New (Accidental) Kitchen Rug

There is no question that design blogs are the greatest thing since the invention of the dip cone. But they are also all kinds of trouble! I’m sure we’ve all looked up from reading, only to find three days hours have passed and the kids have gone another all night without dinner. (I’m kidding, of course my kids get fed on occasion.) Another downside is when you’re reading along, and suddenly you’ve got your credit card out ordering something you had no idea you needed.

This happened to me a few weeks ago when Danielle shared her potential new kitchen rug from Urban Outfitters. I like to browse that store, and have a few tops and some dishes from there, but didn’t realize just how much home decor they offered online. And how affordable! Next thing I knew, I had a new rug arriving my doorstep, and for only $34!

kitchen rug

I know I’m supposed to be working on the Living Room, but I have to admit that I’ve been trying new paint colors in the Kitchen, too. I’d like to make the walls more neutral, and allow the blue glass subway tile in the backsplash to shine. This deliciously vibrant rug combines all the colors I love most for this room, and it just determined the new direction.

new kitchen rug

These pictures are horrible. For some reason this room is the hardest to photograph. My ultimate goal is to have my house flow more seamlessly from room to room. Changing the green walls is the first step. Using a flash is a big no-no, but this shot shows you the true colors in the rug, backsplash and walls.


I love the impact the (accidental) new rug already makes. Thanks, Danielle!

new kitchen rug collage

Have you made any accidental purchases, all thanks to blogs? What do you think of my new rug?

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  1. Simply LKJ wrote:

    I love it Cassie! It really pulls in all the new colors from the family room (especially your new blue armoire). Okay, so need to check out Urban online. Kate shops there and loves, loves, loves it!!!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  2. Looks beautiful! I love the colors. Definitely more vibrant than your old one.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  3. Oh I love that rug! I always head to Urban Outfitters to browse their rugs. I've almost pulled the trigger a couple of times but so far have resisted!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  4. Heart that!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  5. what a great splash of color!! xo

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  6. I love it!! Now I want one…Thanks a lot! 🙂

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  7. Maury wrote:

    I love the new rug! This might be my first accidental purchase thanks to you! Off to Urban Outfitters…

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  8. Jealous! That is the look I wanted in my kitchen. It looks amazing. So glad I could contribute to your online shopping addiction!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    What a great pop of color!! and you can pull so much inspiration from that rug. LOVE it!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  10. Ingrid wrote:

    It looks beautiful! I have been anxiously waiting for the girls to start school (today) so that I could head to Urban Outfitters since I saw her post. I loved all the colors in the rug and it would add such a pop of color in our kitchen! Great purchase!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  11. Wow that rug is gorgeous! The colors are beautiful, and for only $34! what a steal!!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  12. Jamie wrote:

    loveeee it! 🙂

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  13. Very pretty! Neutral is always my decorating default, but I do love color…I just wish I had more nerve to use it! Maybe a rub like this is a good baby step!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  14. I LOOOOVE the new rug! Totally compliments your kitchen! Hmmmm I think I need!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  15. Marianne wrote:

    Wow, Cassie! What a difference your new rug makes. I want one!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  16. Andrea wrote:

    Love the colors in the rug. Accidental purchases get me in trouble. My husband says I walk in the door with a bag everyday. My excuse, it was on sale.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  17. That rug is perfect! Love the colors. It is totally you.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  18. That looks great! I'm going to have to check that out again.

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  19. liz wrote:

    love the color combination!!!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  20. out with the old in with the new! i LOVE it! what a cheap way to spruce up your kitchen! have you tried cleaning it yet? thats the one thing about my kitchen rugs they get pretty hammered! i wash mine sometimes 2 times a week! let me know if you wash it! 🙂

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  21. That is one happy little "accident". The colours are so lovely 🙂

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  22. Shanna wrote:

    Gorgeous! I just ordered a large rug from UO for my kitchen too! Mine is the chevron style. They're great!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  23. Heidiopia wrote:

    I love it when one inexpensive change sheds light on a whole new decor direction! Awesome purchase, Cassie… now go feed your kids.
    Ha ha! 😉
    Heidi @ Show some Decor

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  24. OMG, I JUST bought this rug on clearance at Urban! Looks fab in your kitchen!

    Posted 9.7.11 Reply
  25. Karena wrote:

    Cassie I love your new rug!! As an artist; the color palette, the design, adore!! perfect for your kitchen!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!


    Art by Karena

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  26. I like it. And I completely understand the "use" of no flash. I've been having a bit of fun in my kitchen (aka my design studio) for my shop and photographing my cards. However, I do like the "new" rug and agree it's a "score"! Just think of it this way – a little present to yourself. 🙂

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  27. Jessica wrote:

    Oh wow it's gorgeous, I love it!

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  28. Dharma wrote:

    Was it not you who showed us the "Secret Pillow Score"???? I had my VISA out so long it had started to sweat from the heat of my hand….but I am so excited to get all my new pillow covers soon 🙂

    That rug is delicious! I love it with the backsplash!

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  29. Really love it! Bright bazaar posted about urban outfitters recently and i had totally forgotten about the home section. They have some great stuff!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  30. It does look really great! So colourful and cheery.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  31. Ann wrote:

    Awesome pop of color and interest! I think it really deepens the richness of of the dark cabinets.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  32. Jenny wrote:

    I'm new to your blog and off to poke around. I love the rug and especially LOVE the backsplash — soo pretty! Jenny

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  33. Love the new rug! Thanks for all the great Urban Outfitters Ideas! I never knew they had such great finds!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  34. Chris wrote:

    FanTAStic! Who knew a rug could be such a simple and dramatic change! It's perfect! I purchased my bedroom duvet at Urban Outfitters recently, and so many people forget that they have a home section. I'll bet they sell a bunch of those rugs now thanks to you! Love it!

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  35. pendy wrote:

    Great rug. I'm off to peruse Urban Outfitters!

    Posted 9.12.11 Reply
  36. Your new rug is so fun- love the colors! Thank God for bloggers!!!

    Posted 9.14.11 Reply
  37. The new rug really livens up the space with its bright colors, versus the muted colors of the old rug. By the way, you're not the only one who's supposed to be focused on one room but gets distracted by another! The Mr. would prefer I finish one project before starting 10 others, but I guess I have decorating ADD or something. 🙂

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply