Quick & Easy Advent Calendar Round-Up

Back to life, back to reality! Is this your theme song today? I had a great long weekend, hunkered down with family, and it was certainly hard to head to work this morning. But the prospect of Christmas is enough to perk me up. My kids are specifically excited for December 1st….Day 1 of the advent calendar! I’m putting the finishing touches on our 2011 Advent Calendar (between trips to the fridge for one more bite of pumpkin pie, and shooing the kids out of my hiding spot), so I thought I’d show you some easy to DIY advent calendars.

Starting with ours from last year, of course!

hi sugarplum

And the inspiration behind our version:

the red thread

These two you could make with supplies you probably already own, socks and gift tags.

martha stewart

country living

I’m a sucker for mini treat boxes, and these two are irresistible. I’m excited just imaging what little treasure is tucked inside!

crafty nest

a thoughtful place via house of fifty

But since it’s already November 28, you may be looking for something extra fast and easy. These three are created with printables.

print your party

julie marie
a million ideas

I’ve got my eye on this calendar for next year, if only because I want an excuse to buy the little tins.

twig & thistle

This link garland is really cute, and could be made with paper, fabric or felt. It’s a great option if you’re tight on space, too.

stitch craft creations

It doesn’t get much easier than tacking small office envelopes to the wall,

nice package

unless you clip stationary envelopes to a string!

the organized housewife

Still think you don’t have time to create an advent calendar for this year? How about numbered post-its on the wall or refrigerator? It’s like the Sex and the City of advent calendars (remember that episode?)

giver’s log

These last four are even easier because they don’t require treats, only a fun activity jotted down. Don’t forget tomorrow I’m kicking off the Christmas Cheer in the Blogosphere Link Parties!! Come back and link up all your fabulous Holiday Craft Projects!! I can’t wait to see what you clever kids have been whipping up!

Do you have an advent calendar ready to go for December 1? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…..but wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Ha ha – the sex and the city of advent calendars! These all seem like pretty simple projects – maybe I should whip one up? We've never done an advent calendar! Crazy, right?!

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  2. What a great line up of ideas for Advent calendars! (thanks for including Courtney's that she did for House of Fifty!)


    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  3. Bwah hahaha…I love that scene when Carrie is all stoned showing the police officer the note…so classic! And you know I'm a quick and easy kind of gal (geez that sounds dirty…) so I'm *loving* the envelopes with the little clothes pins, adorable!

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  4. LOVE all of these ideas!! Can't wait to see your calendar tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  5. LOVE these!! Im a sucker for office products so I really love the post-its or the little envelopes!

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  6. Leslie wrote:

    I adore all of your ideas! Thanks for posting everything. 🙂

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  7. Michaela wrote:

    We always did advent calendars when I was little! Each day my brother and I would get to take a manger scene character out of the pouch and stick it on the velcro felt board. That's how creative people were in the 90's (: Can't wait to see yours!

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  8. Allison wrote:

    Such fun ideas for advent calendars! I love the sock one and also Courtney's in HOF! Maybe this year I'll make one for my hubby….he might have fun with that.

    Posted 11.28.11 Reply
  9. I made one (shared on my blog) using two packs of gum – so simple and a beloved treat for my boys!!

    Posted 11.29.11 Reply
  10. Such a fun roundup. All such great ideas. Especially the easy envelopes on a string. Excited to see yours tomorrow and to par-tay!

    Posted 11.29.11 Reply
  11. Lots of great, easy ideas out there:) The "post it" episode was classic- do you remember that was when Miranda fit back into her "skinny" jeans and they smoked pot! So funny!! Carrie also smoked pot in that one where she dated the young guy and he lived with his parents- remember they had a chicken wing fight and the episode ended with the song "Hot Child in the City." Yes, I have every episode memorized.

    Posted 11.29.11 Reply
  12. Jen Gilday wrote:

    Can't wait to link up tomorrow!!


    Posted 11.29.11 Reply