How to Pack for a (Blogger Style) Conference

Hey friends…thanks for your kind words yesterday! Your compassion and prayers mean so much to me, especially since I was so cryptic about it all. But I’m an open book, so it likely won’t be long before I spill my guts on the internet.
I know most of you don’t attend blog conferences, but you do like details on outfits, so I thought I’d share what I packed for my recent blogger style conference. And this packing post isn’t specific to just social conferences, but might give you some ideas when packing for your own events and occasions. This is also quite different than my packing tips for traveling abroad, since I wasn’t trying to squeeze 10 outfits out of 10 pieces…nor was I trying to keep everything scaled down to fit in just a carry-on. I also had the benefit of the conference being local, but I still kept everything to one bag for easy transport.
The first thing I did was make a list of events and the dress code for each, then began pulling pieces from my closet that I feel best in. It may sound shallow, but it’s easier for me to meet new people and walk into potentially intimidating situations, when I know my outfit looks and fits great.

Hi Sugarplum | What to Pack for a Blog Conference

Since packing space wasn’t an issue, it wasn’t important for me to get a lot of mix-and-match out of my clothes…so I created each outfit independently. It just so happened that many of the pieces repeated. I also took pictures of each outfit, along with the coordinating accessories, to make getting dressed each day less stressful. That way, all the planning and thinking was done beforehand, and I could relax and enjoy the events to the fullest.

Here’s each event, and what I wore…links to most all the items are under the pictures.

{Travel day | Dinner with Friends}
 Sequin Top (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Pink Belt (similar)

{Brand Meetings | Daytime}

Hi Sugarplum | What to Pack for a Blogger Conference
Striped Blouse | Watercolor Skirt (similar) | Pink Heels
Statement Necklace | Zebra Bangle (similar) | Pearl Bracelet (similar)
{Happy Hour Party | Early Evening}

Hi Sugarplum | What to Pack for a Blogger Conference
Floral Dress | Pink Heels | Vintage Beaded Clutch (similar)
Citrine Necklace (similar) | Black & White Bangle (similar) | Chain Bracelet

{Dinner with Friends | Evening}

Bangle (similar) | Turquoise Earrings | Wedge Sandal | Necklace (similar)

{Educational Sessions | Daytime}

Fushia Blouse (similar) | White Jeans | Turquoise Heels
Leopard Belt (similar) | Statement Necklace | Bangle (similar)
{Cocktail Party & Dancing | Evening}

  White Racerback Dress | Floral Sandals | Snakeskin Clutch (similar)
Arrow Necklace | Pink Earrings | Pearl Cluster Bracelet (similar) | Zebra Bracelet (similar)
{Cocktail Party & Dancing | Evening}
(This was a back-up outfit that I could easily dress up or down, if needed.)

Hi Sugarplum | What to Pack for a Blogger Conference
Stripe Racerback Zipper Dress (similar) | Turquoise Heels
Snake Bracelet (similar) | Gold Clutch (similar)
{Coffee with Friends | Travel Home}

Hi Sugarplum | What to Pack for a Blogger Conference
Granted this was for a style blogger conference, so I did put in more effort than usual! My day-job is in the corporate world, so obviously I’d have to adapt what I packed for a business conference. šŸ˜‰ I’ve got {Outfit Inspiration} posts planned for some of these (you’ve already seen the white dress in action here), but here are a few pics from the conference.

Hi Sugarplum | Citrine and Cobalt

I know you guys appreciate the outtakes…here’s what happens when I think the camera is put away. Don’t ask me what I’m doing with my mouth…or the “dance moves”, for that matter! And yes, that’s the awesome $28 Swing Tank I keep using in all my outfit boards! I want it in every color!

Hi Sugarplum | Dance Party

I ended up wearing my back-up outfit one night because it felt more festive. Check out what happens to the fun zipper detail as the night goes on…

Hi Sugarplum | Blogger Fun

Shannon of Bird a la Mode

Hi Sugarplum | Dance Party

Apparently the more fun I have, the lower it goes. But rest assured I never had belly-button-baring levels of fun. #whew #braless

Jamie of I Suwannee

There’s a lot of ‘blogger talk’ at these things, but I mostly attend to meet the bloggers I’ve been stalking online for years, and to form real-life friendships. Finally meeting and spending time with these girls made the conference for me.

Caycee, Natalie, and Megan

Hi Sugarplum | Blogger Fun
Natalie, Caycee, Megan, and Carly

Carly of C.Style and Beth of Seersucker + Saddles

Megan and Carly sandwich

I snagged this last image from the event’s website…how much do I have to pay to have their filter follow me around in real life?! I want that skin all the time! How do you feel about conferences? Any tips on packing for trips with lots of events? And speaking of the conference, the winner of the $1200 Swag Bag Giveaway was announced here!
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