{Open House}

I absolutely love to visit other people’s homes, and to get a glimpse at different design styles and tastes. I can’t walk through the neighborhood without nonchalantly gazing through windows, and I’ve never met an Open House I wasn’t dying to check out.

So last weekend on our Girls Trip, I was just as excited to tour my friend’s new home as I was to see my girlfriends! She recently finished building their “forever home,” and we couldn’t wait to check it out. I loved every bit, especially the stained concrete floors, barrel doors and ceilings, glitzy light fixtures and mix of textures.




dining room



As beautiful as the inside of her house was, we spent the majority of our time in her stunning backyard…perfecting our High School Musical scenes. I’ve known these girls since Grade School, and they are the funniest people I know. I think I peed my pants pulled a muscle from laughing so hard (or maybe it was the toe-touch competition). I’m already limbering up for next time.


Do you have voyeuristic tendencies in other homes, too?

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  1. Amanda B wrote:

    OMG me to.. I just love it.. my husband doesnt get it but I would do more if I didnt have kids! btw your friends house looks great and how nice to have a lovely bunch of girls to catch up with.. what great memories xx

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  2. That last photo has awesome written all over it! And, you know you've got great friends when they almost make you pee your pants 🙂 LOVE her house, especially those shiny floors. Stained concrete I'm guessing?? Looks fabulous!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  3. Ohh, I definitely have "Peeping Tom" tendencies in other's homes 😉 This is one BEAUTIFUL! I love the woodwork, the arched doorways, the flooring in the dining room, the title countertop, and the fireplace. Yep, basically I love it all, thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  4. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love seeing how other decorate their homes. Your friends home is gorgeous. Love the last pic however!! Priceless.

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  5. That stone fireplace!!! I wanna jump into a pool with you!!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  6. OMG, what a gorgeous home! It is so dramatic, like a movie house or something. Beautiful! I can't believe you ladies got that last shot, it is a scream and looks like a stock photo or something – absolutely perfect!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  7. Aurora wrote:

    I LOVE seeing how other people live. Thanks for posting.

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  8. Stacey wrote:

    Whoa, that's an awesome home! Really stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  9. Alexa wrote:

    Beautiful home, but yes outside looks pretty darn nice!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  10. Erin wrote:

    This home is gorgeous! As I am easily distracted by shiny things, my favorite feature is all the sparkly light fixtures.

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  11. NOTHING like spending time with your goodest girl friends.. how in the world did you get that shot? fabulous!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  12. What a beautiful home! Thanks so much for taking us on a tour — I love it! 🙂

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  13. Mhmm, I could make a nice home out of that beautiful casa! Wowzers! So glad you had a nice girls weekend : )

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  14. Leigh wrote:

    Your friends home is beautiful! Thanks for the virtual tour! The last pic is my fav. It looks like you had a ton of fun with your girlfriends. How did you get that pic? What camera/lens did you use? Whenever I take motion pics, mine usually end up blurry.

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  15. I absolutely love her cabinentry! Beautiful!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  16. Wow! Her home is SO gorgeous! And I love all the wood trim! It's so nice to see a beautiful house without white trim every once in awhile.

    That picture of you and your friends is so fun! 🙂

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  17. I learned an important lesson from this post: I need more funny friends!!! It's no fun to always be the crazy one with the jokes no one gets (c; ha! But seriously, that home is amazing! Generally I tend to gravitate to the light and bright, but this is one lovely abode!!!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  18. What a beautiful home!! I especially love your friends choices in lighting…the chandeliers are so glamorous! So glad you had such a fun weekend! 🙂

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  19. Fabulous home, girlfriends are the best!

    Posted 8.1.12 Reply
  20. Wowza. It's gorgeous. And so so fun to be hanging out with your girls. Wish I were jumping off with you.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  21. Jennifer H wrote:

    Thanks to you and your friend for sharing these pictures. I have an almost identical fireplace wall and have been lost with what to do with the recessed cubbies for 9 years. I was thinking about a cabinet and shelves but need to see it before I am willing to do it myself. Hers are beautiful!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply