{Guest Post} Emily at Name 5 Things (& A Snowy Weekend!)

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was full of unexpected weather, which is always a treat for this area:

Picnik collage

I know it may not look like much for most of you, but 25-degrees and snow is a big deal for us! It led to not a lot of projects, but a lot of this:


I’ll be having a pajama day, but my very ticked off son had to go to school (even though every district around us closed)! You’re in for a treat as one of my very favorite bloggers kicks off the final week of our Best of the Best Series.

How about we lessen the sting of Monday by gazing upon two of the cutest dogs in Blogland!
Really?!? Have you seen cuter pups?! The moment I spotted these dogs, I knew I’d fall in love with their owner too. And I was correct…Emily from Name 5 Things is my JCrew-Loving/Joel McHale-Smitten/OCD twin! She’s really fun, has a great blog and is doing a phenomenal job decorating her home. Check out how Ms. SmartyPants got busy with some wallpaper!
I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite projects from this past year (well, actually two projects since they both involve the same roll of wallpaper). The wallpaper panels in the bedroom helped fill a large space on the cheap:
And using the left over wallpaper on the living room bookshelves made such a fun impact.
Thanks again, Cassie!
Gorgeous bedroom, Emily!!! And she can sure style a bookcase…wonder if I could sweet-talk her into heading North to help me?!? And do I spy the adorable set of Penguin Classics?! My Babygirl got a few for Christmas that are looking pretty cute in her room. The room I promise to start updating you on again. This year. Really.
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  1. oooh i love the idea of a wallpaper panel- genius! the whole room is amazing, but i love that for some added pattern and glam!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  2. We are staying in pjs all day by the fire too!

    I need to redo my upholstered headboard, and I love that nailhead trim. I actually love everything about that room!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  3. Love those dogs!! It's the perfect way to create art without having to buy it, especially for a large space. Hmmmm I might have to try that 🙂

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  4. Oh to lay by the fire…I'm really big on the framed wallpapers lately. Just did that for a client a couple of weeks ago. Filled the entire living room with "art". Love the back of the book shelves too!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  5. Katie wrote:

    Those pups are soo cute!!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  6. Emily wrote:

    I love the wallpaper!! Everything looks amazing!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  7. i love the wall panels! i might be adding those to my list of things to do 🙂

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  8. Love Emily, love those projects!
    It's looks very similar here in pei (snowy and beautiful!)

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  9. Simply LKJ wrote:

    She has some fabulous ideas!! And, the pooches are adorable!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  10. Allison wrote:

    Your photos are beautiful. I wish we had snow where we lived. It's so pretty. Stay warm and cozy by the fire! Emily's dogs are adorable. I also like that fabric on the chair one of them is sitting on. I will check out her blog. Wallpapering panels is a clever idea. I've never thought of doing that! I've got an empty large wall and a large painting is not in the picture at the moment. Wallpaper it is!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  11. Holli wrote:

    Great snow pics! We enjoyed it too.. I love that it came on Sunday so we could all enjoy it and not have it mess up our drive time. LOL

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  12. i wish we would have a snow day sometimes where i live! by the way, i gave you a stylish blogger award because i love what you do..

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  13. The wall paper panels look so great – we have framed wall paper but this looks even better!!
    The dogs are so cute!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  14. Michaela wrote:

    Yay for snow! We got it too! And love Emily (:

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  15. emily wrote:

    My dogs knew they were pretty cute, but now they have big heads after seeing their faces on your blog and reading (well, me telling them since they can't read) about your kind words!

    And love the JCrew-Loving/Joel McHale-Smitten/OCD twin line. That about sums it up, except for the TWSS obsession/immature humor! 🙂 Thanks friend for having me!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  16. Aubrey wrote:

    Oooo…love the wallpaper! I'm am busy scheming on how I can do some fun wallpaper somewhere…(c:


    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Those are the cutest and sweetest puppies in the world. I am their Nana – and I know!

    Emily's Mom

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  18. Love your Bedroom ,especially the wall colour ,we recently painted our almost the same colour it's called Grey Linen ,what is yours called.

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  19. Love her dogs- maybe I can actually MEET them since we live so close:) And her bedroom is one of my all-time faves! . . . can't believe you got snow- I had to read the beginning of your post twice to make sure it was you talking!! 🙂

    Posted 1.11.11 Reply
  20. Love the wallpaper panels..such a gorgeous (and cheap) idea!


    Posted 1.11.11 Reply
  21. Leah wrote:

    Oh I just love Emily and that bookshelf she did is AMAZING!


    Posted 1.11.11 Reply