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Happy Wednesday, lovebugs!! I hope your week is going well. I got my hair done yesterday, so I’m feeling like a new woman! Nothing like going in to the holiday with fresh color, am I right?! I also had a few extensions placed on the sides for more fullness (thanks, middle age!), and it makes a world of difference. I shared a little bit of the process in my Instagram Story you might be able to catch HERE before it expires.

Y’all loved the Teen Gift Guides last week (see those HERE), and today I’m excited to not only share the much requested Men’s Gift Guide, but welcome Mr. Sugarplum to the blog! I asked him to choose his favorite gifts that most any guy would love, and he jumped right in! Many of them he owns and loves already, and I’m guessing the rest are hints for me!

On Mr. SP: Ponto Performance Crew | Sunday Performance Jogger
On me: Alpine Sherpa Jacket | Halo Essential Hoodie | Performance Jogger


Men’s Gift Guide //

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1. Head Lamp // This head lamp is obviously clutch for hiking, camping, or biking at night, but it can be helpful with tight fixes around the house or small projects that demand working with little parts, too. We’ve even used them to play cards when the power goes out! There’s a million uses, and it’s an easy stocking stuffer.

2. Joggers // No joke… I wear these every day! I think Cass is regretting introducing me to the brand, because I literally never take them off! I wear them for lounging, getting active, and even out to dinner! The flexible material makes them comfortable and versatile for any occasion! I’m hoping to find some more Vuori styles under the tree this year!

3. Packable Puffer Vest // This Patagonia is no surprise, I’ve worn it several times a week for the last few years! It’s warm, but not bulky, and has a good fit. I can even layer it over collared shirts for a dressier look when needed. I actually have it on right now!

4. Drill Set // Personally, I use this set for everything around the house and backyard. It’s great quality, holds the charge a long time, and is strong enough for most any job.

5. Personalized Golf Tees // Cass gave me these a couple of years ago, and I just used the last one! #hint I won’t tell you what she had engraved, but it makes me smile every time I play. My friends give me crap about them, but I know deep down that they’re just jealous! The personalized touch makes me feel like I’m on the tour, ha!

6. Le Labo Beard Oil // My beard gets rough quickly, and this oil not only keeps it soft, but smells great! And a soft beard means more kisses. šŸ˜‰

7. Treager Grill // I’ve been holding off getting a grill at the lake because I’m hoping someone will ‘surprise’ me with this one! It does more than just the traditional grilling, and it’s actually easy to use.

8. Slim Can Koozie // Hot… cold… you know the drill! I use this by the pool or on the road when traveling in the car. Fits snug in my cup-holders for a long road trip, or just running errands around town.

9. Neck and Back Massager // Cass gifted me this massager five years ago and it’s still a nightly battle of who gets to use it first! It really works out tight spots in your back and neck, with both heat and intense massage. The cord is also long, so it’s easy to move around the room.

10. NightBall // This one is fun at night when playing “Around the World” with my daughter. We have a hoop in our driveway so it is “game on!” when it gets dark! She’s been winning a lot lately…

11. Golf Practice Net // I snagged one of these earlier this Spring, and it’s been a life saver! I have it hung in the backyard, and use it for mini-breaks throughout the day. It’s easy to assemble, and the net is sturdy enough to keep your golfballs off your neighbor’s roof, and out of their windows!

12. Wireless Headphones // I used to play music professionally, so I’m really picky when it comes to sound, and these headphones are the BEST. They also fold compactly for easy packing and carrying, and come in cool bold colors. They’re showing as 25% off right now, too!

13. Solo Stove // I love having fires, but my family always complains about the smoke. Apparently this portable fire pit is completely smoke-free… which means everyone will hang outside with me longer! They’ll do anything for s’mores, too.

14. Cold Weather Golf Gloves // Must have for the die-hard golfer. I have used these in 30-degree weather and wet weather. They keep your hands warm and still give you grip and feel for the club. I even wear them biking sometimes, so they’re a great all-around athletic glove for winter.

15. Bluetooth Speaker // This is one of the best sounding portable speakers, especially for the sound. It has great low-end, is compact, and charges quickly.

16. Personalized Poker Set // We play a lot of cards, especially when everyone’s home for the holiday. This set is fun and makes everyone feel a little fancy… and more competitive!


Okay, I’m laughing so hard… if you know Mr. SP, then you know this is so him! Except he left out all the ‘dudes’ and ‘bros’! (He’s a Californian.) I love his gift ideas, and I hope they help you when shopping for the guys in your life! I definitely caught his hints and grabbed a few things on the list.

I think I’ll add these to his stocking (as recommended by my son!) since the man can never find his stuff! And I’ve said it 100 times, but this backpack is a guaranteed great gift.

Are you done with your shopping? What other guides can I help with? Happy Wednesday, lovebugs!


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  1. Sandy wrote:

    Ok, you need Mr. SP to post more often! I have some of the goodies here. Luv my Bosch drill set, so lightweight (ladies!), my Beats I wear (so comfortable) just to drown (is that a word?) out noise around here sometimes. I have been eyeing that vest in Navy (the new black, so slimming) for myself, for a while now, better tell Santa.
    I am officially keeping Mr. SP’s list for future reference. Thank you/luv these lists! xo.

    Posted 12.8.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I always love your commentary, Sandy! Seems like I need you to write some of these posts, ha!! xo, C

      Posted 12.8.21 Reply
  2. Kim wrote:

    Are you doing a teen boy gift guide again this year? Would love to see their picks!

    Posted 12.8.21 Reply