Tricked Out Pumpkins

Have you noticed it getting dark earlier and earlier? The weather may not reflect it here yet, but the shorter days are a sure indicator that Fall is here. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seems I’m in a constant state of craft! I can’t help myself, I just love creating decor for these holidays. (However, if I suddenly start BeDazzling things, please shut me this blog down!)

The kids and I have been enjoying the last evenings of sunshine outside by tricking out some pumpkins.


If you’ve been reading this blog awhile, you know I have a unhealthy obsession thing for pumpkins. They’re just the perfect canvas! The spray paint sat out this year, and the glue gun took over.

The white pumpkins are from the craft store. We drew webbing with a Sharpie and glued the tops of spider rings to this one.


I was going to wrap this little baby (leftover from the Fall Centerpiece) completely with ric-rac, but decided to leave it open since it resembled a spider.


I think this one, wrapped in sisal rope, is my favorite. The shelf life for him will definitely extend to Thanksgiving.


A dab of hot glue at either end of ric-rac strips is all this one needed.


And finally, I used the same technique with this one, just with jute ribbon. I love the natural feel and texture of the jute and sisal pumpkins.


They are all chillin’ on my hearth for now (I still can’t get over how much better the brick looks painted white!)….but we’re working on a Halloween mantel and front porch.


I rounded up a few more ideas for Trickin’ Out Pumpkins….




Okay, so this one appears to be BeDazzled…but it works.



Paper Mache
Paint and Stencils
Upholstery Tacks


My Third True Love
Painted Polka-dots and Stripes


A Thoughtful Place

Have you tried any of these methods on your pumpkins? We’ll do an old-fashioned carve once Halloween draws near, but I love what we’ve got going on now. I’ll show you the Halloween Mantel and Porch next week!

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  1. pam wrote:

    i love the upholstery tacked one. my sister did that one year with her house #s. looked awesome.

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  2. Michaela wrote:

    Love the pumpkins! They're so cute. The white one with black zigzag ribbon is my fave (:

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  3. Oh I love them!
    I really love the look of the lace over the pumpkin, might have to try that. I also LOVE LOVE polka dots (hence my name) so I will for sure be dotting up some guards with metallic paint. Hecks to the YES!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  4. Leslie wrote:

    I adore the rick-rack pumpkin!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  5. I got bat ears, wings, & eyes that you push right into the pumpkin from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago. I just couldn't pass it up & am obsessed with them!

    I think I'm going to try a few of the ribbon ideas to go around my bat!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  6. beautiful! the webby one is my fave!!! i love ali's too- hey are so happy and fun!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  7. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love all the ideas! We are headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  8. What beautiful pumpkins you have!! Here is how we decorated our pumpkins last year with my nieces and nephew.

    I'm behind on getting pumpkins this year, but I love the way you tricked yours out! Great ideas!!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  9. I love all your pumpkin designs. My daughter got married 2 weeks ago in an outdoor ceremony. We used pumpkins for much of our decorating. We hulled out the inside of some and inserted mums as centerpieces at the reception (also outdoor). She painted polka dots in her wedding colors and monogramed a big "M" on one which looked great. Wish I knew how to attach a photo to show it to you.

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  10. hey now!!! I bedazzled my pumpkins and they are super cute! href="">See… although I think I'll reserve my bedazzling skills for decor crafts only… if you ever hear of me bedazzling my clothing… Yikes.

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  11. AWESOME Cassie!!! Your pumpkins look SUPER cool! thanks for the feature too, my happy pumpkins are in great company 🙂

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  12. Bomb Diggity pumpkins. How do you find time to do so much crafting anyway? Don't you have a full time job outside of your kids and this blog?? How do you do it?

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  13. LOVE the rope one…such a cool technique!! The just ribbon one is amazeballs too. 🙂

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  14. Those are awesome! Love what you did!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  15. they look so cute! Thanks for the shout out . . I am all about pumpkins today, too. I love the rope covered one!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  16. ooh love the lace and book page ones

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  17. These look awesome, Cassie! And I love how a bedazzled one worked it's way in there, but you're right it works!!

    Posted 10.13.11 Reply
  18. I love them all! Yours are the cutest, love them on your hearth!

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  19. These are darling and super simple! I think I need some of those sisal pumpkins to call my very own! And of course I'm totally going gaga over the glittery ones…the wheels in my head are already turning! (c:

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  20. Your pumpkins look great! Love the idea of using lace!

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  21. Super cute!!
    I kinda like the bedazzled one…you should probably try it out 🙂

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  22. Julie wrote:

    I tried drilling mine this year! I love the result!

    This weekend I'm going to drill another one with polka dots all over….I think I'm obsessed!

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  23. Thanks for the incredible pumpkin inspiration! How to decide?!

    Posted 10.15.11 Reply
  24. emily wrote:

    They all look wonderful! Are you doing a birthday pumpkin for yourself?! 🙂

    Posted 10.16.11 Reply
  25. Love the rope one – I might have to do that too! 🙂 xx

    Posted 10.16.11 Reply
  26. I LOVE them!!! I kind of have a thing for pumpkins too…especially painting them! I've introduced my kids to it and they're hooked, lol! Check out the ones I did this year…

    Posted 10.21.11 Reply
  27. Jamie wrote:

    Love them!!! Looks like I have a project this weekend… Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Posted 10.28.11 Reply
  28. Jenilyn wrote:

    I LOVE these! I like the natural look of the rope one the most! I've featured them at Grits and Giggles. Come grab a featured button!

    Posted 11.4.11 Reply
  29. Hey Cassie, Popping by because I wanted to get a better look at your awesome pumpkins. {My Mod Podge pumpkins were also featured on} Love your blog & your name is so familiar. Is it possible I met you at SNAP last conference??

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dus

    Posted 10.10.12 Reply