Happy New Rug!

I’d like to start this post with an apology to my alarm clock. It took quite the beating this morning, in the still dark hour of SIX AM! I haven’t seen that time of day in two weeks, and it was quite the shocker. I enjoyed every second of Winter Break, at home with my kids. I’ve only been at work for a few hours, and I already miss them and my house!

It’s hard to dread work, when at the same time, I’m so grateful for my job! So while I’m still a little wobbly-legged and bleary-eyed, I thought I’d share a little golden nugget that popped up in my inbox today….

50% off more than 2,000 rugs at Rugs USA!!

My favorites list is long, but here are a few:

Homespun Chevron

Modern Trellis



Surya Frontier

Safari Wool Zebra

Contemporary Zebra

Santa Ana Paisley

Kilim Diamond

Radiante Hearts

Quinta Meridian

Just use code ENY50 for HALF OFF your order! And did I mention they have FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX?! This certainly eases the pain of returning to real life. Happy 2012, sweet friends. I’m excited to see what this year brings!

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  1. Love all the fresh patterns coming out in rugs this season! Thanks for the refresher and Happy New Years!!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  2. Andrea wrote:

    My alarm clock didn't fare so well this morning either. Love all your choices. What a deal!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  3. 6:30 am is not friendly! Happy New Year friend! I've been debating a few of their rugs over the last couple days. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time choosing. They have so many great ones!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  4. Thanks, I'll have to check it out!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  5. My snooze button is still on holiday. School starts Tuesday here. ???strange???? One. More. Day.
    Beautiful rugs, thanks for the code.

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  6. I hear ya, its definitely a bit rough getting back into the swing of things.
    This sale sounds amazing, its so hard to find pretty AND affordable rugs! Off to check it out 🙂

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  7. Lo wrote:

    Gleeeee!!! Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered the Radiant Heart Ikat rug for our laundry room, hopefully it will jump start a makeover of the space! Such a great deal, thanks for sharing!!! Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  8. So hard to get back to reality! Love the chevron and herringbone. Thanks for sharing this deal.

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  9. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Score! Love them all!! Thanks for waking in the wee hours to find that great deal for us. We are back to norm tomorrow!!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  10. Leslie wrote:

    Ugg, it was so hard to come back to work today! But those rugs are lovely and nicely priced. 🙂

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  11. So tempting, why do I have to be so poor after the holidays?

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  12. And I'm officially hooked! Eek this is dangerous! Happy 2012 Cassie!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  13. Shanna wrote:

    Love Rugs USA! I actually have the modern trellis rug in my den and love love love it. I got it on a similar deal back in the Fall: great price and free shipping. I'm very pleased! And I need runners for the upstairs hall, so I'm going to take a peek. Happy New Year, Cassie!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  14. Michaela wrote:

    Great rugs! Not looking forward to that time either, when school starts, eh….Wednesday 🙁 AH!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  15. OMG, you're a god send. I've been on the hunt for rugs for our new home & actually found a couple on there but couldn't bring myself to pay full price. Headed to their site right now. Thank you!!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  16. Thanks for sharing! Loving the colors and patterns…

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  17. You just made my day. Those rugs are gorgeous! Going to cyber stalk some rugs now and pretend shop since my bank account was depleated after Chritmas:) Happy 2012 girl!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  18. Danielle wrote:

    I too love all your choices! Now if only we could figure out a way to get them to Canada!

    Congrats on a great year and thanks for all the inspiration you provide here on your blog. Happy New Year!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  19. Gah, I just blew my budget on something else… some of these are super cute. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to keep my eyes open on that site in the future.

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  20. Holly wrote:

    Thanks Cassie!!! I just got the modern trellis rug for my master bedroom 🙂 I've been looking at fabrics online today, and now this rug will help me make a decision! Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  21. Love this post: I'd love any of those rugs. Wish I lived in the states to get free shipping and sales tax!…that'd be a dream!

    Wednesday: my first day back to work and it's not gonna be pretty. 🙂

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  22. Some fab rugs – we need a new one for the bedroom!
    Happy new year hun – Glad you are back! xx

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  23. Yup, I love all of those! Wish I had an excuse to get one 🙂

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  24. I love that trellis pattern! That would be so pretty in my kitchen…if and when I ever get it painted. 😉

    Posted 1.3.12 Reply
  25. Holy moly why didn't I read blogs yesterday. Fudge. I missed the sale… all of these good rugs are out of stock now! Wah.

    Posted 1.3.12 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Although Rugs USA was sold out of the Modern Trellis, Overstock still had two left of the 8' 6" by 11' 6" in charcoal… (they're sold out now)

    We just got it today and it looks amazing in our living room!!!! We have furniture vy. similar to Decorchick Emily's.

    I would never have chosen a charcoal rug with our dark brown leather but Emily's rug (or two, lol!) is very similar to this one in color and style – it looked so fantastic in her room, thought we'd give it a shot. And it's awesome in here! Doing little happy dance now!

    Thanks again for the shopping tip!

    Posted 1.7.12 Reply