The Friday Five

Happy, happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week, but isn’t it always? Hopefully this weekend has some couch-time figured in…along with the birthday celebrations for my main man. He loved all your well wishes yesterday…I didn’t tell him I bribed you with extra entries to this awesome giveaway.

1) The Family Room makeover has been creeping along for awhile, but we finally finished the little desk nook that used to be an 80’s hair band wet bar. I’m sharing all the yummy details with my lovebug, Jen, in my I Heart Organizing Contributor post today. Be sure to check it out!

 Hi Sugarplum | Organized Desk Nook
Hi Sugarplum | Organized Desk Nook

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Desk Nook

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Desk Nook

2) Have you seen the new Nate for Target collection? It’s good, real good. I came home with the zig-zag basket last weekend, and my daughter promptly snatched it up for her room. My store doesn’t have much in-stock, so I may be forced to order it online. Hey Target: stock more than 2 when the collection is this good!

Hi Sugarplum | Nate for Target Collection

3) I told you about these perfect jeans last week, and so many of you have emailed or commented to say you ordered a pair…and you love them!! Could these really be the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’? Did you grab a pair, too? I’d love to hear what you think!!


4) I’m pretty smitten with the new Emily & Meritt Collection at PB Teen. I know I’m not their target audience, but I see a lot of things that would love to come live in my house! If my daughter sees it, I have a feeling that gold unicorn head will be one of them.

 Slide 2

Slide 5

5) A big, grateful WELCOME goes out to my returning sponsor, Quality Bath. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep the projects flowing around here!


And how could I forget….the series finale of Breaking Bad this Sunday!! I’m so afraid it’s going to bomb like Dexter. But I really doubt it. Happy weekend, lovebugs!!

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  1. People need to buy those jeans. IMMEDIATELY! They are the best jeans ever. I'm not playing around. BEST. JEANS. EVER.

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  2. Carroll wrote:

    Your office nook redo is so cute! How great to have a workspace within your family space, too. 🙂 I'm also dying over the Emily and Meritt Collection. Thanks for introduction!! Happy Friday. 🙂

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  3. Whoever thought of bringing in big designers to Target was a Genius!! I love the new Nate Berkus stuff…I want most of it! I hadn't seen the PB stuff, going to check it out! Happy Friday!

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  4. I love your belfies (butt selfies)! About to hit up Nordstrom this weekend.. Mama needs those jeans & some ankle boots.

    Been drooling over Emily & Meritt for PBT!! I want to do a big girl room for Quinn all in it! Forget that, I want it all for myself!

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  5. oops – sorry about that last comment. have no idea what happended.

    What I meant to say was I really want a pair of those jeans. I saw a mom wearing them while dropping her daughter at school this morning. I hope I didn't creep her out looking at her butt, I was thinking to myself – Cassie was right!! I've got to order a pair.

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  6. Shanna wrote:

    I so wanted to have a "ill have what she's having" experience with the jeans but they did not fit. Too big, too long and the pockets made my butt look enormous. Boo! That said I loved the wash and now I'm inspired to go to Nordstrom to return them and find a pair that's a perfect fit 🙂

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  7. Susan wrote:

    I got the zig zag basket today!! I LURV it!!! I need to make a trip to Nordstrom to try those jeans on…too tall and too uncertain of the fit! I haven't bought from the juniors department in 15 years! Jeally, just sayin'!!

    Posted 9.27.13 Reply
  8. I saw that cute blue and white basket from Target in the recent issue of Country Living as well. Tried to order it online and it was already out of stock 🙁 Maybe I'll have to order the jeans instead!!

    Posted 9.28.13 Reply
  9. hey girl! just found your blog and i am PUMPED because 1) i love your style 2) on a budget 3) that pb teen collection is ridiculously amazing 4) mexican food. yes.

    looking forward to following! happy weekend!!

    Posted 9.29.13 Reply