Say Hello to My Little Fig Friend

After about a million 1170 pins on Pinterest, I started to notice my favorite rooms always had the same gorgeous tree tucked away in a corner. The oversized leaves are so cool, and the splash of bright green seems to add the perfect finishing touch. I became obsessed with figuring out what kind of tree it was, and then getting my grubby hands on one! I even created a board dedicated to the little lovely, ‘Gittin Figgy Wit It.’

Turns out it’s a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree….and see for yourself how perfect it is in decor…





Are you convinced you need a Fiddle Leaf Fig in your life yet? I was lucky enough to stumble across one at Home Depot the end of last year, but it died before I got a chance to blog it (leaves fell off one-by-one until it was a stick). To be fair, it wasn’t in great shape to start with, but I was blinded by desire and took it home anyway. Then I found them at a nursery (Calloways), but was too worried I’d kill it within a week to pay the hefty $100 price tag! Christmas came early a few weeks ago in the form of a 30% off coupon….so this baby came home with me!

3-12-12 255

The basket is a World Market gem, and I’m grateful for the handles since the plant expert instructed me to haul it outside every 10 days for a thorough soaking. She said little doses of water would work for awhile, but eventually the root ball would die without a good soak. TWSS That’s fairly high-maintenance for a houseplant, but I’m committed. And she said we’d be rewarded with a long life of giant gorgeous leaves.

3-12-12 261

It brings so much life to our Breakfast Room! Fiddle Leaf Figs are slow growers, but ultimately I hope it reaches the ceiling. The trunks are tied with garden string until they grow stronger, and I did prune some of the leaves off the lower portion so it was more tree-like.

3-12-12 264

I’ve got a few projects planned for this room, like drapes and painting the rest of the chairs, and I may have to try Jenny’s Ombre Paint Treatment on the basket, too.

Wouldn’t that look so cool?

3-12-12 251

Do you have any high-maintenance houseplants? Are you as infatuated with the Fiddle Leaf Fig as I? If you have any tips on how to not kill it, please share with the class!

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