My first blog entry!! Eeek, the pressure!!

Hi!! And who exactly am I saying ‘hi’ too?! No one knows about this blog, so no one is reading it?! I take that back, my friend Jen is probably already reading it. She helped me with my blog header…and by help I mean, “That’s a pear, not a plum! Can’t you change the color!?” I’d like her to try and find a cute blog header online that contains a plum! But seriously, thanks for your help, Jen. Really.

Anyway, I stalk countless blogs everyday, and am so inspired by all the home projects, cute outfits, and fun vacations that I figured I’d join in. I lost my precious grandfather suddenly in January; and in order to keep from drowning in grief, I picked up a paintbrush for a house project, and haven’t put it down yet! So my blog is appropriately named because he always greeted me with a cheery “Hi Sugarplum!” I miss you Poppoo!

I’ve got a backlog of projects I’ll be posting as soon as I figure this thing out…so come back!!

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