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Today’s BYOB blogger is my girl Courtney, from A Thoughtful Place. I’m not sure exactly when we ‘met’, but somehow I feel as though she’s always been my friend! She lives on the other side of the country, and we’ve never seen each other or even talked on the phone…but there’s no question she’s my good friend. And it doesn’t suck to have such a talented, clever friend with great ideas!


I am so excited to be here guest posting at Hi Sugarplum. Cassie is amazing and I am one of her biggest fans. This is by far my favorite time of year. I am so in love with all things Christmas.

When Cassie asked me to think about what signals the beginning of the season for me  . . I was a bit reticent to tell the truth! I wish I could say it is something like a sweet singing church choir or the bounce in everyone’s step. It’s not. It’s none other than GAP commercials. Yes, that’s right. When I first see a Gap Christmas commercial, I know it’s time to start breaking out the holiday cheer. They have an undeniable talent for rounding up some seriously talented dancers, paired with a catchy version of a well known Christmas song.

I went back a couple of years and grabbed two of my favorites for you to watch. They are short . . . but boy do they make me smile! I feel so much better now that I have admitted to the whole blogging world that commercials get me in the spirit {wouldn’t the marketing department be happy!}.

View Image

Click here for one of my favorite Gap commercials

Click here for one more great Gap commercial! (Cassie butting in: something tells me Courtney has the moves to rival these dancers. I’m quite sure she can bust a Cabbage Patch out whenever necessary!)

Looking back over the few months I have been blogging has been really fun. I am overwhelmed with all of the wonderful people I have met {and can we talk about talented!}. I would have to say that my favorite post so far has been our Kitchen Makeover Post.

I knew exactly what I wanted and it actually turned out just how I pictured {we all know that the reality sometimes falls short of our vision, right}. So we got lucky on this one. I love this space because I not only cook here, but have dance parties with my kiddos (Cassie: uh-huh, told you!), play play-do on the floor, and get into all sorts of painting messes with them. To me, it’s just a happy space.

The post that surprised me the most was my Inexpensive Closet Makeover. I was surprised by it’s popularity since it is not a big, glamorous closet by any means. But the simple changes, inexpensive solutions, and transformation really resonated with my readers. And because I love all things organized, it is one of my favorite spots! I will say that I was mortified to show the before pictures, but I sucked it up and showed them anyway.


Cassie, thanks so much for inviting me to hang out here at Hi Sugarplum! It’s been a treat for me!

No, no…thank you Courtney! And thanks for all the great projects you share. Go check out her blog and you’ll be hooked! Tomorrow I welcome sweet Kristin, from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve? I hope you’re done with all the running around, and are just soaking up true meaning of Christmas with your loved ones!

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  1. LOVE those gap commercials! "how cute are these boots?" VERY! ha

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  2. I love the Gap commercials, I don't think i've seen them this year :(. I'm a little late to theblogging game and missed the posts on the kitchen and closet, AMAZING!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  3. What a fun and unexpected twist! I love the holiday gap commercials too 🙂 Those little girls last year were just darling, I still remember. Merry Christmas to both of my lovely favorites!!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  4. Good morning, my friend!!! Thanks for having me. I was just dusting off my cabbage patch for the big Christmas eve dance party!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  5. Christine wrote:

    Haha, those Gap commercials always make me want to get up and dance too!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  6. JC's Loft wrote:

    LOL love those GAP commerical's to! GORgeous kitchen : )


    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  7. emily wrote:

    Those Gap commercials really are fun! And I love Courtney's kitchen and closet!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  8. Ruthie wrote:

    um..Am I a bad person if I say that I'm happy my little one is a boy, after seeing that 1st Gap commercial girls scare me 🙂 (and I should know since I have 5 sisters!)
    Ps – Courtney – the 2 posts you highlighted were also my two favorite from your blog…so far 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  9. Michaela wrote:

    I love what you said in the beginning of the post, Cassie…that you're across the country from her but you're still friends. That's how I feel about all you wonderful ladies! It's so fun to connect and bond over the things we love and are passionate about (: And as for Courtney- you know I love you! And your kitchen is stunning. I'm dreaming of a white kitchen someday!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  10. i have just recently started following courtney and she seems so sweet! and her kitchen is AMAZING. thanks for sharing!

    Posted 12.23.10 Reply
  11. Rene wrote:

    Courtney, I love Gap commercials too. Thanks for posting those. Your kitchen is still one of my favorites.


    Posted 12.24.10 Reply
  12. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love the commercials! I am one who adored your kitchen, and loved your closet transformation. Even made some changes to mine after seeing yours! Love ya Courtney (you too Cass 😉

    Posted 12.24.10 Reply
  13. That is a sweet kitchen!

    Posted 12.24.10 Reply
  14. I love Courtney's kitchen!! She's a sweetie too and glad she's part of your great series!

    Posted 12.24.10 Reply
  15. So funny about those commercials- for me it's the red Starbuck's cups! I hadn't seen Courtney's kitchen in awhile, and I'm reminded how much I love it! And of course an organized closet makes me swoon. What a great transformation! Wish we all lived next door to each other:)

    Posted 12.24.10 Reply