{Organizing} The Black Hole Under the Kitchen Sink

Happy Friday, friends! I’m thrilled to share with you my first contributor post for I Heart Organizing today! Even though we have a lovely new Kitchen, there was a dirty secret lurking under the sink. I finally tackled that cabinet, aka The Dungeon, and true to my cheap frugal nature, did it for under $20!



I hope you’ll hop over to I Heart Organizing to see the nasty Befores…and how I whipped that little cabinet in to shape…squeezing out every ounce of usable space. But don’t blame me if it sparks your own OCD episode! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    I love what you did, as always!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  2. Loved your post over there! I need to tackle the same area. Have a great weekend, my dear!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  3. Popping over there now. This is inspiring – if you could see my cabinet right now you'd run away screaming!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  4. Looks great. I'm afraid to even look under my sink…

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  5. Ha, I usually quickly grab something (if I can find it) and then close the door before it all falls out. Nice organization!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  6. I hate the space under the sink! Great job bringing organization to the chaos!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  7. Perfect post for Jen! 🙂

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  8. Loved it Cassie!!

    Posted 8.6.12 Reply
  9. wow that looks fab. can you come to my house please? my under sink organization involves quickly shutting the door before stuff falls out!

    Posted 8.6.12 Reply