Port of Call: Portofino, Italy

Monday came around way to quickly over here…but then again, when doesn’t it?! We had a fun weekend celebrating my sister’s baby news, and stuffing our faces with my stepmom’s amazing cooking. It was hard to come home last night and prepare for a new school week, so let’s escape to the sunny coast of the Italian Riviera today, shall we?!

Genoa, Italy was the fifth stop on our Mediterranean cruise (after Sitges, Cartagena, Marbella and Provence), and I knew immediately we’d spend the day in Portofino. In fact, I even had a dress set-aside just for this day!

Our Royal Princess ship arrived to the port of Genoa (a big, bustling city carved in the cliffs) early, and we took a bus down the coast to Santa Margherita. From there, a water taxi took us to Portofino, Rapallo, and back to Santa Margherita. If I had it my way, I’d have spent my whole day in just Portofino. Heck, I’d spend a whole week there!

One of the pros of cruising is the number of places you’ll see in a single trip (without having to pack and unpack, or haul a suitcase!). One of the cons is the limited amount of time you get to spend in each place. For us, the stops were either enough to satisfy our desire to see that area, or fueled our passion to return again.

A few hours was definitely not enough for the pastel-colored fishing village of Portofino! As soon as our ferry arrived, we walked in the opposite direction of the crowds, and explored the area far above the main harbor, with views overlooking the town and Ligurian Sea.

For lunch we split a huge bowl of homemade pasta, while overlooking the blue waters and mega-yachts. Correction: We inhaled a huge bowl of pasta that had first been tossed in a giant cheese wheel! Really, does life get any better?! I had to refrain from rubbing my face in it.

We bussed back to the ship late in the day, and watched from our balcony as we sailed away from Genoa. Until next time, Italian Riviera!

I’d love to go back and explore Portofino, then head north to Como, and cross in to Switzerland for a few days. Add that to the Bucket Trip List!! Have you experienced the Italian Riviera? Better yet, have you experienced a giant cheese wheel?! It’s what dreams are made of, I’m sure of it.

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