Seven Years

Seven years. That’s how long it’s been since I decided I had something to say, and wanted to say it on the internet. Seven years since I pieced together a primitive logo using free clip-art, and pushed ‘publish’ for the first time on Hi Sugarplum. I remember that first post…it wasn’t ground-breaking, or even interesting. But I fretted over it for months. Agonized over what I’d say, and who would read it. Pushing ‘publish’ was equal parts nauseating and exciting.

And guess what happened? Nothing. Only my co-worker Jen read it…because she’s the only person I told. I actually wrote several posts before telling Mr. Sugarplum. And then my mom. And then a handful of friends. And just like that, another blog was born.

I remember the early days, wondering when I’d run out of things to say. Doubtful that I had a voice. Skeptical that anyone wanted to hear it. Cautious about sharing or showing too much (I didn’t even show my face in the early days!).

Things have changed a bit over the years…the blog looks a little slicker, the content has evolved, readers have come and gone…but my love for creating, writing, and sharing remains. And amazingly, 1622 posts later, and I still haven’t run out of things to say!

To celebrate seven years of babbling on the internet, I thought I’d round up my seven favorite posts…and no surprise, most of them fall under the Personal tab. #oversharer

Today I’m 40 // It’s not easy to admit your age, especially in this online world of perfection and beauty. #40isthenew20 #saidonlyby40yearolds But my years are earned. And I’m grateful for every last one, and pray to God I get 50 more! With Mr. Sugarplum by my side! This post shared my thoughts on hitting the milestone.

Sidenote: This remains a no-retouch site…other than adjusting light and color, no work is ever done on my photos. Sometimes it’s painful, but I want to keep it real! 

Who’s Doing It All?! Not Me! // I literally felt sick to my stomach publishing this post…it was as raw and exposed as I’d ever allowed myself to be on the internet. Life is not always rainbows and lollipops, but I choose to live it full of gratitude and joy. Turns out, we’re a lot alike.

Date Night Styles // I’ve been creating style posts from the beginning…in fact, I featured an Outfit Inspiration post my second week of blogging! (It was awful, btw!) I literally set the self-timer and took a single (headless) pic in my office! Then I evolved to my friend, Jen, shooting them on our lunch break, to my son snapping a few in our back alley after school, and then finally, Mr. SP photographing my outfits on the weekends.

It wasn’t until I actually needed him in front of the camera, that I found a professional photographer. Mary captured us, and my outfits, so perfectly that I’ve never looked back! Now I count her as one of my closest friends, and my shoot-dates with her are highlights of my week, especially when it involves Mr. SP. He’s been my biggest cheerleader (for the blog and life!), so I love including him when I can, and sharing a bit of our marriage with y’all.

Mock-Neck Lace Dress (size up one)

Ten & Thirteen // My goal with this blog is to inspire you in fashion, lifestyle, decor, and travel, but it’s also a document of my life…so it’s only natural that it includes my favorite little people on occasion, too. (Clearly HSP is a family affair now, since even Mama SP is a frequent visitor, not to mention, fan favorite!!)

Some of my favorite posts include my cuties, like this one and this one…and who can forget this one! But Ten and Thirteen were love letters to my kids, and words I hope they treasure someday. I love that I can read them now, and remember exactly where I was mentally at that time…and am so grateful I have the record.

I’m on the Cover of Redbook! // This is a favorite for so many reasons…not only was it was hands-down the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced, but it all happened because of you! Your support made it possible, and it was beyond humbling to be included in such an empowering celebration of real women. #butthathairtho #myfirstweave

Hi Sugarplum! // This blog was started not only as a much-needed creative outlet, but as a distraction from my grief. I’d recently lost the most important man in my life, and I was struggling. The blog allowed me to channel my thoughts and ideas, but didn’t pull me away from my young family…and it was everything I didn’t know I was missing. This post explains the meaning, and name, behind the blog…how could it not make my favorites list?!

Some posts come easy, and some I struggle over for days. Some posts I know will be well-received, others I hold my breath and wait for the worst. But through it all, you’ve never failed to show up when I needed to hear from you most.

The ‘you’ part has grown over the years, as has the community of friends, but with every post, I still feel like I’m talking to my best friend. Seven years ago, I would have never dreamed that what started as a creative outlet, would evolve in to one of my greatest sources of joy, support, and friendship.

So if you’ve been reading seven years or seven minutes…thank you! Thank you for allowing me this space on the internet to open myself up, and explore who I am. I hope we’ll all continue to grow together, and something tells me I’ve got plenty of babbling left in me! Cheers to seven years, lovebugs!




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