{New House} To Paint or Not to Paint

Hello friends…I hope you had a splendid weekend, and are off to a great start today! We had a really busy weekend, but one of those where you don’t have a lot to show for it. Know what I mean? Unfortunately, it ended with a flu diagnosis! My poor son is spending the beginning of his Spring Break quarantined to his bed. I’m sure he’s brainstorming all kinds of makeover ideas for his room by now. We have a little road-trip planned for later in the week, so praying he heals soon, and the rest of us stay healthy!

But we won’t be starting any more room makeovers until we wrap the Kitchen once and for all! Sadly, I don’t have any reno progress for you today…between the weather and last week’s watergate scandal, we weren’t able to get to the finishing touches in the Kitchen. But the good news is we no longer have a 4-foot hole in our wall! As soon as the texture dries, we’ll be able to repaint and pretend it never happened. #damntv

Which got me thinking about the Kitchen walls again. Remember we painted them SW Repose Gray 75%, and the cabinets SW Mindful Gray…the intent was that there would be separation between the two. But once everything was painted, the light in the room made it all blend together. The cabinets should be a darker, richer tone that stands apart from the wall.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Renovation

Instead, it looks like a single-color washed over everything. Granted the backsplash tile is the hero of the room, but the cabinets are really lovely, too, and I’d rather they not disappear in to the wall.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Renovation Progress

There’s no way I’m going through the expense and mess of repainting the cabinets, so the easiest fix is to repaint the walls…especially since it’s only the small space above the cabinets. I figure there are four options, and thanks to Kristin’s photoshop wizardry, we can visualize them better.

ONE) Paint the walls SW Eider White…the top color on the Repose Gray/Mindful Gray paint strip…and leave the cabinets Mindful Gray as-is (the vent is the same color as the base cabinets, it just appears darker in the pics, and the trim is white).

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Paint Options

TWO) Paint the vent hood only SW Iron Ore (the same color as the Butler’s Pantry cabinets), and leave the walls SW Repose Gray as-is. This doesn’t help the rest of the cabinets separate from the wall, but makes the vent more of the focal point.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Paint Options

THREE) Paint the walls SW Eider White and the vent hood SW Iron Ore (leaving trim white).

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Paint Options

FOUR) Nothing…leave all the colors as-is and stop fretting over it, woman!

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Renovation

Just like choosing our previous Dining Room rug, having this visual is so helpful! You guys have been so helpful during this process, so I’m hoping you can steer me in the right direction again…I’d love to hear what you think! Weigh in on your choice of the four, or feel free to write-in your vote. #rebels

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