{Living Room} Console Table Tiles

Hey, hey! I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. This has to be the easiest DIY project I’ve completed to date. Unfortunately, I took the long road and some sweaty work to get there. You’re not following me (because you have a brain), so let me start over.

The Plans for the Living Room console table call for a color change to the tiles.

living room plans

There’s nothing wrong with them, but the terracotta doesn’t flow with the room. I’m trying to reign in the color palette, and burnt orange just isn’t part of it.


Switching out the lamps only made the tiles look more rustic.


So I went after them like I do everything else….with paint! I was thrilled to find that the tiles just popped right out, so I parked myself in the only shady spot outside, and spray painted them Krylon Dover White. It was 106-degrees outside. I carried them in only to discover that the white was too stark.


It was back outside to Africa spray them again with Rustoleum Heirloom White. I think my bad attitude and swearing (did I mention it was hotter than a tick on a camel’s ass?) found their way on to my paint job.


Not pretty, unless a blotchy mess is what you’re going for. I wasn’t. The table sat like this for over a week while I tried to figure out my next step.


Then in a moment of duh! genius, I realized that they were simply 12″ x 12″ tiles that could just be replaced. Really, nothing gets past me. I trotted down to Home Depot and gazed at all my glorious tile options! Since I only needed four, I splurged and went for the marble tiles. Okay, they weren’t exactly high-dollar at $5 a pop, but now I’ve got a lovely marble top table for $20! (Plus a few cans of spray paint.)

marble top collage

Painting my old tiles only resulted in removing the depth and texture. I love the movement of the marble and the natural element they bring to the room.

Not to mention the pretty shine.
I’m still playing with the styling, but so far the colors in the tiles match seamlessly to everything I’ve placed on them.


At night you can definitely see the warmth of the marble, and it adds such a richness to the table.

table at night

Had I thought of replacing them first, this project would have been the simplest yet. But where’s the fun in that, right? So what do you think of the new table?

table before and after collage

And another one bites the dust on the list!

Paint Brick
Paint (Replace) Table Tiles
Paint Hall Chest
Paint/Wallpaper Nook Walls
Paint Backdoor? Nope
Add Nailhead to Wingchair
New Covers for Barrel Chair Cushions
Clean Secretary
Gold Leaf Back of Secretary
More Coordinated Sofa Pillows

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  1. i love what a simple fix that was! and it looks awesome- much more high end!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  2. I love the marble on top. I probably would have started with spray paint as well. The tiles look awesome though.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  3. Job well done!!! Sometimes those genius ideas take a little while to form : ) Looks great.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  4. Love the switcheroo Cassie. Happy Tuesday Smoozeday.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  5. Love it!! Those are gorgeous and it would have taken me that long to figure it out too. 😉

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  6. Oh the marble is so much better- adds that perfect touch of shiny glamour. And PS, it would have taken me a looooong time and many cans to figure that out too so don't feel bad- what's important is that in the end, you've ended up with fabulous…the process just makes the reward that much better!!!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  7. great job! i love the new lamps. xo

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  8. Very pretty!!
    I really like the marble!
    And hey, if you get tired of the color you can always switch them out!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  9. Looks amazing, Cassie! What a difference!!!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  10. Love the final product!!! M.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  11. looks great cassie! i too probably would have not realized i could just purchase new ones. we're settling (slowly…. still surrounded by way too many boxes) into our new home in prosper!! love this change in weather…. i'd like to think i brought it from seattle.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  12. Oh, those make a big difference! I love the new lighter look of the table. I like the shot during the evening with the lights on. Very pretty.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  13. Marble makes everything better! And honestly the simpliest things often dont come to us until we have tried the hardest….

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  14. Ohhh so pretty! It really lightens up the look. I also love the story – we all take a while to process the simplest things sometimes, but all that matters is that the job gets done in the end, right? hah 🙂 Looking forward to the next project on the list!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  15. Oh yes!! This looks great and worked out so perfectly with the marble! What a great way to add a natural element while complimenting the rest of the room! Great job!!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  16. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Ha! As soon as you said they popped off I thought…why not just get new ones! LOL But, you are right…it was more fun the hard way!! It looks fantastic, and I love the marble.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  17. Talk about lovely luminosity! I'm loving the table's new look, chic & classy. I love that you post about decor trial & error….keeping it real. There's no question that table is now hotter than a tick on a camel's ass (or a diamond in a goat's ass, you pick).

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  18. Tracy K wrote:

    L.O.V.E! Looks great! I tried spray painting an old napkin holder this weekend. Glossy white turned into a crackly/bubbly mess when left in the 95 degree heat. Oops!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  19. Ooooooh, Oooooooh, it looks AWESOME! Super chic and high end. Well done!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  20. Much better! Your snarky comments crack me up 🙂

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  21. Lo wrote:

    Love it Cassie! What a gorgeous and simple solution!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  22. I think it looks beautiful! (I would have been swearing in that heat too!)

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  23. Simple and good looking, all the things you want in a DIY. Good jobbie!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  24. Looks great. The best part is you didn't give up and move on to something else..and you found a remarkable solution!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  25. Shanna wrote:

    Love it! Nice work! it makes such a big difference!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  26. Bee wrote:

    That is crazy how much of a difference that made! awesome… now I want a project that I can go buy some marble for…;)

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  27. Love the marble tiles! Genius is right!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  28. Amy wrote:

    The marble tiles go so much better with your new lamps! Good idea!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  29. YES! The tiles are so much better, you absolutely made the right choice, even though the revelation came a little late! HA

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  30. Katie wrote:

    The marble looks fabulous! I think as diy'ers we all think to try paint as the first fix. Sometimes it works and sometimes there's a better way.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  31. Jessica wrote:

    Wow this is fantastic and I agree; the new marble white tiles look much better than the spray paint. It adds that natural element that spray paint can't. Great job, it really brings the whole area in.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  32. Nothing gets past you! Ha! 🙂 Genius move on your part- I love the look of the marble- like a whole new table!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  33. The marble looks fantastic! And so handy that the tiles just popped out like that. I know, sometimes it takes a while for the genius to kick in, sometimes it's just a momentary lapse (a brain fart, some may call it). But all that matters is that you got your genius back and the table looks amazing 🙂

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  34. Karen wrote:

    Wow…. what a difference! It looks more elegant and expensive now. The lamps look beautiful on the marble.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  35. I love the updated table and accessories!! It looks great!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  36. Very nice! Would you like to make a little stop to Arizona and visit my little apartment here and let me know what "changes" I should make. I really like the change, a definite "wow" factor.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  37. Hi Cassie, Great idea with the tiles for sure. Sometimes it only takes a few tries huh? They are chic and shiny, love that!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  38. Awesome! What a great way to change them up at anytime!

    Posted 9.11.11 Reply