Remember This Guy?

Happy Halloween, my little pumpkins! If your house is like mine, there will be a flurry of activity later today. There’s always a mad rush to get pictures taken before the kids dash out the door. My son is old enough to trick-or-treat with his friends (and a parent chaperone), but fortunately, Babygirl still prefers our company, so we’ll be making the rounds with her and Maggie tonight.

We won’t be dressing up this year, so I thought I’d share this little nugget from a few years ago…Mr. Edward Sugarplum Cullen.


Yep, I share a bed with that pasty guy. He was such a good sport to play Edward to my Bella (see the original post here), but it was all his idea to jump up in that tree. I definitely might have peed my pants laughing. But that’s pretty common around this gem.

To you long time readers, I’m sure that’s not an image you’ve forgotten. And for the new folks, you’re welcome. Happy Halloween, lovebugs!

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