Spring Breaking, Texas Style (& a Giveaway!)

Spring Break was a few weeks ago and, while we don’t take a big trip, we do like to
unplug for a few days and have some good old-fashioned family time. When we
want to go somewhere close that’s sure to please everyone, we head west for the
short drive to Ft.

If Dallas is a slick cosmopolitan city, then Ft. Worth is
her laidback and fun country cousin. It didn’t get the nickname
“Cowtown” for nothing! Our first stop is always the Stockyards, just
north of downtown.

This is where cowboys on horseback saunter about, sharing
brick roads with oversized pick-up trucks.

I spotted this cowgirl on her all-too-happy-to-pose pony,

Twice a day, the cowboys host a cattle drive, right down the
middle of the road! It’s not often I’m eye-to-eye with a

Ft. Worth was established in 1849, so there are plenty of
spots for photo-ops!

Next stop was the Museum of Science & History, where
we had so much fun with all the interactive exhibits I forgot to take pictures!
I did manage this one of the kids experiencing hurricane-force winds up to 80
mph. My favorite part was watching the other moms try to preserve their
hair-dos while taking a turn in the booth. Give it up,

And what’s the best part of visiting a new city? Trying new
food and restaurants, of course! There is no shortage of great places to eat,
but we always stop at our favorites, and Ft. Worth institutions, Joe T. Garcias
and Angelos BBQ. There is no better, colder and cheaper beer than at Angelos
… and wow does it go down fast! A new favorite burger spot is the Love Shack,
wedged in the opening between two buildings. I went to high school with the
owner, celebrity chef Tim Love, so it’s exciting to see his

Ft. Worth has managed to retain much of its open land, and
you’ll find parks, trails and scenes like this all over the

in the heart of downtown, and spread over four acres, are the Water Gardens,
made up of three pools, the most popular of which being the one you can walk to
the bottom of, about 40 feet down. From here, all you hear is the sound of
rushing water.

meditation pool is quite the opposite, and a very quiet and peaceful

The main
reason Ft. Worth has my heart is because it’s home to my alma-mater, Texas
Christian University! Big 12, baby! We strolled the beautiful campus and
stopped to rub The Frog’s nose for good luck.

Did you
know that there are only two places in the country that print money, and Ft.
Worth is one of them? (Washington DC is the other.) You can
tour the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and watch them print money …
for free! The security is tight (I can see why,
last year they printed $139
billion here!), so I
only got this one picture.

Yep, that’s barbed wire on the

no matter where we go, my favorite part of these trips is the opportunity to
leave all the distractions behind and have time together. I’m even gifted with
a few sweet moments between brother and sister.

It was a great long weekend, and we’ll definitely be back to
this unique city! So tell me, has Ft. Worth ever
crossed your mind?

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