{Look for Less} Hunter Wellies

Thank you guys for the kind words on my hair tutorial yesterday…I’m thrilled that you found it helpful! I’ve been putting that post off for ages because it felt so awkward to have my giant noggin plastered all over, so I’m relieved to know it was worth the embarrassment. šŸ˜‰ I replied to the questions in the comments section, so be sure to check back.

Today I’m excited to share a Look-for-Less that I recently discovered! I’ve been eyeing Hunter rain boots for a few years, but could never justify the price…especially in our climate. Our seasons aren’t exactly harsh. Or that’s what I kept telling myself anyway. But I can’t tell you how many times in the previous years I’ve thought, ‘Dangit, rain boots would be perfect for today!’ Not to mention so dang cute for Fall &Winter outfits! I mean, seriously, isn’t this picture of layered goodness?!

Fall Layers with Rain Boots
Skinny Jeans (I’m obsessed with these!) | Chambray Shirt | Cream Sweater

So when my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday, I started thinking about those darn Hunter boots again, and their cute boot liners. But together they are a whopping $178! The more I looked at them though, I realized the socks fold down and cover up the label on the boots…..

Hunter Wellie + Sock Combo High End

And the sock is all you’ll feel on your foot anyway, right?! So why not pair a no-brand rain boot with the cozy Hunter socks??? Bam! Look for Less! So I sent my mom these links, and this combo is on the way to me now! #happybirthdayme

Rain Boot + Hunter Sock Look for Less
Of course I went with hot pink, but these adorable options made the decision hard!
Affordable Rain Boots
a. Stripes // b. Spots // c. Dogs // d. Plaid (only $29!)

I am in no way dogging Hunter boots…I’m sure they are amazing! And if I find $150 in the laundry, I might still get them. Heck, I just got a pair for my daughter! But I’m not willing to pay top dollar for plastic boots whose whole purpose is to help you trudge through the elements. #justsayin

I’ll be sure to let you know how my Look-for-Less version works out. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on rain boots? Do you own Hunters? You can’t deny they are awfully cute!

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