Men’s Gift Guide (According to Mr. SP!)

Happy Thursday from not-so-sunny California! We’re in Santa Barbara shooting our next Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collection, but the weather is acting a little testy! It’s still so beautiful, and the Gibson team found the most adorable house! Are you following the shenanigans on my Instagram Story? You know I’ll share it all here, too… plus a link to our Airbnb.

Today I’m excited to not only share the much-requested Men’s Gift Guide, but welcome Mr. Sugarplum to the blog! I asked him to choose his favorite gifts that most any guy would love, and he jumped right in! Many of them he owns and loves already, and I’m guessing the rest are hints for me!

Men’s Gift Guide

one // Ping Pong Set // This is an easy game to pull out with fast set up that anyone can play. We play on any table, so it creates more of a challenge on smaller tables with borders. We played ping pong out on the porch non-stop last season and had a blast… It also doesn’t leave marks or potentially breaks windows! Ooops! (See golf balls).

two // Neck Massager // I think Cassie mentioned this a few weeks ago, but we’ve had it for years. We keep it behind our sofa and one of us is usually using it while we binge-watch a TV series at night! It’s super strong and really works out knots and tight spots.

three // Puffer Vest // Vests can easily change up an outfit while not being too bulky (I like wearing it as a layer-up for golfing). This one is a puffer, with just the right amount of warmth and movement for any activity.

four // Face Oil // You betcha’ boys, I ain’t scared to admit it! This killer Colleen Rothschild product is definitely on my men’s list! I started using Cassie’s last year, and now I just get my own. It hydrates my flaky face and has an awesome scent, which is exactly what I want in a skincare item (I’ve got a hound dog sniffer)!

five // Men’s Devotional Book // If you are looking to grow spiritually and start your day with vision, this daily devotional book is key. I am truly grateful for this book.

six // Bluetooth Headphones // Since music is a big part of the SP daily routine, it should be no surprise that I require some slammin’ wireless headphones! These have killer sound, and even connect to your phone for calls.

seven // Customized Golf Tees // Cassie gave me these last year, and it was by far the most thoughtful gift from last season. My golfing bros were very impressed, plus they boost the ego just enough to hit that 280-300 yard drive. She engraved mine with a nickname (I can’t tell you, since apparently I’m only Mr. SP to y’all!).

eight // Novelty Dress Socks // I love fun and colorful socks… Cass used to roll her eyes, but I know she loves them! Keeps my outfit loose with a little fun peeking out from my pants. Even if no one but me sees them.

nine // Golf Balls // Golfers always need more golf balls…“I think I just hit that house!?”  These have a little “snap” to them and are my definite favorite. Just ask your man which kind he digs, and he will love you for it!

ten // Slim Wallet // I recently switched to this super slim wallet, and I love it! It fits so much more easily in my back pocket and doesn’t get uncomfortable while sitting or driving.

eleven // Bluetooth Speaker // This speaker is portable, waterproof, small, and under $75! Truly the perfect gift for anyone into music. It’s small enough to tuck in my golf bag, too. You sensing a theme to my gifting?

twelve // Backpack // I love taking a backpack as my carry-on for travel, and then as my day pack during the trip. This one is functional and stylish with all the right pockets. This gives me sense of security knowing where every item is on a long trip!


Okay, I’m laughing so hard… if you know Mr. SP, then you know this is so him! I love his gift ideas, and hope they help you when shopping for the guys in your life! See you tomorrow for the teens’ take on gifts this year!

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  1. Deborah wrote:

    Thanks so much for this guide. My husband, two sons, and son-in-law are truly the toughest ones to gift. They are genuinely happy with socks and shirts but . . . They can and do buy these for themselves. Wonderful ideas.

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply
  2. Sandy wrote:

    Gosh, I would buy some of these faves for me! The book, the vest, the headphones, the speaker!
    Am I the only one that finds something nice for myself while holiday shopping? I think not.

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply
  3. Sandy wrote:

    Great guide. I have a future posting suggestion. The book recommendation actually sparked an idea. Since your hubby is a Therapist/Counsellor, it would be helpful to have a posting on men’s mental wellness, struggles, coping, other book suggestions etc. Some of this has recently entered our life, with work pressure to succeed, compare, be authentic etc. in real life and how you can go down self destructing paths, or create negative commentary in your mind……just a thought, as I know many women would benefit from hearing that men too do have many pressures of work, family etc.

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks for the great idea!!

      Posted 12.8.19 Reply
  4. Lisa wrote:

    I just bought this backpack a few weeks ago for my high schooler and it’s amazing, great pockets and design. Love that it sits nicely without tipping over. I can see how you would love this for travel, the quality is spot on!

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Lisa, love to hear that!!! It really is a great packback! xo, Cassie

      Posted 12.5.19 Reply
  5. Mimi wrote:

    I wish to know, does Cassie go golfing with Mr. SP? Or do you two do something else together? If Cassie does golf, I wanna see outfits she wears. As an empty nester, I’m thinking of taking up golf. Thank you for your gift guide. I am definitely looking at the backpack as a carry on for travel & to get an additional one to become my emergency grab n go bag as a place I used to live in had a fire the other day and I would not have been prepared if I had still lived there. I like the idea of a backpack so that I may also grab at rubbermaid tote or a suitcase that has things I don’t wish to leave behind. So thank you for posting that backpack– it’s nifty that it has a charger on it as well.

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Mimi! I don’t golf…that’s his hobby to enjoy with his friends! We have plenty of other things we do together, but also enjoy having a few hobbies to ourselves! 😉

      Posted 12.8.19 Reply
  6. Elizabeth Blunden wrote:

    If you live in Canada do not order Colleen Rothchild as the shopping is very expensive e. It cost me $60 to purchase the travel kit

    Posted 12.5.19 Reply