{Halloween} Simple Yarn Wreath

I wouldn’t say I’m a wreath kind of gal. I don’t have one on my front door year round, and the few I’ve made have been of natural elements (like cranberries and fresh magnolia leaves). But being surrounded by so much crafty cuteness from fellow bloggers and Pinterest, I kind of fell for the look of yarn. So I did my own take for Halloween, and of course it was cheap and easy!

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I found this idea to use plumbing pipe insulation as a wreath form. A single 6-foot strip was less than $1, and I made two forms out of it….so I won’t feel bad if I toss the wreath at the end of the holiday. I planned to make the wreaths small for a set of interior french doors, but the foam kinks and bends when the circle isn’t large enough (hence why I reinforced it with duct tape in a few areas). Also, be sure to get the piping that isn’t split.

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I quickly discovered that wrapping yarn around a closed form would take way more patience than I was willing to give, so I opened the form back up and wrapped it that way. I used a dab of hot glue to hold each yarn end in place.

10-3-11 030

Once the form was almost completely wrapped, I duct-taped the two ends together and covered the final section with yarn. The whole process took about 15 minutes.

10-3-11 031

10-3-11 033

I added a large spider and her babies (the babies are actually spider rings with the ring portion cut off), then hung them with black tulle ribbon from Command hooks mounted at the top of my doors.

Picnik collage

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One reason I refrain from front door wreaths is because the backside can be seen from inside the house. But in this instance, the wreaths are pretty cute and work for Halloween.

Picnik collage

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for black and white stripes, or it’s my kid’s infectious Halloween excitement, but I think these guys are pretty fun!

10-3-11 045

What do you like to make wreaths out of?

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