{Pinterest Project} Animal Air Planter

My aunt is one of the most clever and creative people I know, and happens to be a voracious blog reader. Which is quite handy for me since she finds the best ideas and sends them my way! I know everytime I open an email she’s sent from her iPad, it’s going to be something really good. For instance, this image.

My latest obsession she’s introduced me to is Air Plants (aka Tillandsia). These hardy little guys resemble succulents, but don’t require soil or water submersion! Which means you can essentially stick them anywhere with bright light. TWSS. I found mine at a local nursery for just a few dollars, and have them in various sea shells around the house (you can also order them here and here). When I spied this image on Pinterest, I knew what my next {Pinterest Project} would be!

elephant planter

 Remember this guy, that started out like this?


And became a ‘Brass Figurine’ in my newly-painted Kitchen (along with a giraffe and horse head).

Since I’d gotten a wee bit carried away in the brass animal department, I decided to make the elephant in to my air plant planter. Mr. Sugarplum drilled a hole in the top to accommodate my plant of choice (there are over 400 varieties)

drill hole

And I gave her an updated paint job before popping the plant in the opening. Air plants absorb water and nutrients through their leaves (there’s no root system), thus they don’t require soil, and can’t live in a container of water. To care for it, simply submerge in water overnight every two weeks. Dry the air plant upside down to be sure no water is trapped before placing it back in whatever (dry) vessel you choose.


I couldn’t bear to cover the brass completely, so she has fancy feet.

elephant planter

I’m fairly obsessed and haven’t found a permanent home for it yet, but right now she’s residing on my bedside table.

planter 3

Thank you to my fabulous aunt for introducing me to these little tropical treasures, and thanks to Annette for the fun planter idea! Do you have any air plants? Pinterest has the coolest examples of how to display them…you could even hot glue them to driftwood!

And since I found my inspiration on Pinterest, I’m sharing this with the Pinterest Challenge Summer Edition, over at Michelle, Kate, Sherry and Katie’s.
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