabinet and closet. In order for us to live more productively, I need to create some order. Our storage space is fairly limited, but there’s no question I wasn’t using what we have to the fullest.

bathroom cabinets

Obviously there are still more unorganized spaces than organized spaces in our home, but we definitely took a big bite out of the clutter.

Status: Check out this post for a round-up of all our organizing from last year.
Grade: A, for Aaaaaaaah, much better!

This post was mostly in jest…I’m not beating myself up over the items undone…but it was both humbling and rewarding to revisit those goals. Looks like our 2014 Home Goals list will look familiar.

Do you make goal lists? I think I need to put, ‘Enjoy the Ride!’ at the top of mine!

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  1. Always adore all your projects! And loving your grading system too 🙂

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  2. Last year I didn't make any specific goals because I failed so miserably the year before- ha! I love your dining room so much – one of my favorite rooms ever!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  3. Your house looks fab Cassie, I especially love what you did with your kitchen area this year. The shades bring some warmth into that space and I love the new curtains!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  4. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Girlfriend you have rocked many fab projects this past year. My problem always ends up the "snowball" effect…start one thing, then something else doesn't quite look right, then gotta do that, and so on and so on.

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  5. I love your living room and seeing how your style is evolving—so inspiring!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  6. you've come a long way! I really should create a list for us for 2014 projects since there are lots of little things I want to change up.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  7. Raechelle wrote:

    Your breakfast room has me all Swoony McSwoonerson. 🙂 I love it!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  8. Nikki wrote:

    You really did get a lot accomplished! I have been reading your blog for YEARS and today is the first time that our dining room table just really jumped out at me. My husband JUST finished (this weekend) building my dining room table. It is almost identical to your table, same style, but different stain color. Can I ask where yours came from? I looked through your posts, but didn't see the source.

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  9. Oh my goodness girl! I am so impressed with what you've done! I can't wait until you mark off the piano one…it intrigues me every time I read it :).

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  10. You definitely inspire me to go home after work and get something accomplished! My home is always changing too and I have so many plans. I wish it could all be complete at once but it just isn't possible. I love projects though and having something to look forward to. I can't wait to see what else you do!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  11. emily wrote:

    You have done some much to your house and your dining room is easily one of my favorites. And don't get me started on your revamped breakfast room. You're a total baller. And your grading system is also awesome.

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  12. looks like you have done great! you have a beautiful home! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply
  13. M+K wrote:

    We understand exactly how you feel Cass! We hate having rooms (or anything for that matter) half done

    p.s. we love your little note before the comments!


    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  14. Anne wrote:

    I love your dining room and the painted ceiling! I totally know what you mean about to-do lists and half finished rooms. I find myself creating and recreating lists so I can feel like I get some things accomplished.

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  15. Very impressive list, and completeness! The lists are a great way to make sure things get done. Thanks for the fine examples!


    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  16. Lauren wrote:

    A few things. 1) you are, hands down, my favorite blogger. 2) I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has lists of "things to do around the house" …. projects which seem to go for YEARS without happening. 3) Your post made me realize that this is OK! Its perfectly alright to have lists of things that don't happen as quickly as we'd like. We're all dealing with way more important things on a daily basis than staining sofa legs and replacing all doorknobs and painting doors (nevermind that the door to the garage has been sporting its Home Depot primer coat for 8 years now, it looks white at a glance). Cassie, I love that you always keep it real, and that is why YOU are my favorite blogger. xo

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  17. You need to come to my classroom and grade! You have got the right mindset! I love all that you have done!!

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  18. You are definitely not alone in coming up with all kinds of new projects but not knowing where to start. I have project ideas galore but sometimes I'm intimidated by what could go wrong or all the un-fun things I that are required to get it done that I hesitate starting. Or sometimes I just have project ADD and don't get one thing done before starting another. I'm a perfectionist and an analyzer, so that holds me up often!

    I am constantly thinking of new projects I want to tackle, and sometimes get so overwhelmed with where to start that I just give up. I'm not alone in that, am I?

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  19. You did an awesome job this year! And got so much done! I really need to update things around my house too…

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  20. I think you did an awesome job last year lady. Ive said it before, but your dining room is beyond words! Like, seriously. And your secretary is goooorgeous. I cant wait to see how you refinish it. Im hoping I can find a piece like it one day so I can paint it a fun color. So excited to see what you accomplish this year.

    Posted 1.14.14 Reply
  21. You know which is my favorite project! Although I must say I really love your whole house. You have inspired me more than you know (basically I've copied several ideas from your house to mine), i love your style and can't wait to see what you do next 🙂

    Posted 1.27.14 Reply
  22. I have a long list left to do as well. What didn't get started/finished, just got carried over to this year. You've managed to accomplish quite a bit though, keep up the good work.

    Posted 2.2.14 Reply