{Pinterest Project} Dip-Dyed Streamers & Puffs

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and got to enjoy an extra day off. I’m still recovering from a chocolate coma, but not complaining about that! Last week I showed you Babygirl’s Art Party, and this post showed how we made the smocks, placemats and goodie bags. Today I’ll show you how to make the pretty dip-dyed streamers and tissue puffs that hung over all the tables.

table 4

eat table 3

This project was inspired by this pin from the sweet Ruffled blog. They used strips of cotton muslin to create beautiful dip-dyed ribbon for packages, but I thought it’d be fun to to try with paper. The supplies couldn’t be any easier or cheaper…large roll of white streamers and food coloring…both from the Dollar Store.

3-27-12 089

Since our party used a rainbow color scheme, I divided the large roll of crepe paper into several smaller rolls. Using a very concentrated mixture of dye (just a tiny splash of water), dip the edges in the color, allowing it to soak through all the layers.

3-27-12 091

Gently squeeze out some of the excess liquid, and lay on a protected surface to dry. Ignore the crass comments your husband makes when he sees your creations. He’ll realize you’re genius soon enough.

3-27-12 097

Then just unroll and use as you normally would. We taped them to the wall in a criss-cross pattern over the food table. Smile politely when your husband says, “I didn’t know where you were going with those babe, but now they look cool!” Resist the urge to scream, “In yo face!” or “Wait until you see what color I’m painting the Dining Room!”


They are a subtle accent, but I love it. And I was able to achieve a rainbow look with a single package of streamers, instead of buying six different colors.


And since I had the dye out, I tried it on the tissue paper puffs, too (from Michaels).

3-27-12 090

Fold the tissue paper according to instructions, then dip the ends in the dye. I experimented with soaking some longer with a larger section of paper, and others just the tips. TWSS  I also dipped each end in a different color.

3-27-12 094

It took two days for these to fully dry, but the tissue pulled apart easily to create the puffs.

3-27-12 052

The tissues that soaked longer in the dye are more vivid and have a cool ombre effect, but the others are fun, too, with just the edges colored.

3-27-12 053

Thanks Ruffled and Pinterest for the great idea! Have you dip-dyed anything? I’m looking around for more stuff to dunk! And have I piqued your interest on my Dining Room walls? Check back tomorrow….

And since I found my inspiration on Pinterest, I’m sharing this with the Pinterest Challenge Summer Edition, over at Michelle, Kate, Sherry and Katie’s.


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  1. I have been wanting to try that pinterest project! Glad to know it worked so well with paper. I love the paper puffs too! Her party kicks butt!

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  2. I can't believe I didn't notice that these pieces were dyed in the original pictures. They look gorgeous! I always love the little details and extra effort you put into your designs.

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  3. I really did LOL when I read "in yo face"! hahaaaa! the puffs with the little bit of color on the tips look like peonies! clever! thanks for sharing :o)

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  4. I'm so lazy, I always just buy separate colors, but this actually looks so much cooler, too!

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  5. They look awesome! You're such a good momma!

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  6. Tiffany wrote:

    How fun! I'm going to have to try this.

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  7. emily wrote:

    Those look amazing! I just did a quick look around the apartment to see if there was anything I could dip dye!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  8. You are amazing – that is the most clever idea I have seen in a long time. Sure hope I can remember it for our next shindig!!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  9. Just posted this on my Facebook biz page. A friend sent me over……I'm a Plano girl, too!




    Posted 4.11.12 Reply
  10. ive never done anything like this….but its such a cool idea. wonder what they would look like dyed in gold paint?! :)))


    Posted 4.12.12 Reply
  11. Such a fun idea!

    @ Creatively Living

    Posted 7.11.12 Reply