{Organizing} Scarves

Hello friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We lavished only-child love on Babygirl once again, and even though it’s been peaceful fun, we can’t wait to have big brother back home Tuesday night! It’s crazy to think he’s been gone as long as the Olympics were on…which I’m already in withdrawals of, by the way!

But it feels good to start the week with a newly organized spot in my house. Friday, I showed you some of the fabulousness in the Blog Pool, and just as I feared, Megan’s new Linen Closet sparked an urge.


Just like this cabinet, a dirty secret was lurking, and barely contained, behind this coat closet door that couldn’t even close!


Aaaah…attack of the scarves! You’d think we live in Michigan with the number of scarves and coats we own. This coat closet received a makeover in this post (yes, it’s pink!), but life tends to wreak havoc on organized spaces, so it only took a single Winter for the handy hooks to be lost in a sea of scarves.


Not only did it look bad and prevent the door from closing, but I couldn’t get a clear view of my options. Most of my scarves are lightweight and used as outfit accents, as opposed to essential Winter gear. (I talked about how handy scarves are when traveling in this post.) Enter this $8 wonder from Ikea, the Komplement…


All the images I found just showed scarves and other items draped through the openings, but I prefer something a little more stable. Scarves pooling up on my closet floor wouldn’t help the situation. First step in organizing, is to clear out the space, purge through the items (be honest with what you’ll use/wear), then group. In this case, I grouped them by color.


I folded a scarf in half, fed the loop through an opening, wrapped the ends up and over the top of the  ring, and back through the loop of the scarf. You follow?


About 15 minutes later, all our scarves were neatly contained, and the full collection is easily visible. So far it holds 18 scarves, with room for 10 more! Sweet…just in time for cool weather shopping!


I love that it’s a hanger, making it portable, and takes up no more room than a coat.


Now the door hooks are free for bags and umbrellas. See the scarves neatly tucked among the coats?


I figured as long as I was having a mini-OCD episode, I might as well sort through the rest of the closet, too. Random holiday decor and fabrics sit on the top shelf, with hats and gloves in boxes on the floor. Eventually some of it will find a better home, but that calls for a full-blown episode.


For now, I’m thrilled to have wrangled the mess, and be able to close the door! Oh, and I feel so bad for those of you without access to Ikea (the horror?!?!?!!?), so you could create something similar with a tiered hanger like this, or thin curtain rods mounted to the back of the door like this.


Have you done any quick organizing projects lately? With back-to-school just around the corner, I’m practically nesting!

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  1. Love it! What a great little doo-dad from Ikea. And love all your pretty scarves too!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  2. This is genius. I am a scarf addict!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  3. So much better! We are turning our coat closet into a mini mudroom for better organization. I want a place to put everything as people walk in the door.

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  4. Ahhh! Feels good, right! I busted out the OCD gene over here this weekend, too. Good times.

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  5. Lili wrote:

    such a brilliant idea ~ and looks very neat too!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  6. What a great idea. I haven't seen that before.

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  7. So funny! My aunt and I both bought that scarf organizer last week! Love it!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  8. Unknown wrote:

    I thought Ike's now ships? No? Boy, I hope so….

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  9. My Ikea is over an hour away!!! I have some major organizing to do – you've got me itching to get my coat closet situation handled!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  10. How cool!!! Such a great idea. All of my scarves are tossed in a trunk in a dark corner of my closet. Every time I go in there it feels like Christmas morning…I find so many things that I've completely forgotten about.

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  11. Such a good idea! I only have like 6 scarves, but they are all in a box in my closet so I may need to pick one of these up next time we are near an Ikea!

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  12. Vel Criste wrote:

    Aaa ah, the joys of Ikea! Got mine organized as well with that contraption. Anyhow, busy organizing my laundry room ( who isn't), does that room ever get done? Anyway, love how you organized yours. 🙂

    Posted 8.13.12 Reply
  13. emily wrote:

    Oh man, I am so behind on all your blogging awesomeness. I was just taking an inventory of my scarves this weekend. I had to hunt all over for them. I need that hanger.

    I am slightly obsessed with your pom pom coasters. Those are about the cutest thing ever and I really want one for my desk at work!

    And congrats on the HGTV mag feature. I feel kind of famous because I know you! 🙂 You are so deserving of all the mad props!

    Posted 8.14.12 Reply
  14. I love, love, love scarves and I figure that since I live in Canada it is my right to own as many as I want:) This is a great organizing idea.

    Posted 8.14.12 Reply
  15. Celeste wrote:

    I have an unhealthy obsession with scarves (and I'm in Texas too, so who knows why), and I bought this EXACT scarf hanger last year and it has saved me! It is amazing how much unorganized scarves take up. I'm digging the pink by the way 🙂

    Posted 8.14.12 Reply
  16. Amanda wrote:

    I love scarves! Since I'm packing up to move to another state I decided to see if I could pare down my scarf collection… NOPE. I need this hanger!

    Posted 8.18.12 Reply
  17. No stinkin way! That is one of the cutest most organized "real life" coat closets I have ever seen. The scarf storage rocks! You. Are. Awesome.


    Posted 9.3.12 Reply
  18. Megan wrote:

    I love your scarf collection! Can I borrow one? 🙂 Thanks for linking up- I'm featuring this post next week!

    Posted 9.21.12 Reply