Now & Later

Happiest of Fridays, friends! Thanks to Mother Nature and this wacky weather we’ve been having, today’s post looks a little different than I’d originally intended. You know how I feel about clothes needing to play double and triple duty…in order for something to come home with me, it must be able to mix-and-match with what I already own, to create multiple looks. And if I’m able to wear it over several seasons…even better!

I scooped up this darling fit-and-flare dress on sale last week, and planned to show you how I’d wear it now for Winter, and again later in the Spring. But I decided it might not make the best first impression on our new neighbors if they saw me hobbling outside in bare legs and sandals for a mini-photo session! So I’ll save the actual outfits (and my dignity) for another time, and share virtual options with you now.

The biggest determining factors in getting multiple seasons out of an item of clothing is color and fabric. Obviously some fabrics are season-specific and you’ll have a harder time pulling them off out-of-season…namely wool, linen and seersucker. Other fabrics may translate year-round, but the color would put them out of place…like pale yellow in January.

I fell for this dress, not only for the fun pattern and flattering fit-and-flare silhouette, but for it’s year-round potential. For the next few months, I can pair it with tights and boots, or cage booties, with a fitted jacket or cardigan. The darker colors make it more conducive to Winter, too.

Now and Later dress

Then, once it starts to warm up (if it ever does!!), I can match the dress with a fun bag and pair of sandals. My accessories usually get more colorful too…can we talk about how cute the tassel bracelet and personalized name-plate necklace are?!? The denim jacket is part of my Spring uniform.

now & later

Texas weather is fairly moderate, but we still experience all four seasons. Yet, I have very few pieces in my closet that won’t work for at least three of them. I love the challenge of seeing just how many ways a single item can be worn..I guess that’s why I enjoy creating posts for my
{5 Ways} Series so much!

Speaking of, my favorite dress from last season is back…and they’ve added new colors! See the pink styled {5 Ways} here, and the black styled {3 Ways} here…I think I got my money’s worth on that one! Do you separate items by season, or use layers to stretch them out for more wear?

Here’s a few other dresses and skirts that could easily transition between seasons. Happy weekend, love bugs!

Update: Some new sales popped in my inbox this morning…up to 35% off Old Navy with code ‘MORE’…I’d totally scoop up this denim jacket if you don’t have one yet. And Loft has 40% off everything, including new arrivals!

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  1. mwimp wrote:

    its all beautiful!

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  2. Jillian wrote:

    cute dress! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  3. Kim Lubs wrote:

    The chevron dress is unavailable!

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
    • Boooooo! That was quick! I linked a few other good options at the end of the post…the sale stuff goes fast!

      Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  4. Very cute dress, I especially love the later ensemble! 🙂

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  5. Love! Most of the reviews say it runs big, what size did you get?

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  6. beth wrote:

    Awww, neighbors-schmeighbors! They have to find out sooner or later 😉 Adorable looks. And I tried your sausage tortellini this week…the kiddos loved it.

    Posted 3.6.15 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I ordered the orange Tildon a few weeks ago but sent it back because I couldn't figure out the right undergarments! 🙂 Any suggestions? I really want to reorder it!

    Posted 3.7.15 Reply
    • How'd you like the orange…so cute?? Of my two, only one has low armholes (that sounds gross!), and I wear a bright colored bandeau band-style bra. So it does peek out from under the arms, but it's a fun pop of color.

      Posted 3.9.15 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      That's a great idea! The orange fits closer under the arms than the black one that I ordered does. The orange is adorable!! I highly recommend!!! Plus, we are Florida Gators, so it's a perfect gameday dress as well! Love you blog!!!!

      Posted 3.13.15 Reply
  8. kristin wrote:

    I just wanted to leave a comment about how much I love your style! You've inspired me to dress better and have such great picks. I live in the south so I know all about how crazy the seasons can be!

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
    • Thank you so much, Kristin!! I really appreciate your kind comment, and I'm thrilled you find some inspiration here! xoxo

      Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  9. I love your style! If your readers want to follow someone with similar style visit Thanks!

    Posted 3.11.15 Reply