{Score!} Lamp-A-Looza, Take 2

So I found myself with an hour to burn yesterday, and my car just drove itself to Marshalls. And I guess every clearance lamp in the Metroplex had ended up here, because next thing I knew, I was pushing two carts to the check out.

But excuse me, FIVE lamps for $150?!? It would have been a blogger crime to pass them up. I should be prepping for my Son’s birthday party, but instead I’m playing musical lamps. Doesn’t that sound like the best time ever?! (If this sounds familiar, it’s because Lamp-A-Looza isn’t new around here. And that batch found good homes.)

Happy Saturday, y’all! Fingers crossed some of these lamps are here to stay.

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  1. ohh! I love the lamps! haha I have to laugh cause I always find the best stuff when I'm SUPPOSE to be looking or working on something else too!

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  2. Mrs. Cody wrote:

    I love the black and white bases. Gorgeous!
    You're car drove itself huh? 😛

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  3. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Glad my car isn't the only one equipped with radar for Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls! LOL Great finds.

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  4. Sweet! Those lamps are awesome! Home Goods has the best prices on lamps for sure. I love playing musical lamps. I didn't realize your son's bday was coming up- he's going to be 11?

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  5. They're all gorgeous. That's a fantastic price also. Love the shades too. Hugs, Marty

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  6. !!! My car always drives itself to places like Marshall's and Home Goods! I thought I was the only one!!! GREAT lamps! Can't wait to see where they end up 🙂
    Happy 4th weekend!

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  7. Oh, those navy and white ones are so pretty!

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  8. Amanda wrote:

    love love love, and what a great deal!!!

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  9. Melissa F wrote:

    Those are great! I'm going to be checking out Marshalls, now. I'm your newest follower. It's nice to "meet" you!

    Posted 7.3.11 Reply
  10. They look great – you must show us where you place them!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 7.3.11 Reply
  11. I love Homegoods lamps! They are my weakness and have resulted in many multiple cart shopping excursions. Love what you picked up and can't wait to see where you put them!

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply