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You guys are no stranger to Megan and her sa-weet blog, Honey We’re Home. And not just because it’s wildly popular, but also because I seem to talk about her in quite a few posts. I promise there’s no funny business going on…just a genuine friendship. Like many others I’ve met through blogging this year, I feel as though Megan and I go way back.

But we actually met through our blogs, and have only shared laughs over margaritas once. We do call on each other often for home/blog/kid/project advice, and I’m grateful to know her. She really is as sweet as she seems. But be prepared to have your Green-Eyed-Monster emerge…because she’s sharing her Mariah-worthy closet today!

It’s great to be visiting Hi Sugarplum today- I feel right at home 🙂 I guess that’s because I’ve had the good fortune to actually meet Cassie in person shortly after I fell in love with her blog. She really is as funny and sweet and cool in person as she is on her blog. I love the humor she adds to her posts, along with her fantastic decor projects. Nothing is tame with Cassie and I appreciate that!

My blog details the home building and decorating process with an adorable 9 month old baby in tow. I started blogging in June 2010 and have been blessed to get to know many readers along the way. The post that got the most comments ever was the one about my closet! I’m lucky to have a space that is 9’4 x 13’2 and have taken advantage of every square inch! I also love organizing, so this closet is a dream come true for me.


Lightweight sweaters are hung using children’s white plastic hangers from Target. I like folding them over the hanger versus hanging them because it keeps the shoulders from getting annoying points.  



Pants are hung on wire hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond and jeans are on small felt hangers that won’t bow in the middle. 

(Cassie butting in: I counted her jeans, did you?)

Before the shoe rack was built, I counted my shoes to see how much space I’d need. Then I had the top shelf taken out so I could put boots there. 


On the right side of the island, I keep my tank tops, casual long sleeve shirts, and shorts/capri pants. 


On the left, storage bins from Target hold belts, bikinis, and scarves. The zebra ottoman is from Hobby Lobby.


The flower vase and candy jar are from Home Goods, the runner from World Market, and the clear bin holding my makeup is from The Container Store. 


The pretty make up holders are from Anthropology. And inside the candy jar . . . Hershey Kisses Meltaway. 🙂

clip_image014 clip_image015

I created the necklace holder behind the door using Command hooks. Purses are stored on shelves.


The light fixture we chose is from Lighting, Inc. in Houston, Texas and is called “Lucia.”


Thanks for having me over Cassie!  I really appreciate it.

I know, right?!?! Gorgeous!! I don’t think I’d ever emerge from that room. Mama would be locked away with some bubbly, calling out things like, “Dahling, be a dear and bring me some more chocolate!” And it’s not just the closet that is the show stopper of Megan’s home…every room she’s touched is stunning. Go see for yourself.

Tomorrow is Michelle from Ten June’s turn to share. I’ll also pop in for a New Year’s Recipe that is a necessity down here in the South.

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  1. I love Megan's closet! And she had an amazing blog too.. lots of inspiring projects:)

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  2. Love love love her closet and her blog! Great feature 🙂

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  3. Everytime I see that closet I literally gasp- it's soooo amazing and I would kill for mine to look like that. Thanks for making me very jealous again! xo

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  4. how fun, meeting other bloggers is the best!

    i think her closet is larget than my whole condo, lucky girl!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  5. Lili wrote:

    seriously that closet got me hooked on her blog too!

    love megan!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, cassie!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  6. Just gor-geous!!! Love both of you girls. Happy New Year.

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  7. Oh DUH!! How did I forget about her closet being the most popular?! Her closet and her home is just amazing. And she is the sweetest person and is ALWAYS happy. 🙂 Megan, will you come help me with our closet? I think the first thing that would have to go would be the lovely florescent lighting. 🙂

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  8. I droooool over this closet everytime I see it!! That's one lucky, lucky lady 🙂

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  9. I just found your lovely blog! So happy I did! I can't get over the closet. AMAZING!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  10. Michaela wrote:

    Just beautiful- fit for a queen! Oh and I'd love to have a closet swap party soon…ya know, we could mail each other different items each week. (I really just want to borrow some of Megan's shoes!)
    Love you both!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  11. Love seeing my closet at your place today! And thank you for your sweet into:) We definitely need to plan another get together in the future- would be so fun if everyone could meet up!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  12. coolkids wrote:

    Megan's closet is the best hands down!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  13. Amanda wrote:

    Gasp! I am smitten…I want my closet to be that "sex in the city"

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  14. seriously, your wedding dress is hanging up in there?

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  15. Christina wrote:

    This is a closet from my dreams! I wish!!!! Way too cute!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  16. AnaLisa wrote:

    You guys are cute friends. And of course, LOVE the closet. Megan is so organized! I need her to come and work on my closet. 🙂

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  17. Simply LKJ wrote:

    You know I love you both! But, I seriously want Megan as my personal shopper!!! You two need to make a trip to Atlanta!!

    Posted 12.29.10 Reply
  18. Mary wrote:

    Can I move into your closet?

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  19. Such an awesome space! I really have never seen a closet I liked more.

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  20. emily wrote:

    Megan's closet is so amazing — love her clothes (and her jean collection is quite impressive). You both are fabulous!

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  21. Great post! Megan's one of my fav gals in the blog world! She's a doll and always has great design inspiration to share with us!

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  22. Megan is so sweet! You've featured some great bloggers. And of course, we all love Megan's closet. Dreamy!

    You 2 could be sisters, you're both just beautiful!

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  23. Emily wrote:

    Greatest closet ever! I am super envious!!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  24. Aubrey wrote:

    Super *GREEN*…been that way ever since I found her and her fab closet/blog/home…she's like real-life barbie, she has everything! (c:
    P.S. I'm laughing so much from your comments. Totally awesome. (c;


    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  25. Megans closet is my dream closet!!! Its amazing! You guys are so sweet – glad to see you are friends as i LOVE both your blogs!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 12.30.10 Reply
  26. Oh my word, Megan! My closet wants to be like yours when it grows up. GORGEOUS!!

    Posted 1.2.11 Reply