Summer Campfire Picnic

    When we lived in Tennessee, we went camping at least once a month. There were so many gorgeous parks with waterfalls, mountains and creeks nearby. Now, I’m not going to lie…I’m a one-night kind of camper. I want to explore a little bit, make a fire, eat s’mores, go to sleep, and then head home as soon as we wake up.

    Since moving to Texas, camping has become a rarity for us. Maybe it’s the landscape, our busy schedules, or we’re just too old to sleep on the ground anymore! But we still love campfires and picnics, and any excuse for a getaway. It’s already too hot to camp here, so we decided to celebrate Summer with a Campfire Picnic in our own yard!


My first stop for parties and Outdoor Entertaining, is always World Market. And their fun line of camping and Picnic gear, not to mention the yummy foods and drinks, made throwing together our backyard getaway a breeze.

    This collapsible tote has an insulated cooler on the bottom, and a matching picnic blanket with waterproof backing on the top. It’s so cute, drinks look great served right out of it. And speaking of drinks, how much do you love the line of World Market sodas?! My favorites are blood orange and lemoncello. And of course the mini-bottles of wine.



  I consider myself to be a guacamole connoisseur and purist, so I was skeptical about trying their Guacamole Dip Mix. But now it’s safe to say I’m obsessed…we’ve already polished off this jar, and a back up is waiting in the fridge. You just add it to mashed avacados and you’re done!


We threw some beach mats and floor pillows in the grass, and had a comfy lounge area. It wouldn’t be a Campfire Picnic without fire, and this galvanized steel bucket grill was perfect for our set-up. The kids had so much fun grilling their own hotdogs.



And of course, we made s’mores for dessert…getting a little fancy by using Pizzelles in place of graham crackers, and World Market sea salt chocolate. Yes, they were as good as they look!


We only went as far as our own yard, but our picnic felt like a special getaway. If only for an afternoon.


For a chance to win your own getaway
    (to somewhere further than your own yard!)

     photo SummerGetaway_CPWM_zps01e44b8f.png

   So tell me, are you a camper…or do you just go for the s’mores?

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  1. How cute are you with your festive picnic. I want you to be my mom!

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  2. Looks like fun! I've been voting for your Pottery Barn challenge. Good luck!

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  3. Susie wrote:

    LOVE that tote with blanket. Is that World Market?

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
    • Thanks, Susie! Yes, the tote is World Market…and currently on sale for less than $20!

      Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  4. Love this!! If we could fend off the mosquitoes long enough, I am going to convince Chris to do this with me!

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  5. Totally love the smores, sleeping outside, not so much! 😉

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  6. I mean really…how cute is your little family? And you! Geez! You all look like little J Crew models!! XOXO

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  7. How fun!!!! We are total picnic people over here. We have some great country parks where everyone brings their own bucket grill and grills up a storm! My toddler and I take a picnic at least once a week to the park.

    I love a good sweepstakes! Look at all this fun stuff!!

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  8. Simply LKJ wrote:

    What a fun idea! I grew up camping with my family, cheap vacation for a family of 6! However, we did it with a mix of campers and tents. So was not a fan to be honest (we had several trips that were utter disasters in more ways than one). Now, if I could have gone camping with a set up such as yours in our very own backyard…I would have been in heaven.

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  9. Beth wrote:

    Y'all are so cute!!
    I am not into camping so we aren't campers. Although Beaver's Bend Dancing Rabbit Cabin looks like it would be a blast to rent since it also comes with a tipi and most importantly, AC and beds. It is just too hot for my little family to think about tent camping in Texas. Who doesn't love a S'More anytime of the year?!

    What I really want to know is: how does the guacamole dip mix compare to Mi Cocina's guacamole? MC makes great guacamole!

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
    • Oh yes, that's a tough call! MiCocina's guac is pretty amazing…but this stuff isn't $7 an order! 🙂

      Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  10. Definitely love camping!!!!


    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  11. I've been reading your posts ever since I found your blog (via the blogroll at Our Fifth House, I believe) and love it! I nominated your blog for a Very Inspiring Blogger award (here: XOXO, Dani @ Painting Sunny

    Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  12. Tiffany wrote:

    How cute is this?! I never think to just have a little picnic in the yard. I'm breaking out the picnic basket on the next sunny day!

    Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  13. You had wine & Pizzelle s'mores WITHOUT me?! That guac is calling my name.

    We're total campers……down-fill sleeping bags, headlamps, make our own fire types. Though I always bring one of those air mattresses for my decrepit back. And wine in a box. A must.

    Posted 6.26.13 Reply
  14. Deb wrote:

    Just newly acquainted with your site, and noted your son wearing a Ventura, CA shirt 😀 Maybe there's a story here somewhere. Used to live there myself, and loved it! Camping…not so much…must have toilet/shower/bed 😀

    Posted 6.26.13 Reply