The Friday Five

Whoop! Whoop! for Friday! We’ve got a busy weekend planned, and I can’t wait to get to it!

1)  This adorable striped dress…with pockets!…popped up in my inbox this week, and I couldn’t help but create an outfit around it. Stripes + pockets + A-Line shape = my dress kryptonite. I know I use a lot of repeat items in these fashion moodboards, but that’s how I dress. For something to come home with me, it’s got to work in a multitude of outfits. I design these outfits for me as much as for you…I would 100% be able to pull this outfit together using items in my closet.

Spring Chic

Striped Dress (use code STYLESAVE for 25% off until 4/12) | Denim Jacket  | Floral Scarf (on sale!)
Crossbody Bag | Sandals | Watch (40% off!)

2)  Most of my dresses can be dressed up or down…thus giving me more opportunities to wear them. I love this combination for brunch, showers, or even date night. I think you could easily get your $60 worth from this striped cutie!

Dressy Stripes
Striped Dress (use code STYLESAVE for 25% off until 4/12) | Statement Necklace
Sandals | Leopard Clutch ($20!) | Watch (30% off!)

3) My different versions of galvanized pipe curtain rods (here and here), have become two of my most popular posts. I love how you can use them for an industrial feel, or more traditional. Traci at Beneath My Heart used galvanized pipes to build these shelves for her son’s room. I can’t even stand how perfect they are….but I dare not show my son, or we’d be looking at another room makeover. And by golly, there will be no more bedroom makeovers until I get mine!!

industrial shelves from

4)  I love every single thing about blogging…including talking about blogging. I love to hear other people’s take, their systems, how they manage their time, the kind of money they make…all of it. So I’ve been in blogger-nerd heaven this week, because my friend Laura, The Hollywood Housewife, has been running a week-long series talking about all the ins-and-outs of blogging, social media, myths, money, etc. I know many of you aren’t bloggers, but it’s still cool to see an honest look behind the scenes.

Hollywood Housewife | Blogging on blogging

5) I’m SO EXCITED to be hosting The Dallas Garden Party tomorrow, April 12,
brought to you by The Home Depot Garden Club! There will be so much fun going on, from a chef cranking out yummy farm-to-table snacks, and a professional gardener answering all your questions, to a planting station, and lots of prizes and giveaways. There are only eight of these events in the country, so they’re pulling out all the stops!

It’s from 1p to 4p at the Home Depot at 6110 Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. I hope you’ll stop by…I’d love to meet you!

Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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