Fifty Shade of Grey Penthouse

I couldn’t stand the chatter any longer, so I drank the Kool-Aid…I’m reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Yeah, um, yeah. So, I can’t quite pull myself away from them. And I’m embarrassed to tell you, because if you’ve read them, then you know!! I’m hoping my mom doesn’t read them, because then she’ll know the smut in my head, too. And divine smut, it is!

It’s not literary genius, but neither is the series the books are based upon. And that didn’t stop me from devouring those in four days. (Fifty Shades was originally a fan fiction using the characters of Twilight.) The Grey Series is like Twilight, but with all the nasty you wish Edward and Bella had been doing. Times 100. Plus one million.

The story takes place in the penthouse of Escala, a fancy-schmancy high-rise condo in Seattle. Turns out, that’s a real building, and the 5,000 square-foot penthouses start at a cool $6 million. Care for a visual glance at where all the action in the book takes place?

all images via zillow

I suppose the realtor left out the ‘Red Room of Pain’ images on purpose. Fess up….have you read this smut party?! I hope to finish them this weekend so I can return to normal life. I have no idea how they’ll make a movie out of these!!?? Who do you envision as Christian Grey? How delicious would Robert Pattinson be in the role? Oh, I think my head just exploded at the possibility.

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  1. We were 'assigned' the first one for our book club. I finished it in 1.5 days and promptly finished the next two over the course of 3 more days. I did nothing but read these books – totally unable to put them down. Got NOTHING done. Wowzers!

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  2. Of course you know I jumped on the bandwagon. Loving it. Funny story is I gave my mom the book to read before me because I was finishing up The Hunger Games. I knew it was a sex book but no idea how involved it was. Well mom called me last night and wanted to know if I got the part about the "balls" yet and she wanted to discuss what that is…..
    That penthouse is sick.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  3. Jen wrote:

    Holy Cow!!! I read them all in 3 days! I couldn't put them down!
    I loved their emails back & forth to eachother!! I NEVER read a book more than once but I would definitely read these again!
    Love the penthouse pics! It was pretty close to what I already had pictured in my head!!!!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  4. Um… you are brilliant to take this direction on a post, how fun to see the space! I haven't read them. I'm still undecided.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  5. Leslie wrote:

    I haven't read them, but I'm so TEMPTED. I just feel that my husband would judge me if I downloaded them on my Kindle. Anyways, I love that you were able to make this post about decorating…

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  6. Such a creative spin on the book. That is EXACTLY how I thought Escala would look! I just finished the 3rd book and am equally embarrassed to say that I totally loved them. I have no clue who should play Christian in the movie. Whoever it is, I'm sure he will be hot and I will be there the opening night!

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  7. Of course I had to get them once my sister told me I should. Have read the first one. Have mixed feelings about reading it. Total smut! Haha! But I didn't want to be left out of my girl's convo's. Not very well written though. you should go check out the recap i posted this morning….u were mentioned!

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  8. Katie wrote:

    Very cool post! LOVED the books and am actually re-reading them now…can't get enough of Mr. Grey!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  9. Stacie wrote:

    I haven't read them yet, but I think you have just pushed me over the edge into the darkness. Ha Ha!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  10. Jessica wrote:

    I'll be the lone dissenter: I haven't read them and have no plans to. Erotica is not my cup of tea, although I love a good romance novel, so I'll pass.

    The penthouse is beautiful. A little too modern for me in places, but gorgeous nonetheless.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  11. That building is gorgeous! I haven't read the books yet & have had my own silent protest against them, yet have a feeling I'll buckle.

    I think I'm waiting until my book club chooses it and I'm "forced" to read it.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  12. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Our book club decided to read the first one last month. Most got through the first quickly, loved it, and have read the rest of the trilogy already. I got to the contract and put it down. I personally don't see what all the hype is about. Smutly beach read, but nothing literary about it. It is so poorly written and not well thought out at all. I wasted $15 on the first but have no plans to spend $30 more or put more money in her pocket. I know most are loving the books, but I prefer to spend my time on something a little more meaningful.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  13. Tiffany wrote:

    I haven't read it. I read the Anne Rice books, I think they were the sleeping beauty books, years ago which was pure porn. I'm sure eventually I'll break down and read this series as well since I have no will power.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  14. Dharma wrote:

    Well. Hello Pied Piper of Smutville. I haven't read these books *yet* but my BFF is practically shoving them under my carseat everyday so she has someone to be in cahoots with……soooooo you know I am going to cave soon. trust you to come up with this brilliant way to put even more visuals in my head 🙂 Love ya girl. I am totally going to picture "Edward" when I start the books, that is your gift to me!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  15. Jen Eaton wrote:

    OOHHH I cannot wait to start this trilogy! I'm almost done w/ the last book of Hunger Games. YUM!!!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  16. Kudos on a great way to present the post, girl. Wowzah. I am in the minority and haven't jumped in yet.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  17. Kelly wrote:

    So interesting! That is not at all what I expected Escala to look like. I imagined it to have huge vaulted ceiling and be much more sterile…and artsy. What a great post – and don't worry…I devoured the books in a weekend and when my Mom asked what I had done all weekend I just turned bright red and walked away. I was terrified she'd look up the books!

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  18. I haven't read it yet but ADORE that you found the actual setting in real life- so perfect for what I imagine the book to be.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  19. I haven't read them, but am certainly tempted to see what all the hype is about. This penthouse is ridiculous!! LOVE that outdoor area with the fireplace.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  20. Kelly wrote:

    By the way, a friend of mine did a 'project' one day to cast the movie of 50 shades, if they should ever make one. I think she was right on the mark. Ana – Lily Collins Christian – Ian Somerhalter. Taylor – Jason Staham Mrs. Robinson – Pamela Anderson

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  21. I totally jumped on the bandwagon and was in the same boat. I couldn't put them down and was completely obsessed until I finally finished the series!! I love that you found the penthouse, as beautiful as I'd imagined!! I think Henry Cavill would be a wonderful Christian with those eyes and his longer hair…okay, I think I need to read them again 🙂

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  22. First, love these spaces! They're outta control and exactly what I had envisioned for Mr. Grey's apartment. Second, I'm still getting through the first one. It's just SOO over the top! I have a hard time with it! Guess I'm a prude after all! 😉 But I had the same thought on the movie…there has been talk that the dude from the Vampire Diaries could be it. Here's a fun link:

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  23. charmaine wrote:

    Yup, read all 3 in less than a week. I imagined a bigger and grander Escala. Great post!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  24. Larissa wrote:

    I'm holding off until I am married (better find a man before then too, lol!) as I just KNOW where my mind can go if given half the chance!! … Looking forward to them though … Have heard GREAT things, lol! … Thanks for showing the Escala – that's GORGEOUS!!!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  25. My husband is bringing me home the book today and I'm so excited to read!!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  26. pam wrote:

    i took them on my trip this past weekend. i felt my seatmate on the plane staring at it, so i finally burst out "don't judge me!". he said, "don't worry, my wife's on the 3rd one."

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  27. Pamela R wrote:

    Ooooh everyone I know has been talking about this book and I've been dyyinnggg to get my hands on a copy! Seeing the house that the book was chosen to placed at just sends me over the edge, I have to go get it! Hahahaha

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  28. You are not alone! The dark circles under my eyes have their own dark circles from the multiple nights I have stayed up late reading! LOVED that you posted this – I've been trying to picture the story in my head (leaving a few parts out!), and now I have a much better idea of Ana and Christian's insane pad.


    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  29. Dawn F wrote:

    Made the mistake of reading the first one. I'd call it "50 Shades of Poorly Written Porn" myself. Don't bother if you haven't read them. Wait for the movie – and then wear a disguise when you go see it. We really have better things to read…

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  30. Okay – so I'm just going to come right out and say it – I read all the comments on this post. I never read comments before I comment but I wanted to see what everyone else was saying. Now that we got that out of the way – I clicked the link that Natasha left- I saw dude from Vampire Diaries and had to check it out 😉 So, I wasn't planning on reading them, but now that I have the visual of Ian Somerhalder as the lead – well, that's enough for me to change my mind. HA! I have to finish Hunger Games first though, and then I'm drinking the koolaid! Thanks for the peer pressure!

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  31. Leigh wrote:

    I have not read these books yet but I keep seeing all my regular blog haunts talk about them. I might have to break down but I guess we'll see. I usually blog check on my lunch break. I wonder what people would think if I was reading porn at work?!?

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    I read the Trilogy in a week. I loved it! Tatum Channing is who I envisioned Christian Grey was. Ha Ha. 😉

    I thought the 2nd book was the best.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  33. Hahaha… of course I read it! (Only the first one so far.) I honestly didn't know what 'kind' of book it was!!! Just picked it based on the fact that it was a trilogy! Read the first one in a day!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  34. Haven't read them yet, but I am SO intrigued!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  35. Hello wrote:

    I'm reading these now and wow do I love them. I was feeling a bit guilty about reading them, thinking "oh this just isn't right". But I see my fellow bloggers are on the same page. Guilt be gone!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  36. sfitzg2 wrote:

    Ummm – yeah – I loved these books – read them non-stop and then again (and sadly, this sentence reminds me of Christian and Ana:)). I can't admit my little obsession to anyone in real life but I feel pretty safe here in cyberworld 🙂 Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  37. Sarah wrote:

    I am so in love with Mr. Grey it isn't even funny! I love these images…they are strangely just how I pictured his penthouse. Get ready for when the 3rd one is over. I cautiously approached the end because I did not want the books to be over. I was legit sad when they were. I've heard from a couple of different people that the books they've read since 50 do not compare at all!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  38. Anonymous wrote:

    Love Love Loved the books and loved that you shared the location, it so fits with what was in my head! Thanks! Enjoy reading but be prepared to not be able to put it down!
    Carol J

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    Love Love Loved the books and loved that you shared the location, it so fits with what was in my head! Thanks! Enjoy reading but be prepared to not be able to put it down!
    Carol J

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  40. Ok, I haven't read them but I must admit I am intrigued!! Sounds like making a movie out the trilogy would be like making soft porn?? Am I right? haha.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  41. Rebecca wrote:

    I feel like I'm having withdrawals from Christian Grey since I finished all 3 books in 3 days. Thanks for posting the pics although they don't look anything like they do in my head, including the Red Room of Pain!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  42. I want to read this! I've seen it everywhere and talked about on various blogs. If it wasn't the end of the month and bills were due, I'd totally buy them all!!!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  43. Molly H wrote:

    Shut up! I seriously pictured that place totally different! I love that you found what it's like in really life. I read the books after swearing I wouldn't. I'm kind of a book snob. I Looooovvved them. It's not literary genius by any means but it's a pretty great love story and it amazed me the questions and serious discussions that my "book (drinking) club" came up with. They are just like anything else. Walk into something with an open mind and you might find some entertaining and eye opening fun in it.
    I have never read any trendy movie makin’ books…not Twilight or the Hunger Games not ever Harry Flippin Potter. Man am I kickin my close minded ass now.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  44. Karen wrote:

    Read all three books in less than a week. LOL I loved them.

    I really didn't think the sexual shenanigans were any more graphic than a lot of trashy romance novels I read. What I loved was the development of Christian's character and the impact that their love had on each of them.

    I really hope the writer doesn't end the series as she says. I'd love to read about Christian's brother and sister and their romances.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  45. Laryssa wrote:

    Thanks for posting pics of the condo! Not as grand and sterile as I imagined but pretty close. When my book club chose 50 Shades I had no clue what it was about. I took it on my vacation and read it in a day. And the best part of my vacation was finding the next two books in the duty free (and I proceeded to read the second book 75% of the way through on the place ride home). After finishing the trilogy I went through Grey withdrawal! As for the movie, I wish I was in it. The power of the attraction between Anna and Christian is what was so alluring about the books in the first place. Their obsession with eachother was addictive. After Googling Ian Somerhalter I can see why people think he would make a good Christian Grey. But my vote goes to Ryan Gosling.

    Laters baby.


    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  46. Ryan Gosling. All would be forgiven if this was made into a movie and he was cast as Christian.

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  47. Lynn W wrote:

    I'm curious, but I wouldn't want my two teens to see me reading them! That Kindle idea in a comment got me thinking…

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  48. Susan M wrote:

    They were selling them at Costco, so of course I bought the first one, and read it in a day. Went back for the other 2, and the 2nd one was sold out, but I whipped thru the 3rd (he he)…they're not well written, but then, that isn't the point of reading them, is it?
    It doesn't look as large as I thought it would, for some reason…

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  49. Danielle wrote:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Michael Trucco is the man I envision as Christian Grey.

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  50. I have yet to read the books…but this penthouse is pretty amazing!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  51. Raquel wrote:

    I read them.. the first time over a weekend i hardly slept that weekend i had to know what happened. So that week i read them again slowly, then the following week again. I am bit obsessed i tell my friends "DO NOT read them there is your fair warning but if you do can we please discuss them" haha

    i love the emails between the 2 also, and i love this post on the condo!

    laters =)

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  52. Jen Borden wrote:

    Read all three! Loved each one…2 and 3 more than #1. I think it is much more of a love story than just plain smut…and I think Henry Cavill would make a fine Mr. Grey!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  53. Yes, I just finished the second one. The first one was a bit of a shocker but I just kept on reading even tho they are so very poorly written!!! I can not wait to see who plays Christian and Ana in the movie!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  54. Marianne wrote:

    That's it.. I'm buying these books! After all, I do live in Seattle and drive by Escala often. Now I need to know what everyone is talking about!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  55. Such a twisted series. I'm finishing book 3 today and headed to Seattle tomorrow to depart on a cruise. Fitting I think!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  56. jerri wrote:

    Oh yes, I read them all & LOVED them. I was at a high school baseball game last week & another woman who I know but haven't spoken to in a while, asked me, "How's the book," and then winked. I think I turned 50 shades of red…..who told her? 🙂 Loved the visuals of Escala. Did you see the spoof on SNL of 50 shades? You must google it, if you haven't…..HILARIOUS!!!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  57. Haha. No need to be ashamed..we all jumped on the bandwagon. And I think we all can agree that its not, as you say, a work of literary genius, but it is damn fun.
    I actually wrote a blog post about it and had so much traffic show up from people googling "silver balls from 50 shades of Grey". America is hot and bothered apparently…in a good way! lol

    Thanks for the visuals on Christian's apartment! Love it!

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply
  58. Trista wrote:

    I am totally GREYsessed and my husband isn't complaining!

    Who do you think they should get to play Christian?

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  59. Trista wrote:

    Of course, I think Ian Somerhalder is PERFECT!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  60. sweetaimee wrote:

    Ha they are my guilty pleasure lately! I got them on audio book and I only let my self listen at they guy (although I can't meet anyone's eye on the treadmill lol) My hubby said I wonder how many guys have gone to bed with their wives and said what the heck is happening since this book came out lol

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  61. I haven't read these and don't intend to. This really isn't the stuff that I want to feel my head with and can really become a hinderance in your marriage if you start to compare your sex life or mate to what's in the book.
    I do love the pictures of the penthouse though. City living like that is a dream of mine… although I'm not quite sure where it fits in with my life. I just love how sleek and modern everything is.
    Visiting via- Thrifty Decor Chick

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  62. Aubrey wrote:

    I'm reading the first one now and while I understand the hype it's so over the top. I'm intrigued, but not the page turner I thought it would be. I'm totally picturing Christian Bale! Love him. I'm about half way through the first and my mother (yep, you heard me right) informed me she bought the second. I have not and will not discuss the book with her:)

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  63. Suzan wrote:

    Read the first book but was unimpressed (at best) with the author. The debate in my office regarding who to play the lead rolls in the movie – Ryan Gosling and Amanda Seyfried took the top guesses.

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  64. Anonymous wrote:

    50 Shades was…good…but a bit on the immature side of the genre. I felt as though I was a young child sneaking mommy's romance novels. It made me giggle when most readers not used to reading this type of thing had their hand in their pants.

    Her Own Serenity leads a reader down a similar path, but with a bit more of a maturity to it.
    The mystery and passion of following what the lovers do.

    “A peek inside the door”

    “Nice title, somewhat naughty.. intriguing.
    The exposition is simply marv. I like the settings you have described. Your details. So heart felt. One sentence
    put tears in my eyes. I loved your use of words and lines that are descriptive..”my heart began to beat a bit
    faster” – “windowsill” – “key slid in like butter”.

    I think you are VERY skilled in you narratives, very, very skilled. I haven’t come across narration so velvet like
    in my whole academic life. You are a master. “I knew that one day someone would be sitting here and in this
    very spot reading what she had written so long ago”. ” i opened the hard cover and began to read it”. This line
    made me yell “OH SHIT” out loud. That’s how sexy your introduction was. Keep up this good work.
    -Vincent A.”

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  65. Debster wrote:

    Absolutely HAS to be Ryan Gosling or Robert Pattinson. Somerhalter is adorable but sorta too "sparkly and goofy" for Christian Grey. Gosling or Pattinson and I'll be at the midnight premier !

    Posted 6.17.12 Reply
  66. I find it absolutely profound that women in today’s society can't pick up a "dirty" book without the fear of being judged or admitting to be embarrassed to have "liked" the oh so "dirty" material they were reading. I made it 200 pages into the first book and gave up HOW BORING, however my question to all of you isn’t about why it was or wasn't a good book but rather why non of you can openly and proudly admit you LOVED the filth you read? Men watch porn every day sometimes multiple times a day. I mean come on ladies have any of you checked the online browsing history? and if that's clean you might wanna take a look at your cookie (not the ones in the pantries I’m still talking computer history) ANYWAY, point is once you see the disgusting images that your husband’s get off on you probably won’t feel bad about down loading soft porn literature onto your kindle 😉

    P.S. I did love the post! Even tho I didn't enjoy the book due to lack of enthusiasm of the poor scraggly virgin but I did wonder what the penthouse looked like would have LOVED to see the red room of pain hehe

    Posted 12.11.13 Reply