{Thanksgiving} Table Decor

Yesterday you saw my Trio of No-Sew Table Runners, inspired by Eddie Ross’s tablescapes. So it should be no surprise to discover that he was also the creator of the centerpiece I had bookmarked to make!

I saw this cover of Woman’s Day Magazine somewhere and was instantly drawn to the splattered pumpkins on the cover:

I flipped to the story, and there’s Eddie Ross…painting pumpkins! I like the idea of incorporating items I already own, and my uncarved Halloween pumpkins are still looking great, so I decided to make these the center of my Thanksgiving table.
He actually used a dry brush soaked in paint to splatter his pumpkins, but I don’t have a huge workspace and that sounded like a hot mess waiting to happen.
Picnik collage
I used Rustoleum’s Heirloom White to spray the pumpkins, and some random gold paint from my craft box for the stems. Then I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the top half I wanted flecked, and shook on the Martha Stewart tinsel glitter (from Michaels). This method is still a bit messy, but definitely more contained.
Picnik collage
I’m fairly pleased with how they turned out. But I’m really pleased that I found a way to extend the life of my pumpkins, and decorate my Thanksgiving table for free!
And since I’m all about using free nature for decor, and gold paint apparently…I took a bag of collected acorns:

And sprayed them with Krylon Gold Plate. I don’t love the color of this gold, so I only sprayed half, then mixed them with the remaining natural acorns as well.

Picnik collage
Here’s how it’s all coming together:
Picnik collage
I’m still playing with the placement, and I think I’ll probably ditch the pinecones. I mean, we need space for the sweet potatoes! (hello, priorities!)
Picnik collage
Next (and final) step is to actually set the table, and come up with some placecards. Hopefully I’ll have it done by Monday to show you.
Have a great weekend — what are you scrambling to finish before Thanksgiving?!
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