{Designer Crush} Erinn Valencich

Erinn Valencich is the first designer I fell in love with! Sure I’ve drooled over designer spaces before, but this is the first time I sought out an actual name behind the look. She creates elegant, glamorous and contemporary rooms…so chic and modern….yet totally livable. She’s all over HGTV and hgtv.com, and tons of other shows and publications (and now Hi Sugarplum! What will she aspire to next?!)
The way she mixes colors, patterns and textures makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my own house! I would quite literally let her do anything and everything she wanted to my home, with no questions asked. (Hear that Erinn?? Feel like a trip down South?) None of her rooms are fussy, or allude an air of “take your shoes off first please,” but clearly are so well envisioned and put together.
The mirror! The suzani! The restraint used to keep the color palette clean and minimal!
wallpaper, drapes, chair and rug — all different patterns — all perfect!
are you kidding me with that chevron tray?!?
If I took my fence down, I’d be staring at an alley full of trash cans…so she had the view going for her here!
The elusive perfect shade of gray paint….the orange table
The black and white rug with yellow chairs make me crazy (in a stalker way).
But the picture that hooked me and converted me to Erinn’s camp was this gorgeous, clean, modern kitchen. I almost licked the screen when I found it!
Her rooms are so inspiring, but somehow they manage to feel attainable. She doesn’t use all high-end pieces, and I look at them and feel like it’s something I will never come close to could achieve in my house, with my budget. She’s also super nice — I emailed her some questions about the kitchen (I was in the process of re-doing mine, more on that to come!), and she actually wrote me back! We aren’t besties now or anything, but she could have ignored my email or told me to suck it. Since she did neither…I love her even more!

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  1. Yeah, I'm right with you. Loving alllllll of this, too!

    Posted 5.27.10 Reply
  2. Jen Eaton wrote:

    Love this post! I want my house re-decorated to look like all those pictures!

    Posted 5.27.10 Reply
  3. Lover her work – these images are gorgeous!

    Posted 6.2.10 Reply
  4. Hi All!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the props! It's so inspiring to work with people who are as enthusiastic about interior design as I am!

    I've been writing my own blog for a few months now and would love some comments…check it out for weekly (sometimes daily) tips on keeping daily living magical…www.erinnv.com/blog

    Posted 6.8.10 Reply
  5. How cool is she?! Any idea where the curtains are in the second photo- they might be perfect for my living room . . .

    Posted 9.13.10 Reply
  6. is there a resource for exactly what paint she used for that gray wall? It's beautiful and I've been looking for a good gray!

    Posted 10.18.12 Reply