My Summer Swoon List

Is it me, or did Monday roll around reeeeealllly fast (not to mention August!)? As much as Babygirl loved being an only child last week, we were all thrilled our Son was home from camp. And since temps were in the triple-digits, beyond thrilled that our newly replastered pool was open for business! I spent an afternoon styling our new bookshelves too, so I’m excited to share those with you tomorrow. Here’s a peek:

shelf 2 sneak

We also took the kids on a surprise adventure yesterday!

We rode the train to the city (yay for air conditioning!)

And ended up at the American Airlines Center for the Circus!!

The elephants were all our favorites.

Babygirl is now plotting how to run away with the circus.

I’m slightly obsessed with my new InstaGram App!

But, today I’m hanging with the girls at Swoon Style & Home! Jamie and Shanna asked me to share what’s making me Swoon this Summer, and I was happy to oblige. After all, it’s my favorite season. At least until mid-August, when I start thinking that Fall is my favorite. Can you guess what my picks are?

Here’s a clue to one of them!


Hop over to Swoon Style & Home and find out the others!

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  1. Ann wrote:

    Oh your pics are so lovely…
    especially that of your kids.

    Can't wait to see how your bookshelves look like now 🙂

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  2. I can't WAIT to see that bookcase and how adorbs are your kids? So so sweet…hoping over to see your post:)

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  3. Love the frame over the bookcase! Such a fun trip with the kiddos. We are hitting the circus next weekend! happy monday

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  4. Amy wrote:

    You're such a tease with that bookcase pic! Can't wait to see how they've turned out!

    What a fun little trip! I need to check out the Instagram app!

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  5. Ohhh the bookshelves look great! I can't wait to see them tomorrow! Glad you had fun at the circus! 🙂

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  6. Can't wait to see your bookcases – love the frame!

    – such a tease 😉

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  7. That was a nice adventure for your children. The train ride and the circus, what a day for them. Thanks for sharing such nice photo's.

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  8. Oh, there you go making me jealous of your bookshelves!! I can only imagine how much drooling will be happening when we see the whole shebang!

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  9. Shanna wrote:

    Thanks so much for joining us, Cassie! We loved having you over at Swoon 🙂 And I cannot wait to see the "afters" of your gorge bookcase!

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  10. This peak of your bookshelf has me wanting more!! Just love the back of it.

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  11. I thought that bookshelf was a pic from a magazine! You've got "it" girl–lovin' all you do.

    Your kids are so cute! Have I mentioned that? Cute with a capital "C".

    Posted 8.1.11 Reply
  12. how cute are you kids!! So hot here too-can't stand it being a Swede!!
    I could really use fixing up my bookshelves!!Yikes.

    Posted 8.2.11 Reply
  13. Looks like your bookshelf came out awesome! It's fun to peek into your weekend and see what y'all were up to! Your kiddos are adorable!

    Posted 8.2.11 Reply