Wait, What Store Am I In?!

I was out and about this weekend when I remembered the boys in my house are running low on socks. Whoa, how about that for an opening line?! I bet you can’t wait to read the rest of this post! But hang with me.

Normally, I’d stop at the mother ship Target, but Kohls happened to be closer. No offense to Kohls, it’s just one of those stores I always forget about. And I certainly don’t seek them out for all the latest and greatest. So imagine my shock when I walked past a Rock & Republic display, that included these cropped colored jeans!!??

Rock & Republic Cropped Jeans

Hold the phone! Kohls sells Rock & Republic?! The cobalt blue came home with me, and I’m consulting Julia’s post on how to wear them. If they don’t make me feel like a giant Teletubbie, I may go back for the red ones.

Rock & Republic Cropped Jeans

Online pics are never great, but trust me when I tell you this striped dress is too cute! Um, it came home with me too. (Of course, I can’t stand too close to an open flame. Polyester doesn’t mix well with propane.)

California Stripe Dress

Since I love all things striped and color-blocked, I was drawn to this skirt. Alas, it showed parts of my thighs that never see the light of day, so it stayed on the rack. I’m sure some crafty gal could easily add another stripe for more length.

Colorblock Skirt

Here’s a few more dresses that caught my eye…

Zig Zag Faux-Wrap Dress

Colorblock Dress

On a shopping high (and socks forgotten), I ran through the shoe department and quickly added these espadrille wedges to my cart. I guess they know you’ll load ‘er up, so they provide wheeled carts!?

Apt. 9 Black Wedges

I’m shocked I was able to walk away from the pink ones for now.

Apt. 9 Pink Wedges

Jenny from the Block, sorry, that’s Jennifer Lopez now….had some great looking surprises, too.

Jennifer Lopez Sheath Dress
Jennifer Lopez Asymmetrical Dress

Jennifer Lopez Bedding

Elle Decor was also found in the Home Department.

Elle Home Decor

And Lauren Conrad had some cute dresses and accessories.

Lauren Conrad Collection

Not to mention Vera Wang?! What store am I in?!

Vera Wang Collection

Did you know Kohls had all these designers? Do you have any unexpected secret shopping spots? Share with the class!

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  1. We don't have that store here but looks like they have great stuff! I so want some bright denims.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  2. LOVES IT!!!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  3. I don't know the last time I was in a Kohl's! I had read that all of those were there, just never really thought about it. What a fun surprise!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  4. Simply LKJ wrote:

    My mom is always raving about Kohls, but I was never a big fan (most items looked like my mother, hence why SHE loves it!). Def have to check it out…maybe they have finally caught up with the times!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  5. T. Cashion wrote:

    Get a Kohl's credit card. They give charge customers incrdible coupons.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  6. What the what!?! Everytime my parents visit, they go to Kohls. Therefore, I assumed it was an outdated, granny store. Must.Get.Pink.Wedges.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  7. sfitzg2 wrote:

    Love some of those dresses! I never shop at Kohl's either but I might have to stop in 🙂

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  8. I heart Kohls. They've come a long way over the past 5 years or so. I have their credit card and about 5 times a year they send me 30% off entire purchase coupons. Most of their stuff is usually 50% off anyway so i feel like it's practically free! It's a great marketing scheme, gets me every time! 🙂

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  9. Yup! I love hitting Kohls, they always have great sales and their cash back deal is the bomb! They have a few more things online too, so yeah, I love Kohls.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  10. I've always loved Kohl's. They have the best sales, too. And you can get some really fun jewelry for next to nothing, especially on sale or clearance.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  11. Dharma wrote:

    I shop for the boys individually. The oldest is the most expensive so I take him in and do the whole "outfitting for this year" thing. We can and have spent about $300 on him in one swoop….but….we get about $50 – $100 Kohls cash back. I take boy2 the next week before the coupons run out and he is my $100-$150 boy. Which essentially means I get his clothes for 50%+ off. When most of his clothes are 50-70% off in the racks I have walked out of there with 6 bags of clothes for under $75 for that kid 🙂 Love Kohls.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  12. pam wrote:

    wow, cute stuff. love the colorblock striped skirt… at my height it'll reach my knees. my friend posted easter photos of her girls on fb… one was wearing that supercute lauren conrad coral dress.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  13. I love Kohl's! One opened up by my work a few years ago and of course I went to go check it out. I liked it but I think they have gotten better as far as overall selections go. I can always find something there that I MUST have. 🙂

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  14. LOVE Kohl's! They have some really great stuff, plus there are always coupons or online codes and they have a great no-hassle return policy. Can't really go wrong!

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    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  15. I've heard great things about Kohls…totally want to check out the LC collection! You scored some great items!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  16. Lynn W wrote:

    Love Kohls! Was just there yesterday! Love the Simply Vera collections, she's such a great designer!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  17. Yeah, I usually make it a point to avoid Kohl's, it's usually a messy maze, but *hello* Lauren Conrad pink dress!!! Lookin' pretty great (c;

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  18. I read recently that Kohls just added the R&P line. I very much enjoy shopping there for both my hubby and I. There is always a good deal to be found!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  19. I am the same way when it comes to Kohls. I don't think about it and never go. I did pop in the other day because I knew they had a cute pair of flats one of my friends got. I ran across these babies http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/candies_new/shoes/juniors/PRD~891243/Candies+Loafers.jsp
    and pretty much freaked out. I'd been looking all weekend for leopard loafers and almost bought some at Steve Madden for $80 that were exactly like these. Glad I held off because not only were they $20 but I've had a gift card there for going on 2 years.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  20. Who freaking knew! Love those jeans and must go try on a pair!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  21. ok you totally just made me want to go there NOW! ah, the power of bloggy referrals

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  22. Elle Decor!?! I've got to find my local store right away:)


    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  23. I like the stuff at Kohls, but I hate their stupid sales and coupons, it's a hassle just to get a fair price!

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  24. Julie wrote:

    Perfect timing! I just got my 30% off Kohls coupon in the mail for tomorrow and realized I haven't been scouting in a while and have no clue what to get. I'm caught up on clothes but I'll have to check out their shoes and Elle Decor collection.

    Posted 4.17.12 Reply
  25. Holy crap! Kohls??? I'm shocked! I'm such a Target and TjMaxx girl but looks like I need to get my butt to Kohls! The royal blue jeans were such a fab find!!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  26. emily wrote:

    That J Lo bedding is so pretty! I can't remember the last time I've been in a Kohls, but I may have to check it out!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  27. Cassie, I'm so with you on this one – being a loyal Tarjay girl, I hadn't been to Kohls in years but went in a few months ago when shopping for a coverlet that I hadn't been able to find ANYWHERE. Not only did I get an awesome Vera Wang coverlet at a great price, but I also snagged two cute J. Lo pillows to go with it (I have a pic on my blog if you want to see: (http://drivenbydecor.blogspot.com/2012/01/simply-beautiful-coverlets-from-simply.html). I didn't even think about checking out the clothes – thanks for clueing me!!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  28. I felt the same as you, never impressed in the past. I am more of a Target girl! But you found some cute funds. May need to give them a second look!

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply