{Dreaming} Pretty Dresses

Blogging can be a blessing and a curse. Case in point:

a) You can find a DIY tutorial on almost any project you want to tackle ~ Blessing
b) You see pictures that make you realize how desperately your house needs new projects ~ Curse

a) You find gorgeous furniture makeovers of $20 Craigslist treasures ~ Blessing
b) You spend hours scouring Craigslist and never find anything decent under $200 ~ Curse

a) You fall head-over-heels in love with a stenciled wall ~ Blessing
b) You discover it takes hours of patience you don’t have, hence you’ll never have said stenciled wall ~ Curse

And finally,

a) You find fun fashion at Target, Home Goods and Forever 21 from frugal bloggers ~ Blessing
b) Someone posts budget-busting dresses so pretty you can’t get your mind off of them ~ Curse

This last one is exactly what happened to me this week! I have 3 weddings to attend over a 4 week period this Spring, and I was perfectly content shopping my closet or finding something fun at one of my usual spots. Until Dana (I’m saying her name with gleeful disdain!), from Southern Inspired,  posted the most amazing dresses from her new Lilly Pulitzer catalog!

Eryn Dress $298

Nadia dress $378

Blossom Dress $228 I might need to try this pose in my next Outfit Inspiration

Shayna Lace Dress $368

Kiki Metallic Dress $328

Now I love me some fashion…especially a pretty dress. But I have a hard time forking over that kind of $$ for clothes! Especially special occasion/single season clothes. (Boots and shoes are a different story!) All I can think in those instances is ‘I could be buying new drapes, or reupholstering my wing chair, or better yet, taking a weekend trip!!’

So while those gorgeous Lilly dresses are still weighing heavy on my mind (shiny + bright colors + fun silhouettes = perfect for me!), Dana’s post did get me thinking about what the heck I’d wear to all these weddings! Lucky for me, JCrew popped up in my inbox with a promotion!

Silk Organza Soiree $154
Silk-chiffon Zadie $136
Silk Taffeta Nanine $56
Silk Taffeta Blakely $105
Cotton Cady Serena $62
Silk chiffon Sophia $42
Cotton silk Margeaux $63

The last two dresses are heading my way as we speak…I adore the colors, let’s hope I adore the fit (because of JCrew’s ridiculous Final Sale policy!). But I much prefer to have 2 great dresses for less than half the price of 1 great dress. Unless my Sugar Daddy is lurking out there, in which case I’ll take the Nadia dress please!

Here’s the scoop on the JCrew Promotion….shop fast, code expires Monday, February 28!

** I am in no way affiliated with Lilly Pulitzer or JCrew…I would, however, love to be. Call me!

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  1. love those dresses…oh my!! curse you!! hahaha


    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  2. Lisa wrote:

    Great dresses 🙂 I love the second to last one.

    I live right outside NYC, and what people think they should get for their furniture here on craigslist is insane. I don't know how anyone actually sells their black lacquer 70s headboard with attached side tables for $1000, but that's what you see. Mid century modern is also really popular here, so its next to impossible to get good mcm furniture for a decent price.

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  3. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Ooh, love the dresses!!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  4. lucky you. a girl can never have to many dresses, and what great prices!

    i hope they call…

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  5. Lovely dresses! Yes, I'm afraid I've gotten hooked on more than one insanely expensive item through the lovely blogosphere! (c;

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  6. I love the dresses you've chosen and all of your less-expensive options are gorgeous! I do love the Lilly Pulitzer dresses, but without a sugar daddy like you say, I'd happily settle for 2 instead of one!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  7. The dresses are great. Every time I look at other bloggers DIY projects my list of things to create gets longer and longer!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  8. I love the way you started this post. Blessings and curses – so true! All of these dresses are so beautiful!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  9. Liz wrote:

    Liz @ Le Favorite Things

    LOL at your blessings/curse intro- you hit the nail on the head! Especially with the stenciled wall…

    Those Lilly dresses are sheer perfection (and extremely tempting)!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  10. Jenni wrote:

    My most frustrating blessing/curse is
    a) you find perfect pieces of furniture to make over for a great price ~ Blessing
    b) you tearfully have to leave them behind because there is no way you are getting that china hutch into your little two door car. ~Curses… I mean curse.

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  11. coolkids wrote:

    great post and now I need to run over to jcrew!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  12. I think it's time for a SUPERMODEL MOMENT! Fashion show!!!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  13. hahaha LOVE it Cassie!! Thanks for the mention {I think?} ha! 🙂 I am beyond broke right now so those lovely Lilly's are just a dream, but I'm LOVING your affordable options! I could deal with those prices for sure! And I completely agree, blogging is definitely a love/hate relationship…most of the time though it's love 🙂 Have a good day and thanks so much again!!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  14. Michaela wrote:

    How fun!!!! I adore these dresses. Especially the Nadia and Zadie one! I'm heading over to possibly use this code! Thanks girl (:

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  15. what do I have to do to make the white Shayna lace dress mine. I am in love.

    kisses for the code. good lookin' out.

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  16. Sara wrote:

    I completely agree that blogging is a curse. I sit at work all day thinking of all of the things I want to buy and do to my house! Hope the dresses work out!

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  17. Allison wrote:

    I love those dresses and am in need of a new one or maybe two for summer weddings and showers. I like the ones you chose, Cassie and hope you model for us! Did you go for the bright pink?

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  18. sweetaimee wrote:

    Sooo true about blogs lol. It seems like everyday I am like wow my house isn't that cute or I didn't even know I needed that lol. I am sooo glad it isn't just me. I love the dresses though 🙂

    Posted 2.25.11 Reply
  19. If MY sugar daddy is lurking, I'll take the Shayna Lace please!! But I need a tan on my pale legs!

    Posted 2.25.11 Reply
  20. Haha, great post. The dresses are gorgeous, however, I would hands down rather redo my house then pay for a dress…it might be different if I lived somewhere where I would have an opportunity to wear it.

    Posted 2.25.11 Reply
  21. Dana definitely deserves a shout out! Lots of beautiful things to admire! 🙂

    Posted 2.25.11 Reply
  22. Aaaahhhhh curse, hehe I love that yellow one! It would be perfect for the summer weddings we have to go too!!! Oh no !
    Love the pretty dresses! 🙂

    Posted 2.25.11 Reply
  23. emily wrote:

    I can definitely relate to the blessings and curses you posted about. All of those dresses are just gorgeous. Love the ones you ordered!

    Posted 2.27.11 Reply