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Natasha is the cutest, most stylish, mama-to-be, and living the dream in Tahoe, California. I can’t imagine what it’s like to wake up to mountains and pinecones the size of a dinner plate each day. I’m thrilled she’s playing this silly game with us, and I think I’ll be revisiting these pics again and again. Mr. Sugarplum flew to Nashville yesterday, and we’re heading out for more road trippin’ today. Happy weekend, lovebugs!


Hi Friends!  I’m Natasha from Schue Love, a blog that focuses on fashion, food, decor & all things baby! Yep…I’m expecting our first baby any day!  🙂  I don’t get out much these days {welcome to the third trimester!} so I was thrilled when Cassie asked me to participate in this fun series…I definitely had fun daydreaming a bit!  😉

I know…I know…pretty predictable right?  Hey, I can’t help a handsome man in a bow tie, ok?  But seriously…Matt Damon just seems like the whole package…handsome, talented and loyal. I love that he’s been married to the same women for seven years {forever in Hollywood years} and that they have a big family. He just seems so down to earth…you’re never catching him in the tabloids and such.  And have you all seen “We Bought a Zoo”?  Super cute movie.  🙂
Make Out
I will forever and ever, have a crush on Jake Ryan from the movie Sixteen Candles. Total blast from the past, but they just don’t make heart throbs the way they used to!
Hands down, I would muzzle Brangelina…especially lately! What was up with Angeline and “the leg” at the Oscars? And I know they just got engaged and are the topic of the hour, but seriously…what took them so long? It feels like they’ve dragged it out for the drama/publicity of it all….which is all just so annoying to me.  I really did love Brad when he and Jen were married. {Sorry, I know that story is muzzle-worthy too!}…but now I’m just ready for them to fade away from the spotlight!
So there you have it!  Thanks again to Cassie for letting me gush! Too fun!
xo natasha

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  1. I definitely agree on all the Brangelina stuff, I'm tired of hearing about them in the media! They already have a big family, so I don't think it should be so surprising that they're finally engaged!

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  2. I loved it when Brad and Jen were married too. I don't like how Brangelina get all this publicity and yet he was cheating!!! Hello!!!

    I'm all over Jason Bourne, I mean Matt Damon. 😉

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  3. Melissa wrote:

    I am totally on board with the Brangelina Muzzle!! The leg thing was weird and the fact she was a homewrecker doesn't help me like them anymore!

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  4. TOO fun! Thanks for having me today!! XO

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  5. Definitely muzzle Brangelina!!! Loving Matt Damon too! Natasha is the cutest!!

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  6. Yes!!! Definitely muzzle Brangelina – sooooo over them. And you're right, they definitely don't make heart throbs like they used too 😉

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  7. What a fun series!! I agree with ALL of your pics! DEF!! 🙂 haha

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  8. Oh my goodness…I was in LOVE with Jake from Sixteen Candles. Thanks for reminding me of one of my first movie star crushes!

    Posted 6.16.12 Reply
  9. Oh, my gosh — I totally love this game. Lol! Make-out — I completely agree. And Matt Damon is just adorable! Great choices!! 😉

    Posted 6.16.12 Reply
  10. Beth wrote:

    I'm convinced that the reason "Jake" became the #1 boys baby name around 2000 is that every woman born in the 70's was in love with Jake from Sixteen Candles, and when they started having babies, they picked the name Jake.

    Posted 6.16.12 Reply
  11. I'm stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award 🙂

    Here's the Link


    Posted 6.17.12 Reply
  12. Trista wrote:

    I just posted mine and I agree with your Muzzle.


    Posted 6.18.12 Reply