{2010 Project Countdown} Numbers 1-5

Have you just been holding your breath to find out the Top 5 Most Read Posts on Hi Sugarplum!?! Are you completely disagreeing with why in the world people would want to read these particular posts?! Do you think I’m the biggest ego-maniac for even doing a countdown of my own posts?!

Don’t answer those questions. I’m too fragile to know the truth. According to Google Analytics, these are the posts you guys read the most in 2010:

5. Combination of Ballard Burlap Vases and Fall Mantel
I’m no stranger to the cheap project, but even I was surprised at how cute my $2 version of the Ballard Burlap Vase turned out.

4. Entrance Hall Reveal
Painting the front doors black completely transformed my small Entrance Hall. And most people that pass through the doors are fooled into thinking my Ikea mirror tiles are actually a very large, very expensive mirror!

3. Before and After Kitchen
We lived with white formica countertops for five years before remodeling the kitchen last January. It is my absolute favorite transformation, and I still get giddy when I walk in.

2. Before and After Guest Bath
I’m actually surprised by the amount of traffic this post received. With very little forethought, and only a quart of paint and some accessories, this plain little bath became quite the attraction.

1. Before and After Boy’s Room
The transformation of my son’s toddler room into a Big Boy Room was definitely the most rewarding. He is such a sweetheart and had been waiting so patiently for his room to match his maturity. Picturing his expression when I revealed the room to him still brings tears to my eyes. And the fact that this room was featured on numerous sites, including Design*Sponge, Ohdeedoh, BabyCenter, CasaSugar and Centsational Girl, certainly didn’t hurt in the attention it received.

And if you’re still awake and interested, here are Posts 6-10 that made the countdown. My head is spinning with ideas and projects for Sugarplum Casa in 2011. I hope you’ll follow along with me, I’ll need your input and opinions.

The Lettered Cottage
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