Springy Easter Table

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on the Rainbow Art Party! Babygirl is still talking about it, and I’ve almost polished off the cake (all six layers of it!). And thank you to those who reached out to be sure we were okay after the storms and tornadoes rolled through here Tuesday afternoon. It was a little hairy when I was trapped at work with golf-ball sized hail beating down, my daughter in lock-down at school, and my son home alone! Not a good feeling for a mama bear, but we were so fortunate to have missed the brunt of it all. My prayers are with those who weren’t so lucky.

We’re hosting my in-laws for Easter this weekend, so you know I jumped at the chance to create a tablescape! And even better is I created it with stuff I already owned…except the candy. I don’t usually keep Peeps in stock.


I went with fresh Spring colors for a clean and cheery feel. Green and blue dominate, with touches of soft pink and a pop of yellow in the centerpiece.

table settings2


table close

The napkins are leftover fabric from this project, cut in to squares and washed to give them the frayed-edge. Easter makes me think of men in seersucker suits with bow-ties, so I turned the napkins sideways to resemble a Southern gentleman.

place setting

The placecards are treat boxes from the Dollar Store, filled with pastel chocolate mints. The little flag is just cut paper taped to the handle.


For the centerpiece, I stuck marshmallow Peeps on the end of skewers and inserted them in a glass vase with fresh magnolia stems. The vase is filled with floral moss to help everything stay in place. The stand is simply a glass plate perched atop a silver candlestick.



I love to use my egg cups from this tablescape whenever possible, so this year they’re filled with edible grass. I think they bring a fun quirk-factor to the table.

grass egg

I only have four of the green placemats, so I just balanced the other two place settings at either end of the table. I actually prefer to mix and match items and settings. I’d rather buy three different sets of four, than one set of 12. That gives you more options, and is more fun, when creating tablescapes.

table 3

The drinking glasses have a sweet floral motif, perfect for Spring. They also belonged to my great-aunt so they lend an element of family sentiment and history.


place settings



The table is set…but no menu is planned. I’m kind of hoping my mother-in-law covers that part. We’ll be too busy chasing down Easter eggs and shoving back chocolate. What about you guys…are you hosting friends and family? Whipping up a fabulous lunch? Whatever the weekend has in store for you, I hope it’s full of love! Happy Easter, lovebugs!

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